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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi @Son of Placid This is very sad news, and I am glad to have stumbled across this while checking what shiachatters are saying about the Ukraine/Russia war. In any case, your father is one of the people that I feel very confident about, when it comes to his future destiny with God. He was truly a special person to me, and he opened so many doors of knowledge to me, that are mostly spiritual. And I did not know that he was that much senior to me! The main thing that he did to me was connect me to the event of the sermon of the mount. I think it is called Pentecost. It was the first time that I heard of it then, and let me tell you that it hit me very hard, and that I started visualizing it as if I was there. So to me personally I feel that he is a channel of this spiritual event, and was a door to reach me as well. Whatever happened that day changed me on a spiritual level till today. It is hard for me to explain. He also shocked me in a good way when he started proving to me from the Quran that Jesus is superior to Mohamed (peace be upon them). It really made me smile, and even if I didn't get fully convinced, I saw his points as valid, and mentioned his arguments to many people ever since. Having the title of "Word of God" is something quite powerful. Also having the whole Spirit of God thing going on, with many other arguments, I really LOVED this discussion. Other than his manners being among the most impeccable on this site, we got into a long discussion on this thread, where my aim was to find parallels between shia Islam in particular with the true spiritual inheritance of Jesus. My goal was to find out who the Imam Ali was of the Christs followers was. We both took over this topic, and my suspicion was that perhaps James was the equivalent of Imam Ali. Even though I did not find the clear answer yet, the conversation here - during my days as 'Peace Seeker' - is surely among the top conversations that entered my heart. I love your father, and it is my hope that you continue his legacy of unity, spirit of God, and advanced scholarship. If you check this topic from 2012, you mention something about writing a book. Your father had a unique style in writing as well, and his holy-book vs. his-own-words ratio is clearly in favor of the bible. Most of his post are scriptures, while he keeps his own opinions to a minimum. That is safer I believe. Also, if you look at the way him and me spoke to each other, you will find many many times where I openly pray for you and him, from the heart. So I have already done my share of dua for a man who surely deserves it, and now 10 years later, 10 years older, I will make more dua for him - and for you and all his loved ones. In any case, your father to me is the prototype of a follower of Christ, which makes him to me among the highest creatures that God created. There is no guarantee that I'm right, but hopefully time will tell that I am. So anyway, dear brother, all the best to you and your lovely father, and anyone among your spiritual circle. Greetings from Egypt, where Jesus and his mother Mary walked and hid from persecution of Satanic forces. Seeker
  2. Well, I was put on "permanent mod preview", which to me is more than helpful to take a (probably permanent) break
  3. Hi I'm not able to change the font, but what I want to say is that this dog breed was bred to save lives of pilgrims crossing the mountains, by finding them and helping them back to safety, all on their own Masha Allah. The St Bernard: the making of an Alpine legend History According to the breed’s official motto, the St Bernard embodies dignity, devotion and sacrifice. So, how did this breed of dog become one of Switzerland’s most iconic ambassadors? A few salient historical facts will shed some light on how the St Bernard became an Alpine legend. The Great St Bernard Hospice It all began in the 11th century, high up in the Western Alps of the canton of Valais (Switzerland). At an altitude of some 2,469 metres stands the Great St Bernard pass, a mountain route between Italy and Switzerland. In those days, the pass was notorious for being extremely dangerous – hold-ups were commonplace and many pilgrims fell victim to attacks from Alpine bandits. One man decided to take matters into his own hands. His name was Bernard de Menthon (also known as Bernard du Mont-Joux), the Archdeacon of Aosta. To make the pass a safer place for travellers, he founded the imposing Great St Bernard hospice, which was placed under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Sion. As well as providing a welcome refuge for travellers, the hospice was also a place of worship; the presence of a church on the site is documented as far back as 1125. Origins of the St Bernard dog The hospice acquired its first dogs as late as 1660-70. It is said that the St Bernard is descended from dogs gifted to the monks by families from the cantons of Vaud and Valais. They were originally bred to guard and protect the hospice residents, thereby continuing on the good work of Bernard de Menthon to restore security to this mountainous region. However, the dog soon began to display remarkable abilities: rescuing travellers lost in the mountains and finding people buried under snow. The exploits of the St Bernard are extensively documented. According to legend, it was the tales told by Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers in 1800 that helped forge the reputation of this extraordinary canine. Great St Bernard hospice © André Jullien/Médiathèque Valais - Martigny Key dates during the 19th century 1867 was a milestone for the St Bernard. That was the year when Heinrich Schumacher, a resident of Holligen (near Bern), created the first pedigree documents for the breed. A few years later (1884), a national dog register, the Livre suisse des origines (LOS), was launched. It provides a detailed list of pedigree dogs and their lineage. The first dog to feature in the register was a St Bernard called Léon. The 28 subsequent entries were also St Bernards. A few weeks later (March 1884), the Swiss St Bernard Club was founded in Basel. In 1887, at the International Cynology Congress, the St Bernard was finally recognised as a Swiss dog breed. Since then, compulsory standards have been set for the St Bernard breed. https://www.houseofswitzerland.org/swissstories/history/st-bernard-making-alpine-legend
  4. Yes that is a mainstream argument and I tried to find its source, but couldnt find.
  5. Time will tell. Some arguments out there.. - Anti zionist christians say he's described in the Bible as people who claim to be Jews, when they're not, while they are part of the synagogue of Satan. ( basically Dajjal, who hates prophet Israel (عليه السلام).) Other anti zionist Americans I've read saying that the Israelis are getting a harmless saline solution, and that the aim is to get the vaccine passport out for all Israelis, to further create an even bigger rift and also make a medical apartheid. There are Israelis who are resisting and feel betrayed. Here is a member of a new party that was created because of this
  6. Yes what is your hypothesis relating to prophets? Prophets are referred to with this word.. How do you explain it through the Quran, what it means? Thanks.
  7. OK bro nice one. But can you explain in baby language so you can convince even the most basic Arabic skilled person? What do these verses signify and how does it prove it?
  8. Allah is always al Badia.. The originator AL Awel.. The First. Always...
  9. OK can you please provide proof from the Quran for this? Welcome to the arena!
  10. Disobedience is simply when Allah says "do not..", and you still do it. And remember if possible. Allah is always al Awel al Ahad. Always! No exception.. Ever
  11. No Allah is always first. Even us changing or getting guided after being lost goes under the Allah yahdi man yasha' Allah guides whom He wills. I know it's hard to accept for some, but it helps us be even more thankful for the guidance we receive, and never give ourselves credit. All credit is due to Allah, and He has no partners
  12. Actually there is hadiths saying that the Paradise of Adam was on this earth, and why would disobeying Allah and being in need of forgiveness be different in different lands? I Challenge you to join the Ramadan Chalkenge. Let us discuss this step by step. Baby steps. One word at a time. Do you have what it takes to make a quranic presentation of the word in context to its use of the Quran? If you have what it takes, step into the arena.. Yalla, give it a try. Keep it simple and easy
  13. I disagree. Let's return to Allah and the prophet for this disagreement. We start with Allah and the Quran. Are you up for the Challenge? The Ramadan Challenge??
  14. My point in this post that I forgot to say, is that it shows how Allah misguided people, He leaves them in the dark and makes them lost. Yudhil is a verb to misguid. This verse shows how Allah does it. All our sins happen with Allah's stamp of approval. Nothing happens outside His control. LA hawla (no change) wala qowa (and no power) ila billah.. (except with Allah).
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