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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Christianlady So, it was Sunnis and Shi'ah who dropped 23 000 bombs mostly on Muslim nations? When Trumpelstiltskin's first day in office resulted in killing an innocent child? The kuffaar have shed more blood than the Sunnis and Shi'ah. More blood is on the crusaders hands. It's not our fault if the mujahideen attack your countries,. The Christians started this war by invading our countries. And it's permissible to either expel the kuffaar from our lands and kill them. Jihad becomes fard al-ayn. So, I think Christians should stop complaining about their sons and daughters getting
  2. Salaam Sister.. I never said that Jesus got killed or crucified. In fact, the position of Ahl as-sunnah wa l-jamāʻah is that he is alive and will return to follow the shari'ah of Muhammad (s.a.w.) and will defeat the Masih ad-dajjal, the Muslims (Sunnis and Shi'ah) have an ijmaa' on this. No sane person will reject verse 4:157 or try to twist unless that person belongs to Ahmadiyyah.
  3. In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful It is not lawful for us to violently rebel against an unjust Muslim ruler, or any ruler, as long as we can practice the basics of Islam in safety. Rather, Muslims should be patient and encourage reform through non-violent action. Obedience to civil laws, whether in a Muslim or non-Muslim state, is obligatory as long as we are not commanded to commit sins. If the rulers command us to commit sins or they stubbornly persist in oppression, then we must strive to reform them without resorting to violence or destabilizing civil order. A
  4. The following is taken from The Lost Female Scholars of Islam by Shaykh Akram Nadwi. At the time Eileen Collins became the first woman to command the space shuttle, some Muslims were debating the right of women to drive a car on the road. This disparity in the level of public discourse on the rights of women and role of women confront Muslim societies. If you call a man a thief long enough, he will start to think he really is a thief. Likewise, if you call a child stupid all the time, she will grow up thinking she really is stupid. This swindle of self-perception describes the deep se
  5. The Resident Evil Zombie Apocalypse of Matthew 27:53 by Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons), MCollT Citing the Austrian historian Johann Loserth, Professor Stephen A. Barney writes: "64-69 dede men: The rising of the dead from their graves and their appearing to many people is found only in Matthew's Gospel (27:52-53). Ludolph carefully observes that these dead rose "not then" when the graves were opened, but at Jesus' Resurrection, as Matthew (27:53) specified (ed. Bolard et al. 1865:672). Wyclif agrees rather with the tradition that L seems to follow: acknowledging that Christ was the first-born
  6. The faithless faith of the biblical Jesus by Ibn Anwar, BHsc (Hons), MCollT What is the name of a person that believes in Krishna, Ganesha, Kali, Rama and Brahma? A Hindu. What is the name of a person that believes in Ghautama Siddharta Buddha and in the idea of Nirvana? A Buddhist. What is the name of a person that believes in the Qur'an and follows the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.? A Muslim. And so we see that existent concepts, especially those that are culturally significant typically exist with particular titles, names or labels attached to them. That is the common practice of civilisati
  7. America is not the greatest country. I live in Sweden.. well I don't like democracy, but if we compare Sweden to America, Sweden is the greatest country right now. Free education. In fact, you get student aid every month, better health care and this country doesn't poke its nose in other countries. America is bs. Repeating that it's the greatest country ad infinituim doesn't make it great.
  8. Neither the Jews nor the Christians will be pleased with you until you follow their creed. Say: "The guidance is the guidance of God." And if you follow their desires after the knowledge that has come to you, then there is none who can help or protect you against God. (2:120)
  9. Zakir Nair repeat the same arguments ad infinitum. Boring...
  10. Praying to the dead is not allowed in Islam. https://islamqa.info/en/763 But few sects did exist that prayed to the dead, but they were highly criticized by the scholars.
  11. Thanks to America and Russia for dropping bombs because the Muslims of Mosul and other citites are allying with the "Islamic State" (i.e., giving bay'ah). They want the "khilafah". America thought that they'd be successful in "liberating" Iraq and turn many of the Muslims against the "Islamic State", but they failed. What you reap is what you sow! The common citizens allied with the Islamic State. So, how can the American government solve this problem? Tbh, I think their hands are shackled now...
  12. وإذا قيل لـــهم لا تفســـدوا في الأرض قالوا إنما نحــن مصلحون ألا إنــــــهم هــــم المفسدون ولــــكن لا يشعرون
  13. التحيات لله و الصلوات و الطيبات السلام عليك أيها النبي As-salaamu `alayka ayyuhannabiyyuu Peace be upon you, O Prophet
  14. Pew analysis revealed Muslims are the fastest-growing religious group in the world and in 2010 there were 1.6billion in the world - about 23 per cent of the global population. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4270576/Islam-popular-global-religion-2070.html#ixzz4b26QfHIo
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