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  1. It is permitted by many marjas but I think it can cause problems as it can be difficult to spend your life with a person from opposite sect. You can talk to him about all that stuff tho.I hope everything goes fine, take care sister.
  2. Salam, because of you I gotta know what is binged or binge. And all I can say is meditate or workout. May Allah help you Take care
  3. Imam Hussein means everything to me but to summarize, Hussein made me a human.
  4. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Salam dear people So I was planning on learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), but after learning MSA will I be able to understand Iraqi Arabic? And do they understand MSA? Yep, that is it. Thanks
  5. So fav that made a video for it. This one too There are many, will post tomorrow In Shaa Allah
  6. Yeah, but brown sugar worked instantly. Btw, anything that works for you
  7. Just put it in your mouth like a candy. As many times as you want, that is what I did.
  8. Yeah, that movie was supposed to be released but wasn't allowed to be released because faces of many Holy personalities were shown. And I found some other reenactments but they are in Arabic.
  9. Salam dear people !! So best cure for sore throat is brown sugar. Believe me it worked like a charm for me. Guess I helped someone. No need to say thanks tho
  10. Salam Brother, actually masturbation is haram our Holy Imams have condemned this act. And since you say at the time of Prophet they had prostitutes no they had not. And yeah marriage can still be done at young age. According to the Seyid Sistani and Seyed Shirazi have prohibited masturbation under all circumstances. I wish it helps : http://www.sistani.org/english/qa/search/1012/
  11. @DigitalUmmah Welcome back bro, it is great to see you on SC after a long time
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