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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam-O-Allaiykum, Ya Ali, By profession I am self employed and do business. I am personally in extreme financial strife these days and I have a very serious question. There is a group named "Shuhuda Team72 Najaf" on Fb. They claim that they do duas/amal for people in any kind of personal troubles in life. There whatsapp numbers are available on fb from which they can be contacted. Recently I have been struggling hard to make things right but somehow I feel my matters are not improving and getting worse by the day. I am in debt and its getting worse by the day. So I thought of approaching this team after reviewing there fb page/group. But I remain undecided on whether it would be right to message them and ask for doing dua/amals for me. Please any momin guide me. Following is there fb page/group link : https://www.facebook.com/SHOHDA.TEAM72.NAJAF/
  2. Assalam-O-Allaikyum, In the second video he refers himself as "Ahle Sunnat". Secondly I know him quite well enough. You can also visit his website www.ahlesunnatpak.com and check out his other videos on youtube for further evidence.
  3. Assalam-O-Allaiykum Dear Sister, If he has no sectarian biasism in his heart and hes not an extremist Sunni Muslim like most from the Ahle Sunnah Deoband&Ahle Hadith school of thought usually are then theres nothing wrong in persuing the relationship with him. But keep in mind its not just him you have to look at it.Its also his family.Are they also unbiased when it comes to Shia Muslims. I have many Sunni Muslim friends whose views towards Shia Muslims are free of any hatred/biasism but they themselves tell me that their families in general are biased towards Shia Muslims and have typical takfiri thoughts. I also know many families of inter sect marriages.Some get along and some dont due to the same reasons that even though the Husband Wife have no sectarian biasism or hatred but there families do which creates problems. So take this factor into account before persuing the relationship.
  4. Assalam-O-Allaiykum, Brother the aim of this post was to give information on some Shia Muslim politicians of Pakistan. Not on their morals as there have been many good and many bad. I personally dont agree with Faisal Abidis political side as I do not agree with the politics of current PPP and neither I like them. But other than that he has been a very vocal voice for Pakistani Shia Muslims on media. Perhaps the most vocal.
  5. Assalam-O-Allaiykum to all brothers and sisters, Following is a brief list of some of the major and prominent Shia Muslim Politicians of Pakistan. Just for a clarification Former Prime Ministers Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto,Benazir Bhutto and Former President Asif Ali Zardari are not included in this list as they belong to the Maulai School of thought which is found in interior Sindh,Pakistan and many confuse them with Shia Muslims. Maulai are a school of thought of Ahle Sunnah found in large numbers in interior Sindh and introduce themselves as Sunnis but in Muharram specially the first 10 days they wear black cloths,attend Majalis and Processions, and even do matam. Famous Pakistani Shia Muslim Politicians 1.Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948) Karachi,Sindh,Pakistan Founder of Pakistan 1st Governor General of Pakistan Politician & Lawyer Political Party: All India Muslim League/Pakistan Muslim League Leader of India/Pakistan Muslim League 2.Fatima Jinnah (1893-1967) Karachi,Sindh,Pakistan Sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah Politician Political Party: All India Muslim League/Pakistan Muslim League 3.Faisal Saleh Hayat (1952-Present) Jhang,Punjab,Pakistan Politician Political Party: Pakistan Peoples Party/Pakistan Muslim League Quaid-e-Azam group, Member National Assembly Former Federal Interior Minister Pakistan(2002-2005) 4.Syed Nayyer Hussain Bukhari (1952-Present) Islamabad,Punjab,Pakistan Politician Political Party:Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Former Chairman Senate (2009-2013) 5. Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi(1965-Present) Karachi,Sindh,Pakistan Politician Political Party: MQM Member National Assembly Former Federal Minister(2002-2007,2008-2013) 6.Fehmida Mirza (1956-Present) Hyderabad,Sindh,Pakistan Politician Political Party:Pakistan Peoples Party Former Speaker National Assembly(2008-2013) 7.Zulfiqar Mirza(1954-Present) Badin,Sindh,Pakistan Politician Political Party: Pakistan Peoples Party Former Home Minister Sindh(2008-2012) 8.Syeda Shehla Raza (1964-Present) Khairpur ,Sindh,Pakistan Politician Political Party:Pakistan Peoples Party Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly(2008-2013,2013-Present) 9.Mushahid Hussain Syed (1953-Present) Rawalpindi,Punjab,Pakistan Politician Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League(Quaid-e-Azam) Senator Former Minister of Information(97-99,2002-2007) 10.Syed Ali Raza Abidi (1970-Present) Karachi,Sindh,Pakistan Politician Political Party: MQM Member National Assembly 10.Syed Mehdi Shah (1950-Present) Skardu,Baltistan,Pakistan PoliticianPolitical Party:Pakistan Peoples Party Former Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan(2010-2015) 11.Syed Fakhar Imam (1940-Present) Jhang,Punjab,Pakistan