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  1. Thanks so much, Every now and then I visit shiachat, and read what is happening here. I've kind of lost interest in martial arts as of late, so I'm not so interesting anymore. hehe But I try to keep a minimal level of fitness, and maybe some day I'll gain back the old enthusiasm. Keep it up and all the best Salaam
  2. Any thought that does not involve direct, conscious and loving remembrance and connection with God, is an utter waste required to have mercy upon us, as we walk around blind with the thoughts of worldly things, and neglected the only One that matters and controls all things. Zikr Allah is greater
  3. Salaam, Did Imam Hussein or Imam Ali or their grandfather, or children ever not trade with people because they had some kind of national identity, or physical document, which mostly is not their choice, but gotten at birth, regardless of belief ? The answer of this question is the way .
  4. Brother first of all thank you. Thank you for being one of the few active people on this forum and God bless you and guide you and keep you , your family, loved ones, and country safe, as well as your neighbouring countries and all the world's. So please don't be offended by my differing opinion on this matter, and forgive if I in any way come across as tyrannical. My opinion on the matter is simple. If you look at any land occupied by people today, you will find they are the occupiers al khalifu el ard bi izn Allah. They have inherited the land from people before them, and in 99% - at least - it involved sword. Europe was occupied by a host of tribes that can be summed up as celts, and the Romans took over their land. They were ethnically and culturally even more different than bani ish7aq ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and bani Ism3eel ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) . And now Iran trades with Australia for instance. Why doesn't it matter to Iran that this is occupied land that belongs to the aboriginals for thousands of years? Don't they trade with UK and have an embassy there? The UK has always directly or indirectly occupied other peoples lands. Lands of people very different than their own. So I am not justifying the crimes of any human being, regardless of tribe, but simply saying that you might make business with an American Muslim guy living in dearborn, who pledges allegiance to the flag and everything, and Iran calls that the great Satan. Business is trade between good people. We should not let some birth certificate, passport, or any other government imaginary border make us forget the humanity in the populations of all the worlds. Thanks Salaam
  5. There are Muslims who believe that no creature is infallible. Among 'scholars' especially with shia, they are a tiny little minority. Unless I'm the only shia with that view? And I'm not a scholar with degree from a recognized institution. I don't know. Has anybody here heard of a shia other than me who believes that all prophets made mistakes like every other human?
  6. Walaikum Al Salaam brother, You are absolutely right brother. Some fall in the trap in every level of worship. Whatever our goal is, be sure there is a 'remedy' to this disease, from shaytan perspective. So for me on a personal level, with this resulting opinion - let me emphasise that opinion is purely a result of symptom of the state of affairs we are in. This state is governed by the reality of light or energy flow through our physical, mental and 'spiritual' bodies. ( Example: heart ) - 'Spiritual' being an infinite range of influential phenomena that our limited mind and senses do not perceive. But our physical bodies resonate and exists in a much more ethereal space as well, and one could argue an infinite number of space, as infinity exists. So this again makes us surrender to the fact that only the One Creator of us all can handle such mental capacity of fully understanding what is going on. So one lets oneself float ( tasbeeh ) with the love of God while focusing internally, and not externally. Much like 'sabih bihamd Rabuka wastaghfr. Inahu kana tawaba.' - To repent, one must face ones own 'demons', and karmic cycle. To benefit from this incarnation we must leave here better than we came in. So this brings us back to the topic at hand. Waseela. Now, for me there is danger of worshipping the rank or the lifestyle that I imagine having in my head while thinking of the akhra. That is as possibility, and a way for shaytan to bring people like me off the sirat Al mustaqeem. God forbid! That being said, the rank is not to be viewed from perspective of earth or creations, or rank of other creature FIRST! what I mean by first, is that comparative and relative rank viewing is an inevitability that usually leads to thankfulness and motivation to go on, and a feeling of having been 'chosen' or being 'mustapha'. But the sake of the rank, which is a station basically, is God. We want high rank not because it is higher than those below us. We seek rank to The One Above us. This thought and heartfelt motivation comes first, without partnership. There is no other reason. In this state of mind, when you look down at other ranks, you see them all in loving way, because they were all designed and written after having been spoken into existence by our Creator. So how can we hate? How can we wish to destroy anything or anyone? How can we seek to interfere, when everything is perfect just the way it is? Isn't it God who designed and wrote the script of everything that is? Everything in its current, past, future states, are exactly as Allah has written it. Every change happens with Allah. Every power is with Allah. Even the word 'no' or 'bad' are constructs of our Creator. Mashaallah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) for every level there are bigger challenges than the one before, until we get to the other side inshallah. After the 313 and the whole shabang , inshallah, the world will be totally in Allah-Consciousness, which will create a totally free and peaceful and rich world inshallah. People will realize their potential power and creative facilities. They will be initiated into a much wider spectrum of abilities, understanding and reality. And so when viewing rank, it is for the sake of love. For the sake of desire. For the sake of obsession and holding onto that God tighter than anybody else. It means to be among the few who remember the pact we all made long ago with God that we worship Him, and then renew this pact on earth, that we sacrifice our minds to God. We summon God, then beg Him to possess us in every way, while only asking for more love and connection and closeness to this Eternal Being who created is all, and Who is Inevitable. They gained everything who lost their minds to the True, Just, Merciful, Kind God of Mohamed ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and all the messengers who walked on this same Earth. Because you give a loan. This loan is not only the soul and money. It is also the mind. Keep the loving, personal zikr going and enjoy. Once we are in a state of zikr, we will be safe. Inshallah So wishing you guys perpetual graduation every day to higher heights of Al 3li, Al 23la, Al Mtu3ali, Al Rafia Al Daragaat Al Samia Al Dua Fi aman ilah
