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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Implementing the Holy Qur’an - Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Redha Shirazi
  2. nonsense First did you read all of his books?????? tell me just one book of him you have read. second if you don't read his books so why you judge???? judge without knowledge is wrong in our beliefs and you know that, right? third according to your logic every man who writes many books he doesn't know anything, such as our great Ulama, Kolayni, shiekh Abas Qomi, Shiekh Mofid, Shiekh Ansary and etc. IstaqforAllah
  3. First this is Ftwa of Ayatolla Khoee you know Khoee right??? this Fatwa about the Marjaiat of Sayed Muhammad Shirazi Second doing Wasiat is Wajib if you don't trust me so look at your Marja'a Risala about doing Wasiat and also read this verse in Sorat Baqra 181 "Whoever then alters it after he has heard it, the sin of it then is only upon those who alter it; surely Allah is Hearing, Knowing" If you say they have done it because of Political issue so they have done something for their benefit and not what Allah swt desire. How it possible the government which claims it Islamic government do this with MARJA?
  4. Shia all over the world donate for channel, if you have heard something without seeing don't think it is Haq as Imam Ali blessings be upon him said the Batel you say I have heard and the Haq you say I have seen.if you just one time have watched the channel now you didn't posting such a nonsense things here where your proof???????
  5. ََAyatollah Sayed Sadiq Husini Shirazi I said Sayed Muhammad Rohani NOT Sayed Sadiq Rohani Sayed MUhammad Rohani was Marja'a as well
  6. what are you talking about bro, lol these great scholars live in Qom they are masters of Howza elmiya who did talk about MKO lol
  7. This is not picture this is a video, all know that Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad ridha Shirazi has killed and it is clear
  8. no I don't think so , but some Ulmaa can't leave the country they don't allow them to go to Iraq
  9. The Shirazi family are not in line with Iranian policies not just them,rather most of Ulmaa of Shia are not support wilayt Faqih and they say it does not in the Shia belief and it is not in our books, the father of Sayed Muhammad Ridha Shirazi, Sayed Muahmmad Shirazi was one the greatest Marja who has written more than 1400 books also has killed at the hand of Iranian Intelligence Agency you can watch this they stole his corpse
  10. The government of Iran has killed him, this is normal in Iran Khamenaee and khomyni killed the Maraja'a of Shia such as Ayatollah Shariatmadari, Ayatollah Sayed Muhammad shirazi who has written more than1400 books ( the father of Sayed Muhammad Ridha Shirazi ) and Sayed Muhammad Rohani
  11. tell us what is your Instagram account if your account is just for your close family or friends not problem do not tell us my account is @Mahmoud._.1995
  12. Ayatollah Sayed Muhammad Ridha al-Shirazi, may Allah bless his soul. He was one of the greatest Shia scholars of modern era. He was in the process of becoming the top Marja when he was martyred. Truly a great loss to not only the Islamic community, but to humanity also. Al-Fatiha for his soul.
  13. The Battle with the Devil - Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Redha Shirazi With English Subtitles This short clip, from the "Aromatic Series," is taken from a series of lectures delivered by the late Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Redha al-Shirazi in Arabic.
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