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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think now iwould agree with you because I re looked at things even the Jews belive this . The musliums will re take Jerusalem ( sufyani ) so Israel will either give it or fall . Fall by the Jews ofcourse, here's what's interesting the " believing " Jews say Israel shouldn't exist until the messiah comes, so it will be something like this : haredi / Orthodox Jews topple or take power or give Jerusalem jerusalem is taken by sufyani ( Palestine ) the jews re take it and this time will come out with a " messiah " or false messiah from a Muslim point of view
  2. Anyone gone past hadiths on the charactistics of khorsani ? Because I know he will be a leader or atleast lead a movement in Iran and has to be from the khorsani part of Iran .
  3. What do you see as Palestine , the Palestine state of gaza stripe ? If so that won't be conquered but join
  4. Remember it says the qaim will rise like a piece of glass in your hand and it's dropped, meaning it will be quick and last expected so when you predict it will be it won't . Remember world wars and major wars didn't build up in the media they just happened and the same here but to further say , since last year Jan KSA has Moved tanks to Jordan and tanks and air warfare to south turkey which was aprox meant to take one year for all to reach locations, it was and is public they stated it will be a full scale invasion
  5. Yeh qurqisyaaa which will be in east Syria wadi yasbis from this he will win over the others
  6. Sufyani will fight a massive war in Syria before followed by his loses in Iraq and then the army being swallowed by then he would be weak yes
  7. The thing is every little thing is hyped there I have family there if they hear Isis moved one cm they will claim it's sufyani.
  8. It says he will rule the 5 districts narrated by al saqik . Al saqik didn't say the 5 included Palestine, rather hisham claimed so. Furthermore many narrations come and many contradict each other, therefore you have to scale a narration, based on methods. In this scenario I would give you a example of many scholars like Ali korani who have not only stated the 5 potentials but also said it will not include Israel. And that Israel will be defeated by the Mahdi . I mean think of it logically the sufyani will come from the backing of the west as a puppet, he won't come against the west.
  9. He will rise from wadi el yasis which is where the Battle of qirkisiya will take place. 3 fronts , Turks , looking to take ottaman empire. Isis / nusra : al Qaeda affiliates looking to establish a Islamic state . Sufyani which will win . This will happen after Syria will fall , with a wmd , logically speaking . Sufyani will be from Arabian pensuila. I haven't came across usman ibn anbassa, can you link any hadiths.
  10. The rising of sufyani will come after a battle that will occur, in which the rebels ( Isis, nusra ) will fight the Turks, the Kurds and the standard that will come of the sufyani. After this the 5 distiricts will be taken or collected. I don't think the 5 districts are agreed upon ? You mentioned Palestine, logically I doubt Israel will be taken by sufyani. Ali korani also states that Israel will remain and the Mahdi will take over . The 5 districts may be, Jordan, Damascus or sham as we call it with and surroundings ( Homs ), north west and north east ( Kurds ) , east ( desert ) . The sufyani will also come with 2 standards. I doubt it's king Abdullah, it's noted sufyani will come from the Arabian pensuila, " swollen face and a white spot on his eye " fits sheikh abdul aziz ibn abdullah, not saying it's him but that's a example. Their will also be many sufyani movements and the main sufyani.izzat ibrahim al-douri fits the narrations on another sufyani, if you may or may not know , " Isis invasion " of north Iraq was a revolt by izzat ibrahim al-douri under the naqshabani army, under the name of Isis. KSA has been moving forces to the Jordan boarder with Syria for aprox little over a year now, moving tanks and so on , and also moving them to the Turkish boarder for a " invasion " as they stated last year also they stated it will take one year. USA about 1/2 weeks has entered Jordan and is on the boarder wil armed troops and tanks, Jordan entered apparently because Isis attacked a FSA front. What's left of prophecies is the battle which is called something along the lines of qarqisya and a shake in Damascus. The battle is clear however the shake will be a nuke as stated by some scholars, I doubt so as it will have big cons on both sides, and it's stated that one side of the mosque al ammaye will fall a nuke will wipe it all . MOAB was tested in Afghanistan by USA apparently for Isis in the mountains, I see it as a potential trail for Damascus. Logically we know Syria won't fall any other way, unless wmd are used. Rajab will be when the front or side of sufyani will begin not his rise, the rising will be in Ramadan and that's when yamani and khorsani will launch a attack to defend south Iraq. So khorsani and yamani will be a reply to this. The armies will start to prepare until about October will their be a full scale invasion by the yamani and khorsani under imam Mahdi against sufyani. The nafs al zakiya will be killed in August aprox.
  11. The khorsani will come out as a standard with a black standard, " Allah has a treasure in talkan neither gold nor silver, 12 thousand in khorsan, their slogan is Ahmed Ahmed , they are lead by a young man " I don't think the gov of Iran is khorsani simply because there's no Ahmed as supreme leader or president, nor is he young, nor is the flag of Iran black . Khorsani will be a response to sufyani like Hezbollah is a response to Isis. There black flags aren't the ones to launch the final attack on sufyani rather they will come out to sucure south Iraq the Shia capitals, the yamani will be present during the time, he will be a figure to bring people to him and a figure of peace, ofcourse the khorsani and yamani must take Shia capitals so I think they might join that war however there final war will be when the imam arrives which should be around Muharram as for khorsani and yamani around Ramadan. The white banners are Yemeni and black are khorsani , once the imam arrives new banners also black and that's the final campaign to take sufyani
  12. Iknow that , however not the yamani and khorsani they will be the responders to sufyani. He will come during rajab and rise from the battle between all the rebels. During rajab and Ramadan is aprox 2 months the day the sufyani comes is rajab the day he rises is another.
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