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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sab Ilm teri taraf say hai Khudaya, tere dar par toba karta hoon, har qism ki burai say. Mujh par reham kar aur har jahalat say bacha tu hi mera madadgar hai aur mujhe sikhane wala hai, behaq e Muhammad wa aal e Muhammad k meri dua qabool farma. 

  2. Allah AWJ has strange ways to teach. It's not impossible that what is strange to you first becomes part of your life with His grace.

  3. Ya Allah! if I have your support and Support of Ahlebait a.s, I am not afraid of anyone.

  4. Is writing what one feels or wishes on status wrong? 

  5. The most hurting thing is that people mock Islam though it is eager to teach them like a sincere friend. Following them wherever they go but they are mocking at him and it is responding by smiling at them. What a shameful day will be for the people, when they call for Islam and it will not respond them and they will have nothing but remorse but what will they avail of such remorse!!!!!!

  6. Ishq e Khuda hai woh qeemati sarmaya, Jis say mili thi Iqbal ko Danai ki Maya

  7. Durood Muhammad Wa aal e Muhammad PBUHHP.

  8. Everything of mine belongs to Allah, and what is mine, is my Rab, 

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    2. Sindbad05


      I ask Allah for his mercy and his guidance so that he increase me the spirit to obey him and fulfill his obligations. Although I confess that I am not as good as He want me too but I have high hopes in Him to make me such as He likes. Insha-Allah.

    3. monad


      how would God benefit , from you obeying him?. IF God likes, you that be a sinner, would that be a reasonable claim?

    4. Sindbad05


      I did not understand ? I am sorry ???? God is not benefited or harmed, it is we are who receives benefits or harms. If Allah AWJ does not have mercy upon me, how could I be able to save myself from harm from the wrongdoings of my own-self and others.

  9. Ali a.s is the inheritor of the knowledge of Rasolallah (PBUHHP) and therefore the true successor. 

  10. It is due to the mercy of Allah AWJ that I am granted guidance, I praise your name ya Allah! It is through you and your appointed ones that I am enjoying being Muslims. All credit is to you and after you is to Ahlebait a.s.

  11. My Prophet PBUHHP and His family a.s are themselves a university, I have learnt things which would have taken so much money but they taught it to me free, 

  12. The place of vicegerent is designed such by Allah AWj that whoever will sit upon it without having qualified then the seat of vicegerent will humiliate him in this world and hereafter. It is faithful only to his owner and that Imam of the time and it's owner in our time is Imam Mehdi a.s. 

  13. The Deen of the politician of this age is vested interests and his usool-e-Deen are:

    1. Treachery

    2. hypocrisy

    3. mischief so that all other fight and he may run away.  

  14. Everything is circumumbulating Allah AWJ but few are awake to notice that great tawaf. 

  15. Ahlebait a.s Aql k sayaron ka suraj hain.

  16. Ashura is reminder for the believing people, do not forget to commemorate this great tragedy or you would also be included among the murderers of Hussain a.s and his companions.

  17. Ya Imam e Zamana a.s, if you do not look after your ummah, who would look ? Have mercy upon me, Ya Sayedi wa Molai. Every day, in your absence, I have to fight thousands of worries and speeches of Iblis in my ears.

  18. Hussain's sacrifice was a final seal upon the truthfulness of Islam. 

  19. Hussain a.s many years before I see you in the desert of Karbala and you are thinking of us and saying that see O! my Shias, what price have I been paying for guidance of all of the people. Is this the way, how a benevolent master is treated who serves Message of God!!!!! Dear God! let me not die in this world except as Hussaini. I wish, O! my Lord that I be entitled to the statement of Hussain a.s who said: "A man like me cannot pay allegiance to a man like you (Yazeed)". 

  20. Ana Zalim Ya Rabbi, Ighfirli Ya Rab

  21. Akhi jaa Malanga, Sach aape maan leirein gey, Aaj nahin tey Kal Ali Ali kehrein gey :NH:

  22. Who is going to save me except you O! my Lord from the trials brought by my nafs and from your creations, for the sake of Ahlebait a.s have mercy upon me. 

  23. Jealousy makes a person blind and the one who is jealous realizes it when he or she destroys himself or herself completely. Ya Allah [AWJ] I taken refuge in your mercy from jealousy and personal grudge for the sake of Ahlebait a.s protect me from it forever. 

  24. With every sacrifice for you, O! Hussain, God will intend not to let me die forever because He AWJ said that my face will not perish and O! Hussain, your love is Rukh-e-Wajh-e-Khuda. 

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