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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have never read such statement from Ayatollah Sistani. Please can you provide a reference or link. Jazakallah
  2. BESHMAAR subh o sham. Definitely agree with you on this. I am in Taqlid of Ayatollah Seestani. Is it not haraam for Khamenei to issue statements such as this when it divides, creates mischief and turns our very own youth against the institute of Ijtihad & real teachings of Aimma Masoomeen a.s. To elaborate it was prior to Muharram when Khamenei's fatwa prohibited Tatbir. The result was that a lot of people sent lanat on him during Muharram and turned away a lot of people from doing taqlid & mujtahids. I even know of individuals who have left taqlid due to statements
  3. His statement is very clear and he has prohibited anything that insults the other parties, including many ziyaraat and duas as they contain names of people that are held in very high regard & esteem by Ahle Sunna.
  4. Exactly my point. If Sunni Muslims are upset with our azadari & see it as an insult, then that also isn't allowed according to Khamenei.
  5. How can Lanat be prohibited on 1,2 & 3 when we have countless of Ahadeeth, (some of which I have mentioned in other posts), wherein our Imams a.s. have explicitly stated that they perform this action themselves & in the case of Lady Fatima s.a. no Imam a.s. ever admonished Her s.a. from doing so. So if anything it's very commendable and highly rewarding act.
  6. @alirex Can you please provide evidence for your claim that 'Insult is not tabarra.' Tabarra means hating the enemies of Masoomeen a.s. & staying away from them. It doesn't have any specific form or medium. Bibi Fatima s.a. recited lanah verbally on the first two after every Salat, so based upon that it's sunna to do it verbally especially as 3 Imams were present and none prohibited her from doing so. So in essence, even reciting ziaraat or duas which contain lanat literally, if it upsets the opposing group is an insult & is not allowed for Muqallids of Khamenei. So hi
  7. I know that but it is translated as such in Qur'an, Ahadeeth, Dua's and Ziyaraats. If you know of a better and more appropriate word then please share.
  8. Hanan Ibn Sadir narrated: I asked Imam al-Baqir (AS) about these two (That is Umar and Abu Bakr). He (AS) replied: "O Aba al-Fadhl! Do not ask me about them for, by Allah, non among us (Ahlul-Bayt) would die except that he is displeased with those two. No day passes to us except that we are angry with them. Indeed, they oppressed us and denied our rights and they were the first and foremost people who imposed themselves over us and opened the stream of injustice against us that does not stop until our Qa'im rises... By Allah! No affliction was set up against us and no trouble faced us Ahl
  9. So does that mean my question is not allowed? Jazakallah Khair
  10. As-Salaam Alaykum, I have recently read an article on the website of Ayatollah Khamenei (khamenei.it) wherein he has stated that 'It's not allowed to insult the Sunni.' I have always been an advocate for taqleed and Marja's, but it's this type of opinion that disenchants & turns our very own youth against the principles of Taqlid. On the face, it seems very broad however after studying the article it's clear that it's aimed at preventing the lanat as it's deemed as 'insulting' to the Sunni Muslims. Furthermore, after having read the mentioned article it's very unclear w
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