Politician Political Party:Pakistan Peoples Party Former Speaker National Assembly 12.Syeda Abida Hussain (1942-Present) Jhang,Punjab,Pakistan Politician Political Party:Pakistan Peoples Party Former Member National Assembly Former Pakistan Ambassador to United States 13.Farzana Raja (1970-Present) Rawalpindi,Punjab,Pakistan Politician Political Party:Pakistan Peoples Party Former Member National Assembly Former Federal Minister(2008-2013) 14.Ch.Nazar Muhammad Gondal (1950-Present) Sarghoda,Punjab,Pakistan Politician Political Party:Pakistan Peoples Party Former Member National Assembly Former Federal Minister(2008-2013) 15.Syed Faisal Raza Abidi (1977-Present) Karachi,Sindh,Pakistan Politician Political Party:Pakistan Peoples Party Former Senator (2009-2015) 16.Firdous Ashiq Awan (1954-Present) Sialkot,Punjab,Pakistan Politician Political Party:Pakistan Peoples Party Former Federal Minister(2008-2013)
  6. Assalam-O-Allaiykum to all brothers and sisters, The Hadith at Ghadeer-e-Khum which is common and accepted by both Shia and Sunni Muslims when the Holy Prophet(SAW) said "I am leaving in between you two things to hold onto after me so that you never get misguided,One is The Quran,second my Ahle Bait(AS). The fact that this Hadith was also addressed to the Companions/Sahaba(RA) of the Prophet(SAW) is a clear proof of how high the Ahle Bait(AS) are regarded in the eyes of Allah and is a clear distinction of the Ahle Bait(AS) over the Sahaba(RA).
  7. Assalam-O-Allaiykum, Either your living in a fools world or your trying to deceive people who dont know about Pakistan and India Indias premier intelligence agency RAW's "OFFICER"/I repeat not agent "OFFICER" Khulbhushan Yadev was caught red handed in Baluchistan area of Pakistan and confessed he was planted there to carry out and facilitate terrorist activities inside Pakistan. He was caught by our premier intelligence agency ISI and was accepted by India. Since then India has been begging Pakistan to hand him over to India. Pakistan raised this issue on different World Forums and also UN. As a reality bite following are some news links and videos related to Khulbushan Yadev. https://www.dawn.com/news/1248786
  8. Assalam-O-Allaiykum to all Brothers and Sisters, First of all to answer the question of this topic is simply “YES” it was worth it. I am a proud Pakistani Shia Muslim and my grand parents migrated from Alwar State of India which is now a part of Rajhastan state. My elders believed in the ideology of Pakistan so they like millions others opted for Pakistan after partition and left India. There is a divided and never ending opinion on the partition since decades from different groups. Some claim it was needed and there was no other choice at the time ,others claiming it was a mistake and should never have taken place. All these divided opinions are mostly made in light of 3 major arguments 1“Should the partition have taken place” 2. “What should/could have been done in partition and its followup”. 3.”What if partition never took place”. So let me first present my opinion on facts on the argument on “Should the partition have taken place” First of all the argument given by those against partition that the two major religious groups Muslims and Hindus living in the Sub-continent were living together in peace for centuries is flawed. Fact is if both Muslims and Hindus were really living together for centuries than why was it that the areas comprising present day Pakistan in the west and now Bangladesh in the East were so heavily Muslim majority and why central states were overwhelemingly Hindu majority even centuries before the partition???????????/ If there was true Religious harmony then there should have been an equally distributed population throughout the sub-continent rather than the Muslims making up heavy majority in some parts and Hindus in other parts. The fact that there was unequal distribution of population where in present day Pakistan and Bangladesh Muslims made up 70-80% of the total population while in present day India the Hindus made up 70-80% of the total population. So this was a major factor that automatically lead the Muslims to start a movement for a separate homeland. The other major factors that lead to the partition was ofcourse the rigidness shown by Nehrus Congress. Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was initially not in favour of partition into two different coutries and states but rather willing to have great provincial/state autonomy in Muslim majority areas within a United India. But when talks between Muhammad Ali Jinnahs All India Muslim League and Nehrus Congress failed he was left with no option as he feared Muslims being oppressed of rights. Gandhi tried his level best to get an inbetween solution and was in favour of Muhammad Ali Jinnahs proposal but Nehru who had Hindu Extremist ideology never gave in. Therefore it was absolutely correct for Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to demand partition and creation of new state named Pakistan and it should have taken place. Now let me present my opinon on “What should/could have been done in partition and its follow up”. The partition was unjust by the British which favoured India more than Pakistan obviously due to the relationship of Lord Mount Battens wife with Nehru. First of all they let they let