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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh I found this narration on nakshawani.com (http://www.nakshawani.com/2014/08/speech-at-2014-baqee-protest-in-x.html), does anyone know where it is from?
  2. mamnoon for the answer brother, are they the only ahadith relating to the issue?
  3. Bismillah ar-Rahman ir-Raheem Assalaam Alaikum, My question is regarding male circumcision and performing tawaf around the Kaaba. I found no basis for it in al-Quran and numerous marjas have ruled circumcision is required of a man for his tawaf around Kaaba to be accepted yet don't explain why. Why is it wajib for a man to be circumcised to circumambulate the Kaaba? If answers could be provided with references to authentic ahadith it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  4. Salam everyone, I hope you're all having a wonderful day. I was just wondering from which hadith collections I can find the following narration attributed to Imam Ali (as)? All of your responses are greatly appreciated
  5. haha brother as an Australian in 2016 I have to admit, the latter of what you just said is 100% true. However, we undoubtedly have better dental care and oral hygiene.
  6. W'salam JoT, The best halal restaurant in my opinion on the Gold Coast is called Shiraz (Persian cuisine). You will find it on Surfers Paradise Boulevard not far from Cavil Avenue =]
  7. Thanks again for the kind words Journey of Truth =] I couldn't imagine asking for a lady's hand via her father without knowing she wanted me to have it... The risk of rejection would be too heartbreaking lol Cool! yeah I was born in Brisbane originally before growing up on the Gold Coast but have lived all over Australia (including Cairns) for the past few years due to work and believe me I agree that weather is shocking, especially in summer... I don't know how the indigenous people managed to sleep through it their entire lives!
  8. W'salam IbnSina, Thank you very much for your response =] Her father is a very noble man from what I know of him (Iraqi that fought to defend Iran during the war), and if the slightest bit of what "they" say is true that a woman tends to go for a man like her father then I would be greatly honoured and confident in the success of our potential marriage insh'Allah I will make sure to keep you all posted =]
  9. Thanks for the reply Journey of Truth, loving the feedback! =] Nice! South-east QLD (I'm assuming you're not going up north) is beautiful this time of year, insh'Allah you enjoy your time here =] I have her approval, her brother's and now just need her father's, and insh'Allah we receive it =]
  10. W'salam DigitalUmmah, may Allah bless you and your family ever increasingly. Sure, I will start writing up my revert story now, keep an eye out for it =] Thank you very much brother, I will take that all on board!
  11. haha I don't know how to delete the accidental repost lol
  12. Salam brothers and sisters, I was wondering if anyone on here could of be any help. I am a revert of two years and a student of the Ahlul-Bayt for the latter half of that period. I have recently met a young Shia sister and am very eager to marry her. I have met her brother a couple of times now, refrained from all that is forbidden with her (as well in my personal life just FYI) and am planning to meet with her father when he comes back to town in order for me to propose. I was concerned however with the fact that the rest of my family isn't muslim (mix of christians and agnostics/atheists) and how the wedding itself would flow due to language barriers and cultural differences. Her entire family is from the middle east and some (including her parents) don't speak English (our family language, national language). Has anyone been in this situation before? Also, my parents are divorced and both have new partners so with the wedding not having gender mixing that would leave my mother with my father's new partner and my father with my mother's new partner. I don't think they themselves would be a problem but how would it make me look in your opinions? insh'Allah some body reads this and gets back to me soon as I'm freakin out a bit over here lol
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