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  1. Nilofar

    Newly married

    I was afraid to use explicit words that may deem inappropriate but my intentions here are purely for knowledge and to not divert to wrong path. If it is allowed, I will ask
  2. Nilofar

    Newly married

    I follow ayatollah sistani and ayatollah aqeel Ul garvi please also reply my second post
  3. Nilofar

    Newly married

    Also guide me how to manage long distance relationship since it becomes very hard for my husband at times to control and he takes permission from me to do mutah? Am I comitting win when I forbid him to do so??
  4. I got married in June ( nikah) and my husband left for USA ,please I cannot use explicit words but I just want to ask after marriage , what is allowed and not allowed in our sect? I know Quran says husband and wife are like clothes to each other and also that from back it is not permissible, any other forbidden things? Please guide me