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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Ron_Burgundy I consider those people who are walking like girls or those girls who appear as boys to be the reason of their parents negligence and effect of surroundings. In an Islamic society, this is a crime to change the nature of things which are already normal. This is work of Satan which is mentioned in Quran that he said to Allah AWJ: "I would make people slit the ears of animals". I feel sympathy for those people who behave like it but I do not confirm it as normal or bearable in a society. There is nothing reasonable in your statements.
  2. What is false Islam Ron ? Whatever you are saying is the true Islam!
  3. I did not say to stone a person who acts like girls to death. but I say you to tell him, he is not doing right. and it is not ok,.
  4. I go now, good night. other comments tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Insha-Allah.
  5. Hmmm, that is why I also told you about gold and silver that you would not accept this red shirt event, but I have read it. try searching google.
  6. Well, I would advice you not to say it is ok for a male to be girlish and female to be like male. These are signs of day of Judgement. So fear Allah and stops yourself from this.
  7. I do not carry books always. If you think I am lying, then I provide you also second thing. Prophet PBUHHP forbade men from wearing gold and silk check it out....so, they disliked such things among men.
  8. So, do you think that Imam praise a man walking like a girl....I tell you an event that Once Abdullah Ibn Umar wore red dress and came to Prophet PBUHHP and Prophet PBUHHP saw him and said what is that you are wearing, are you a woman ? Upon that Abdullah ibn umer went home and burnt his shirt and came back with other color shirt and Prophet asked him what you did with red shirt ? He said that I burnt it down. Upon that Prophet PBUHHP said: "You should have given it to a woman". So, was it praise worthy before Prophet ?
  9. Bro, gay is abuse for us, So, we take it as like saying someone as dog or cat. I cannot be patient over insult of humans.
  10. First of all, Islamic banking.... I think that if any state starts a Islamic banking in the inception with the guarantee that if your money is lost, we will pay you back for few years this will help people to keep money in the banks. Secondly, there should be policy of the banking mentioning the period within which they cannot get their money, so that Islamic banks may have time to invest it in a business and get a profit and if after that they get their capital back, they should be allowed leaving the bank in profit within few months for the profit is earned and bank could infuse it
  11. In Islam.org, it is written that Imam Jafar al Sadiq a.s disliked his being with radical people who want to use him. I wish, he would have listened to his father!!!!!
  12. I see,...that is very tragic and before this sons of Prophets have deviated too....This would be very hurting for Imams. Alas!
  13. Did I say Abu Hanifah was son of Ahlebait a.s ? I did not say that. But he did deviated in his life from teachings of Imam Jafar al Sadiq a.s such as saying that Allah AWJ is responsible for our sins that is contrary to the teachings of Islam. And his disciple Abu Yousuf accepted being Judge. Secondly, since when you became Shia brother that you are saying that our fiqh....Our Fiqh is known as Jafari because Imam Jafar al Sadiq a.s formed educational system that included various sciences. So, it is known by his name but in reality we are Muhammadi, Alwi, Hasani, Hussaini, Fatimi, Abidi,
  14. With slight difference, I said that 1) killed by stones 2) thrown down to mountain 3) thrown into fire.... 1) it is killed by sword...not by stones...in this topic.
  15. http://www.ziyaraat.net/books/SalooniQablAnTafqidooni2of2.pdf This book on page 307
  16. Well, Science is still baffled even if I tackle this question as per your demands replacing miracles with scientific observations, although science also have definition for miracles and accept that because there are many things which science cannot explain itself but say that it happened such as many dead people were declared dead by medical science and came to life. Also, many were declared to have cancer and die within some months but they lived for 40 years. So, it proves that you want to close your ears when something happens which you do not like to listen and this is not first time I kno
  17. The first book in my link has the source.
  18. Might be, but she did not clarify. If she would have said, I could have told her that it is due to mental problem as I already told in this thread.
  19. Bro, this thing need clarification as well. There are two types of thoughts: 1) Thought that is in your control 2) thought that is not in your control. 1) Hating someone or wishing someone in heart that wrong may happen to him is itself a bad deed which a person can control. 2) thoughts which come due to information which a person wants to resist but cannot resist such as (wrong thoughts) that is called as "Visvas" is due to health conditions such as less sleeping or stress. For such thoughts there is no sin upon a person. I do not agree with what she said that it is ok
  20. Is it wrong that Allah AWJ burned people when People of Lot did wrongs ? Why did US bombed fire upon Terrorists ? Is there anyone who would advocate on their behalf ? No one!!!!! because they were criminals so what do you consider it wrong if Imam Ali a.s had inflicted Allah's punishment upon someone who does not deserve to live ?
  21. I have not read about any book regarding Islamic economics view. But I have some of my outlines that needs elaboration for implementing effective Islamic economic system with sound footing. If you say, I can explain it what I have in my mind.
  22. @Langar It is not wrong that you come a bad thought in mind but it is wrong that you think deliberately for wrongs. There are differences in both things. First is Visvas and second his hypocrisy. hypocrisy is worst of sins.
  23. Is it right that if there be a person who calls for ISIS as good doer and you would say that it is not Islamicaly wrong unless he acts according to it ? Is it right to have envy in the heart ?
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