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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This Muhammad al-Asi is my favourite imam. He is critical towards all sects and wants unity.
  2. Why did he stopped doing Adhan once Abu Bakr became caliph?
  3. Salam, | Muhammad al-Asi, a brave preacher. But in other lectures of khotba's he cited narrations about Ahmad Ibn hanbal that Imam Ali a.s. can not regarded to be the best Sahaba because he a.s. is the nafs of Muhammad s.a.w.a.s. i.e. he a.s. is of much higher value than the Sahaba.
  4. That's just utter crap! You cannot forbid people to do haram things if they do not even believe in Allah! Islam starts with the believe in Allah. Not scientifical proofs for the forbiddance of alcohol!!!!!
  5. Salam. I only read the TS. I think it's dangerous to reject the Akhbari's. We should see them as co-muslims who accentuate other elements of our religion. Maybe they still have some things that vanished in other sects of Islam. We can however learn from eachother.
  6. My issue is not about the masculin pronoun. My issue is about your denial of a tradition which is supported by all sects that the People of the Cloak were meant with the verse. Even by your own. If this tradition did not reach you then your claim is possible but with multiple and unambigious confirmation from all sects/angles you stay hardheaded and stubborn. This is what you claimed a while ago. - The ahadith explains who else was added to the definition of "Ahlul Bayt". Posted Wednesday at 01:38 PM (edited) This issue is outdated and not relevant a
  7. Weren't there even shia's ahaadith transmitters named Muawiyyah or Yazid. No kidding folks!
  8. I think he is starting to become for the US what Abu Yusuf was for the Abbasids
  9. But why are these means in Twelver Shi'ism always persons making us dependent on them and not a way of life or certain conditions or deeds? Isn't Islam a religion where there is total responsibility over self and everything between God and man is removed?
  10. It's still a man-made methodology and above all used as a tool for propaganda and justifications in favor of tyrants and their doctrines to solidify their power and to alienate the true Islam from the fake.
  11. Where did you explain that 'yanisaa' and 'ahla' are one and the same according to grammar rules? It's an attempt of desperation but I'm curious to see it. Show it to me please. I do not at all have an issue with it. It only becomes an issue when someone doesn't know anymore if 'yanisaa' means 'ahla' or 'yanisaa' and then claims that 'ahla' was added to 'yanisaa' which according to that person actually is 'ahla'. But that's actually not my problem as I'm in peace with the verse how it is revealed and leave the meanings of the wordings as they are. Your ah
  12. Well, I maybe don't know too much about the subject. Gimme some material to delve into.
  13. @onereligion I bet that you blame your ahaadith collectors that they put the mentioned ahaadith in your collections.
  14. I'm sorry bro' but to do supplications to someone else than Allah is the Danger Zone to me.
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