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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Al Salaamu 3alekum, The greatest circle walking is the Tawaf around the Haram al-Sharif
  2. Eid u zahra is obviously not joy over the martyrdom of the 11th, but the advent of the final one who will avenge the killing of the 11th!
  3. Yes that is sounding legit as those sayings aren't asking these creatures of God for help in form of spiritual dua.
  4. Just like brother @Hadi5 said I also believe that we can do a lot. We can seek guidance from the same God who guides the Mahdi. Mahdi means somebody who is guided by al Hadi. I believe islam is a proactive religion, so our dear honorable brother @F.M who took the important step of starting this thread mentioned him not making a shia organisation. In my opinion I would say "why not?". It is in the nature of Gods blessed creations to organize things in order to achieve success. The only thing is that it would have to be an organisation that has never been done before. It needs to be creatively d
  5. I really enjoyed reading these for the simple reason that I never read these before from Muslim sources. Very interesting, thanks!
  6. Al Salaam Alaikum, I can understand the scholarly sentiments, but eventually we - or the future generations - must identify the key players, otherwise we might miss the bus. So I think it's healthy and appropriate to keep questioning the current identity of those who fit the shoe best. Kind of a litmus test. In this way we can at least find those who most closely resemble these characters, and lend moral support to the ones who are on the right side of future/present/past history, which are somehow one and the same.
  7. Al-Salaam Alaikum In the beginning is the Arabic color coded relevant words, and then the explanations in English, always directly related to each verse. Then the hadiths. Enjoy! و قيل ادعوا شركاءكم فدعوهم فلم يستجيبوا لهم ورأوا العذاب لو أنهم كانوا يهتدون 28:64 قل ادعوا الذين زعمتم من دون الله لا يملكون مثقال ذرة في السماوات و لا في الأرض و ما لهم فيهما من شرك و ما له منهم من ظهير 34:22 و لا تنفع الشفاعة عنده إلا لمن أذن له 34:23 و الذين تدعون من دونه ما يملكون من قطمير 35:13 إن تدعوهم لا يسمعوا دعاءكم و لو سمعوا
  8. Al-Salam Alaikum, The first part are color coded Arabic that highlight all the words that are relevant to this topic in context to each prophet, although I am sure that there are many that I've missed. After that is English explanations that are directly linked to verses and then hadiths. : آدم و يا آدم اسكن أنت وزوجك الجنة فكلا من حيث شئتما و لا تقربا هذه الشجرة فتكونا من الظالمين 7:19 فوسوس لهما الشيطان ليبدي لهما ما ووري عنهما من سوآتهما و قال ما نهاكما ربكما عن هذه الشجرة إلا أن تكونا ملكين أو تكونا من الخالدين 7:20
  9. very interesting! Thanks. To me it doesn't make any sense, and I remember reading hadiths that say when we get resurrected, we are naked and uncircumcised. I made an internet search, and the first thing that came up is this: https://abuaminaelias.com/dailyhadithonline/2013/02/07/yawm-al-qiyamah-barefoot/ By the way, if you want to read information that is sourced from the bible and Christian texts, as well as Satanic and occult practices, then you can see here:
  10. Well technically this isn't a worldly thing. It's literally a match made in heaven
  11. Wasalaam I think it's an important question, as we need to understand the nature of those we follow.
  12. look I've taken a decision. I wont spend time anymore with debating or reading what people say unless they read my stuff. I posted here first, and brought clear evidence. Why should I read your stuff and answer your things, when you don't address what I wrote first? And anyway, you are bordering on being rude saying things like "Even Sunnis have better aqeedah than you." and "The whole answer is irrelevent". Was I rude to you? Did I attack your personal intelligence? Did I attack your words as "irrelevant"? Who are you to talk to me this way? you can go to hell. Literally! So better watch
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