  7. Salam Alaikum, Here is a snippet of a speech by a man I consider the best vocal speaker and thinker of audio-recorded time. Mashaallah So here he starts by giving his views on western cultural revolution, including the position of religion and science in general, as well as other beautifully relevant topics. The Buddhist part confirmed to me that the true message and essence of it is Islam, which is why I personally have been inspired and influenced by this spiritual wisdom for years on end. Alhamdulilah. It also concludes that the goal is a mental connection and self constructed thinking architecture matrix of the mind, to seek the Closeness and Love of the One. It is to let go of shackles of material attachment, and be free to be in communion with God, and ones true purpose of life. It is to let God be in the driver seat, much like the concept of Arjuna being driven by Krsna while being able to focus on shooting arrows from his chariot. The horses pulling the cart are representative also of the senses and emotional desires, which if left to a frightful multi tasking human self driver, will lead to chaos and misery. So anyway, without further ado - here is the video. Enjoy! Oh, yes. One more point: even though Hall makes it clear that the Buddhist doesn't worship what people refer to as 'divinities' - personally I see it as simply angels who are being over-glorified, which is an age old technique of shaytan. But the basic teachings of Buddha are clearly good in my opinion. Enjoy the eloquent speaker: Mashaallah Fi aman ilah
  8. Salam alaikum Here is an amazing video by Thoth ( mostly represented by a writing man at the scales of judgement, with an Ibis bird head. The one with a really long beak. He is also believed to be the same person as Idris, Enoch and in Greek Hermes. If my memory serves me right, he was the great-grandfather of Noah (عليه السلام), and he is described to have been literally transferred to God directly. He is attributed with introducing the skill of writing and many other very important 'inventions'. This two-hour audiobook is amazing mashaallah. One just needs to replace the word 'gods', when it's used in plural, with the word 'angels'. Then the text is Islamically kosher, and super amazing mashaallah. Took me a few days to finish. Lots of wisdom there mashaallah. I hope that it will bring you closer to God consciousness, as this is the main theme throughout Hermes experience, and lessons. It's all about zikr ( in love and knowledge of God) , and always has. Happy zikr in Allah everyone! Fi Amanilah
  9. Not every person with an Israeli nationality said that I'm sure. There are opinions of all walks living there with that nationality.
  10. Depends to whom and when and how. A geographic location or government can never be treated as one person. There are good people living there, and good people in pretty much every country and even inside very questionable organisations. Buying and selling is usually between two parties represented by two people. My advice would be to look at trade as something interpersonal, and not inter national, especially that we are not on the level of country leadership. We are just people dealing with people. It's not our business what the Knesset does, just like most people living there.
  11. Walaikum Salaam wara7mt Allah Why plagiarized? Nobody can compete with the Quran in any way. With all my respect to the entire Greek texts, none of their texts are on par. So they should be saying "wow, our Greek philosophers were rightly guided and saying the truth after all!" And then "Subhan Allah" and then pray for the philosophers and the prophets pbut. Fi aman ilah
  12. Walaikum Al Salaam, Now my turn hehe So first of all, to start with the bottom line: - take what's good from all the cultures you are exposed to. When it comes to human cultures there is the guidance of Allah, thank God we have advice - clear advice - on this matter for us in our beloved Quran ***heart pounding fast*** so what does the Quran say about this? Anybody know? Because you might know something I don't, because the Quran is greater than I can ever grasp fully mentally. so the verse I'm talking about is the verse that basically says: "We (Allah) made you into nations in order for you to learn from each other " so the idea of different cultures, values, genetics, cuisines, arts, sciences, medicines, fashion, music, literature, religions, history and politics ... Etc. ... it's simply a waseela to God through ilm, knowledge, which then becomes wisdom and blessings. so embrace the good. Throw away the useless. When you cook you cut vegetables, and sometimes cut an animal, leaving the parts that you don't need. another metaphor is for instance reading and eating chicken. We eat the meat and leave the bones. So when we read a book, we don't need to stop, just because there's a part we don't 'like', or need. So rejecting culture should not go beyond throwing the parts you see as not in line with God, while benefiting and adopting, and improving the good parts. Hope that makes sense. I'm a third culture child myself. I'm born and raised in one place, while my parents come each from a second and third place. Then my father also comes from two places, with different religious sects. So I can relate, as I have at least four very different cultures even genetically in me, and I struggle a lot with the identity issue. The "having roots" and belonging. Feeling a stranger everywhere, yet at home everywhere once you get used to it. Wishing you much support and guidance from Allah in this difficult situation he put you in. But good news is that usually the better the person, the more culturally challenged they become. It's all about rejecting bidaa and unhealthy norms, which usually starts fights and ends up in excommunication, which is a blessing in disguise. Good luck! Salam
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