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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^ i just thought that you didn't even allow the domain name of the site to be posted here, why would you allow a whole thread on them here? :squeez:
  2. Can't believe she's playing double with a hindu bhupati :mad: I hope she crashes in the 2nd round of Aussie open :)
  3. this thread will be deleted or wasted so no need for any post on this :squeez:
  4. ^ yeah probably them. They suck.
  5. Hey, are cadbury's dairy milk & kit kat & twix haraam?
  6. ^ lol he's read stuff from those weirdos of the site i don't remember :wacko:
  7. ^ sorry if i offended you by my comments, but they were actually anti-indian, not anti-southern indians.
  8. Damn those pakis who think that their country is backward and doesn't deserve Bryan Adams. Bryan Adams is cool, and he's coming because of EQ for crying out loud. I saw him the other day on ARY talking in urdu :o
  9. Fm Radio 89 thinks that pakis life revolves around food , thats all they worry about throughout the day. Is that so? :blush:
  10. ^ Sissy, come on man get a life. My posts are not full of mistakes :huh:
  11. I know for a fact that Propht Muhammed didn't marry a beautiful woman because she was stupid. Source : Shia encyclopedia ( i think ) :squeez:
  12. ^ why would a muslim say something like that? :huh:
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