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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamualikum everyone, I'm a shia in taqyah and my parents especially my mother is a shiahater "on the way of becoming a nasibi". I have read before about a dua by imam jafar al sadiq as about a duaa for nasibi parents so that may Allah would guide them to the truth, so is there a duaa like that? Oh and i desperately need everyone's prayers cause the pressure on me because of her doubts that i'm a shia is unbearable. Pray for me to have strength and patience.
  2. I dont think i hold the grudge against any sayeds or think that they are lower than non sayeds. We are all equal in the eyes of God. Actually being a sayed is a responsibility more than it is an honour " and actually it is an honour too". All i'm saying if there are religious and pious shias from the non sayeds, dont cut them off if they do respect the descendants of the prophet and the respect the responsibility of a sayed because they would feel that they are way lower than sayeds and it would break their hearts. As you can see around lots of good people were refused for just being non sayed girls.
  3. "They were chosen" yes the mothers of the imams were indeed chosen as 'non sayeds' to break the rule of a sayed marrying a sayed thats it. Like during the prophet's days, Hashimitis were married to slaves and people from high ranks and levels married people from lower levels to show that islam isnt a religion of levels and racism. They were chosen by God because they were pious thats it.
  4. And i dont think its ethical too, if a guy loves a non sayed good pious girl that his family would reject his choice because she is non sayed. I guess thats like looking down on a person and committing zulm in the society. Making the lives of the guy and the girl miserable and thats against the prophet's teachings.
  5. Assalamualikum, I read here alot about that its permissible for a sayed boy to marry a non sayed girl. Yet some people dont still allow their sons to marry non sayed girls. All i want is a proof from the family tree of the prophet that the imams actually married non sayed women " the only example that i know is about the persian wife of Imam Hussien" So are there more examples than that? And how to convince someone that actually its allowed for a sayed to marry half a sayed " my mom is only sayed"? I need very convincing answers to that topic.
  6. Well i'll tell you something, the only thing which is making you continue is the society, and tbh thats insane. Because deep down inside you, you know very well that you dont deserve that treatment and you should know that no woman on this earth deserve to be treated like that. So you have two options, either you would break the norms and ask for divorce and in this case you'll see the real him and how he is like. OR you continue with him being treated like that and noone can even help you from your family nor his family, you'll all be alone with him, and God only knows what would he do to you and what would his mother do to you, Probably abused or something. Just remember one thing, you really deserve to be with someone better than that and you really deserve to be happy, divorce isnt the end of the world, divorce is way better than being miserable and abused. So yeah the choice is yours. I'm just showing you how things are.
  7. I'm really sorry to say it, but if thats how are things going before you even move with him, What would be done to you when you move with him?
  8. What is the problem of a sayed marrying a non sayed?
  9. On what bases do you do that? And are there any books that would help me decide which one to follow? And are there anyone else other than these people?
  10. Assalamualikum So i'm a new revert and i heard about that i should be a moqaled to someone probably an ayatullah. I'm really confused about that, so can really someone explain to me what does it mean by being a moqaled to an ayatoullah? I knew from here that some people follow ayatullah sistani and others follow ayatullah khamenei, on
  11. I dont think that Shyatan would come in the imam's image. I google marriage, it signifies Allah's care on his servants. It was the rest of the dream which was irritating me not this part. I really dont know tbh
  12. Assalamualikum, Does anyone know about dream interpretations about seeing imam Ali A.S. in the dream. I saw him getting married to me in the dream which was quite scaring for me as he is my grandfather. If anyone of you sisters really know about dream interpretations please dm me and i'll tell you the whole dream cause i really want to know what does it mean.
  13. Well, i did introduce Nahjul balagha and they believe its not Ali who said whats in it and the sunni sheikhs they asked said its all lies. So they refuse to read it
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