princely states decide for themselves who they want to be a part of. That lead to disputes non bigger than the Kashmir dispute which was a Muslim majority state and still remains unresolved as both sides took hold of half of the lands through force. Then there was Junagadh state dispute where the Deewan of Junagadh opted for Pakistan but India got hold of it forcefully. Partition of Punjab and Bengal was also unjust which lead to a huge migration of Millions of people from both sides.And which unfortunately lead to a massacre on Religious base on both sides where thousands if not Millions lost their lives. That was the unjust British role. Then there were some mistakes by the newly formed Pakistan state which did not give provincial autonomy to East Pakistan which lead to a civil war and India got involved to break up Pakistan which recently PM of India Moodi accepted publicy infront of the whole world the role India played in the creation of Bangladesh. All of the above events could have and most definitely should have been handled better and justly by the British,Pakistan and India. Those events unfortunately lead to a complete never ending messup in relations between Pakistan and India which exists to date. Now my opinion of “what if Partition never took place”. The events in last 70 years in both countries suggest that had the partition did not take place it would have lead to complete political unrest in India. Religious and ethnic riots in India have been taking place time to time Such as the killings of Sikhs in 80’s after murder of Indira Gandhi. Burning of the Babri Mosque in 90’s. Killings of Christians in BJP 1st govt under Bajpayee in late 90’s. Massacre of Muslims in Gujrat 2002 by then CM Moodi. So lets suppose the today Pakistan and Bangladesh was a part of India.If any such Religious or ethnic riots occurred in present day Pakistan or Bangladesh,would India have been able to sustain and get control over it in view that these parts make up atleast 350 Million people with approx 80% Muslim majority? If Muslims were massacred in Central India how would the majority Muslims states in present day Pakistan and Bangladesh would have reacted to it bearing in mind there would have been only approx 20% Hindus living in these areas???????? It would most definitely had lead to a complete blood bath. Then another argument that in present day India,Muslims rights are looked after and kept on check only because of Pakistan because Indias majority Hindu secular state knows whenever they show discrimination, Pakistan Islamic state is very vocal on the issue which tarnishes Indias secular reputation in the world. Like Pakistan has always been most vocal of discrimination against Kashmiri Muslims since 1947. Recent examples of Pakistan being very vocal is of Moodis discrimination towards Muslims of India since hes come in power. Likewise in riots against Sikhs in 84,Babri Mosque shahadat in 92 ,Killings of Christians in late 90’s,Gujarat Massacre of Muslims in 2002 etc Pakistan has been very vocal which has kept India on check. Otherwise who knows what more could have occurred against minorities in India if not for Pakistan. Therefore whether Indians or others in this forum who support India like it or not, it’s a reality that Indias secularism and giving rights to minorities is forced in fear of Pakistan. Therefore the existence of Pakistan is very important for India. Had there been no Pakistan,Indias fate would have ended like USSR/Russia.
  9. Assalam-O-Allaiykum to all Brothers and Sisters, Urooj Nasir is a famous Pakistan Actress and host.She used to work in dramas and hosted TV shows. A few years ago she left showbiz and after sometime started her own business of Hijabs online and her brand gradually become famous known as "HIZABEAZE" which is increasingly becoming popular. Following is her story of how she got inspired to wear Hijab and how she started her own business of Hijab. Second video is a short documentary made by her recently for women known as "Main Zainabi Hoon".
  10. Assalam-O-Allaiykum, Well some Khojas members have already elaborated on their ethnicity and roots so I dont think anything more required to add to that. Just for information I would like to add that the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a Shia Muslim from the Khoja community. Given the titles "Quaid-e-Azam" meaing "The Great Leader" and "Baba e Qoum" meaning "Father of the Nation".
  11. Waylaikum Assalam, Watch Syed Ammar Nakshwani lectures. A brilliant speaker respected by both Shia and Sunni Muslims as he promotes Muslim unity through his lectures and does not spread sectarian hatred. Following is his own website where you can find his lectures and also ask him questions. http://sayedammar.com/ You can also go through his lectures uploaded on youtube on different topics.
  12. Assalam-O-Allaiykum to all Brothers and Sisters, Following are two videos on the topic of Jang-e-Jamal by Ahle Sunnat Scholar Engr.Mirza Muhammad Ali of Jhelum,Pakistan. He has explained Jang-e-Jamal in light of Sahih Ahadees from Ahle Sunnah books and also has given reference number of all Ahadees. Both videos are in Urdu so all brothers and sisters who do not understand Urdu can get it translated to understand it. Thank You. 1.First Video 2.Second Video
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