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  1. Look bae! My screen name All the glory and all the fame belong to thine and mine.
  2. she has my blessing as the most obedient human being ever I had witnessed among my pupils. she will never fail so long as she remains obedient to me. she even had to suffer my curse and she survived it.
  3. then i gotta change mine to 'baay-haayaah' *cough* *chokes* *dies*
  4. You guys lost me when you denied your submission to me.
  5. She is topping the member of the week as well ... i feel jealous.
  6. it's massively influenced by arabic already
  7. I veto this thread to begin with. We can't beat girls. They have dedicated 75% of their life time in choosing their nicks. We just pick up what the computer tells us is available.
  8. Girls and their nicks. It takes us 3 sec to choose one, and they work it out like for years. Clearly we and they have different priorities. Excuse me! I gotta Snapchat with Jenn see ya.
  9. How about if I change my nick to. ShiaGangsta
  10. Had you not brutally spanked me today I was definitely going to vote for you. Now I dare revolt. Hang me!!!
  11. Dude your DP scared the hell outta me. It's nice but barely any animated one so took me by surprise
  12. Yesterday CNN criticized him for not signing executive orders that he had promised on Day 1. If you go thru his speeches he had promised more than two dozen EO on day 1 of his presidency, so still bit catching up. Hate him or love him. But I appreciate he lived up to his words said during campaign unlike our sissy politicians
  13. don't you fear death? you are playing with fireball..
  14. Here is the nasheed in Urdu @uponthesunnah sorry cant' sign it in English... but yeah. pretty good actually with an extreme sore throat
  15. you win is it military slang bruv? :P
  16. i was amused reading this post, while taking a cup of tea.... no i don't sip it loudly ... as you britons do.
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