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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam o alaikum. Mere ik sunni dost ne khwab mai dekha k unone zanjeer ka matam kra hai mere mamu k sth or mere mamu unko bolre hain k tm aese shia ni honge tmy kch khana b parega lkn jb wo sunni dost apne ghr jata hai to wahan uski ammi or behen bht ghusa krne lgti hain uspe. Or mjhse larai krne ajati hain k meri wja se wo shia hogya. Or mai khd ko knife se marleti hu. Please is khwab ki agr koi sachi tabeer bayan krskta hai to btae.. JAZAKALLAH
  2. Assalam o alaikum I wanted to ask something different from this topic.. I wanna know when did this ritual started of the changing of ghalafe kaaba.... Once I came to know that the ghalaf was given to kaaba in order to hide tha mark on the wall from where fatima bint asad a.s entered to give a birth to Molae kainat Mola ali a.s... Please reply me with the authentic reference... JAZAKALLAH
  3. Thank you soo much.. Mola apko jazaye kher den... If you dont mind please reply to my other questions that includes manazera at the time of Abu bakar's caliphate with nazarane.. Who gave the answer of those Christians who came to see wasie rasul s.a.w, janabe salman farsi or imam hasan a.s?. What I came to know is something different.. There are many events with different resources.. When imam hasan a.s spoke by the command of hazrat ali a.s that event is totally different and when nazarane came some of the questions were answered by janabe salman farsi as per ameer ul momineen's (hazrat
  4. Assalam o alaikum. I wanted to know why hazrat ali a.s called saloni. Tell me the literal meaning of saloni, I have heard about the manazara of hazrat ali with nazrane in which he was accompanied with salman farsi and by the order of our imam salman farsi gave them the answers of the questions which were asked by those nazarenes who came to confirm hazrat ali a.s as wasi of our prophet.. I am not sure about whether janabe salman farsi had given the answers or imam hasan a.s... Please let me know with the authentic reference... Jazakallah
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