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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not those kind of narrations akhi, I mean the scholar works of other Islamic scholars. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. The funny thing is that she is a full blown Salafi, completely relying on her own itjihad. Nevertheless, she is cherry picking and probably has never delved into the works of other, more older and bigger narrations, of the Quran and so forth.
  3. Forcing others to become Muslim is haraam. One should become Muslim out of own love for Allah swt.
  4. No, Catholics seek intercession from Maryam (as). They do not worship her. They beseek her intercession to God.
  5. Salaam Ik ben een jaar geleden bekeerd. Maar ik zeg liever niet te veel op het openbare internet. Mijn familie is het niet eens met mijn bekering en ik bevind mijzelf nu in een staat van Taqqiyya om de stabiliteit in het huishouden te behouden. Als je meer wilt weten, dan ben je altijd welkom vragen in een persoonlijk bericht te sturen Jummah Mubarak ook voor jou akhi.
  6. Well, that is still Haram, as ordained by Allah swt in the Quran. It's simple.
  7. Surat Adh-Dhariyat [verse 56] - And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.
  8. I would not attend. Instead - ask for a more personal day together, and give him a big surprise which will make sure he will never forget you in his life!
  9. This would fall into psychology/pastoral ''health''care ie getting rid of habit. not the actual sense of forgiving. Unlike in, for example, Catholicism. I think the former is okay, latter is not.
  10. Dating is a relative new phenoma anyway. My Catholic grandparents ''dated'' with a third person near. She didn't sit next to them, but went to the same cafe (with a friend and later her husband) and kept an eye on the two. See it like some kind of ''double date''. This ''may'' help. They later also shopped with four persons, stuff like that.
  11. I am born in the West, raised in the West, and reverted (elhemdulillah).. Yes, the West is empty. It is even hitting on born Muslims living here by drug consumption, mere desire to acquire money and so forth. Not only does this hit traditional Muslim families, but Christians and Jews alike! Western nihilism is a thread to all religions and we should unite with them all to stop this nihilist expansionism from going further. Why is this? The more people fall victim to nihilism - the more powerful groups like Wahhabis and Salafis become. ''Regular'' Sunnism and Shi'ism are full of
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