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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Walaikum Assalam, Hope you're doing well too, inshaAllah. Yes I am still in hospital. That's because I had finished my tenancy shortly after my admission and was not working so couldn't afford to rent a place for long term. It's been a blessing in many ways Alhumdulillah but it has also impacted on my recovery progress. Alhumdulillah, it feels good to hear that things got better with you with time. I am trying also to stay positive but it can get quite difficult at times, as you may know. I have also recently started Lithium, tried a bunch of other medications but nothing seemed
  2. Walaikum Assalam, Hope you're well. Sorry for the late response. Thank you for sharing your entire story as well. I'm glad to know that you have a good support system and a kind husband, that probably makes all the difference in the world. I can relate very strongly with how you've described feeling like a different person at times. This is something that concerns me a lot as I don't feel like myself at times and it's very difficult as I become so emotionally fragile and vulnerable and keep having weeping episodes. As for the coping mechanisms and schedule that I mentioned, it's
  3. Walaikum Assalam, Firstly, you should know that you've done something brave and commendable by sharing your struggle with your mental health. I happen to have gotten a diagnosis of Bipolar Affective Disorder Type I about 9 months back. I had previously been diagnosed with Depressive Disorder and had been taking anti-depressants, eventually a change in my medication and other factors that were causes of stress, led to a severe manic-psychotic episode, which led to my diagnosis being changed. I can relate quite a bit with your description of your manic episode. I, too had strong d
  4. Hmm. It's a difficult question to answer. I would say yes, I want to be able to sustain this 'particular feeling' of being in touch/remembrance of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). The reason it's a bit complicated in my case is that I suffer from a variant of Bipolar Disorder and have intermittent, severely debilitating depressive episodes, during which I feel that it's very hard to establish or maintain this 'feeling' of being in sync with everything in and around me. That's a good way to look at it, thanks. Do you think the same for people who have mental health issues, e.g. severe d
  5. AoA everyone, Hope you're all keeping well. I am going through a phase in life where I am slowly starting to understand and feel the benefits of remembering Allah during everyday life. I am coming to understand that taking out some time every day for recitation/listening to the Qur'an, saying my daily prayers, saying some Duas after the prayers (Taqeebat) and doing Dhikr whenever I have negative thoughts and feelings helps me a lot. I was wondering if you could share some specific ways/sources that mention ways in which we can remember Allah during the everyday tasks of life e.g. Dua
  6. Hello @Shia Muslimah, I think what you're planning to do is good and requires bravery. You should try and talk about all of your beliefs in such a way that all the listeners take away positives and do not take away any negatives, especially in the context of religion/sectarianism etc. It will not be easy at all because when you will speak to the audience, every person will their own way of assessing and judging the information you give them. It would be wise to get an idea of what your audience will be like, cater your talk towards them accordingly and always leave time in the e
  7. Hello @Miss Wonderful, Hope you're well. Very sorry to hear about your situation. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to see your mother in that manner and feel helpless when you try and help her. However, I would like to let you know that the mere thought that you have of wanting to serve your mother during her illness is a blessing in itself. Not all children are so considerate towards their parents in such situations, so hats off to you for that. Remember, when your mother gets angry at you, it's not actually her that says all those insulting things to you, it's
  8. @Kamyar Majlessi That doesn't have to necessarily be a bad thing.
  9. @khamosh21, you are correct. We both agree on the same thing. We just see it differently. Peace.
  10. Hello @Ali Husnain, You've asked a very good question. Like explained by the others, this 'inner voice' is one of two voices. To summarise it and simplify it, one voice in your mind is the voice of Truth (Haqq) and the other voice is that of Falsehood (Nafs, Ego, 'I'ness). These voices are always having an internal battle in your mind. If you feel you're in control of listening to both and can make a logical/humanistic/'good' decision, then you can assume that you're an insightful individual who knows Himself. And according to Hazrat Ali (عليه السلام), 'one who knows Himself, knows A
  11. I wish to share my thoughts on the concept of Unity. To do that, I have a perspective which is a cumulation of all the experiences of my life put together. My perspective may have a bias since it is a combination of the realities that I have lived and observed at different points in time. In order to explain my thoughts, I am compelled to make the best use of my language skills. I believe the English Language is one of the most, if not THE most spoken languages in contemporary times. I start off by introducing myself to the reader. I like to think of myself as a being that is subject to c
  12. Walaikum Assalam Sister, Hope you're well. I am sorry to hear that your personal life is problematic. I would to commend you for mustering the strength to ask such a difficult and personal question. Hats off to you. I am currently a junior doctor training to be a psychiatrist. Hence I think I can hopefully answer your question from different points of view (I.e. medical, psychological and spiritual). Medical Perspective: there are no physical health issues reported in people who masturbate Psychological Perspective: Contemporary and traditional psychology has always been fa
  13. Hello @Islandsandmirrors, Hope you're well. You describe symptoms which are very consistent with seasonal allergies/hay fever. Like mentioned above, the best thing would be to start with anti-histamine medications and manage your symptoms. Eye drops and oral anti-histamine to start. If it persists for longer than 7-10 days despite using the medication, you may need to see your GP to consider more aggressive management options. Kind regards, Khudi
  14. Hello @aaaz1618, Hope you're well. You have asked a good question. @starlight has given you a very good answer too. I am currently a junior doctor training in Psychiatry. It is true that CT scan and MRI are good tools to 'visualise' abnormalities within the physical structure of the brain. This could be in the form of tumors, lesions, bleeding etc within any of the 4 cortices of the brain (frontal, temporal, parietal, occipital). However, you seem to want to know if personality traits/disorders that are due to the childhood and development can be seen on a CT or MRI. Unfortunate
  15. Hello @khamosh21, Hope you're well. I'm glad you have the patience and foresight to try answering your own questions. MashaAllah. Don't some of the 'believers' say that He has a son and that He also has a physical body. In the end, my friend, YOUR opinion is what matters most. Apply your intellect (Aql') to such questions and doubt your doubts. Books are there for 'guidance', they help you form your own opinion. Be careful of the opinion you form, no one else will be responsible for your opinions. Hope that helps. Kind regards, Khudi
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