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  1. Salaam, hope all is well with you, sis.

    1. Afsaneh14


      Thank you brother alhamdilillah things are getting better. How are you?

    2. Gaius I. Caesar

      Gaius I. Caesar

      I am fine, done with  this semester for the summer.

  2. Mubarak bashe azizam may Allah grant you happimess in your life always ❤️
  3. Allahs سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى mercy is beyond measurement and He knows what is inside of our hearts, that which we ourselves might not even know sometimes.

    Remember the good things about your sister and pray for her and I will pray for her as well inshaAllah.

    If you can give some sadaqah on her behalf, do some prayers on her behalf, inshaAllah in the future, you can do hajj and ziyara on her behalf as well.

  4. خیلی ممنون عزیزم خداوند تو و خانواده ات را برکت دهد
  5. Yes Allah is All merciful. Everything is for the best intention, thank you brother for reminding me of this, it is very comforting
  6. Thanks for kind words, means a lot. Sometimes death seems easier than living Allah always does what is best, alhamdilillah
  7. Whatever Allah wills is best. She was beyond physical help in drug addiction was in the final stage. But alhamdilillah she tried hard with spirituality. The lord works in mysterious ways
  8. Salam everyone i want to thank you all for your kind messages. It really means alot. With a heavy heart my sister sadly passed away in february. Thank you all for trying to help, inshallah Allah will have mercey on her.
  9. And when they do ask, they are criticized and automatically judged
  10. NO ONE is asking you to glamorize ir accept it. Again,the OP has asked a question, and most people are trying their hardest to answer it in a fair and peaceful way, NOT straight on generalizing an entire group of people. Somehow, you have gone from generalising all homosexuals to basically generalising the god knows how many millions of muslims that live in the west. Hats off!
  11. But how do you know gays were just lying andhiding (like some sort of gay taqiya) and the statistics obviously can’t show this. I also question the authenticity of gay being completely natural. I think not all cases of homosexuality are genuine, but surely by enforcing such radical rules, you are just suppressing gay feelings. Not curing them
  12. I understant in Islam execution is permissible in certain contexts, for example war. I am a very ignorant person when it comes to the Quran, and my Allah forgive me for this. But i have never come across anything in the quran which mentions killing ALL gay people. Arent there better ways? Like trying to guide thoe people back, or speak to them? I am not completely sure on this, but didn’t prophet Lut offer his daughters to the homosexuals? If all gays were meant to be killed, i’m assuming he wouldn’t want his daughters to marry them
  13. As for this i question whether this is 100 percent true. That is absolutely horrible. How can anyone have a right to execute anyone. Of course, homosexuality is a great sin,but who is anyone to KILL them.
  14. @yasahebalzaman.313 did you see this? Now she might have said it with the best if intentions, but when read it sounds extremely rude,arrogant and judgemental
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