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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. According to this Suni eschatological scholar, he predicted this would happen (years ago) in order to stop the Hajj from happening, so there will be less resistance to the move of gog and Magog center, from Washington to Jerusalem. He was also famous for predicting the Arab spring before it happened. It seems that the Hajj really could be cancelled. (This following video is him making this prediction) It is interesting that now he talks about this being the disease predicted in Suni hadiths, that will wipe out gog and Magog, and he also talks about it being a "dry run" before Arabs get wiped out by it. Obviously this scholar makes mistakes like all humans, and that includes his predictions. But still he is very special for having predicted the Arab spring and now this virus as a tool for those who want to build a temple with the blood of Palestinians and the deception of mankind.
  2. Beautiful date! MashaAllah
  3. the founder of zionism was an atheist too. OK, thanks for your input
  4. You said .. .. and I simply asked you how .. is that question irrelevant?
  5. I thought we established and agreed upon what zionism is, and you said that they need to be fought if they try to impose a religion on us. So why are you saying the question isn't relevant, when you yourself said it! I think you're a good guy, but it is far too tiring to chat with you to be honest.
  6. OK, how would you fight it, if they are in control of the world financial system, all big corporations including weapons, food and medical corporations, the media and educations curriculums, politicians and political parties - I would say about 98% of them? How would you fight their attempt to do so right now?
  7. But what if Zionism is a Jewish concept that is supported by majority of Jews as well as majority of non-Jews in power, while their goal is to impose a religion on us other than Islam?
  8. actually this channel is surprisingly balanced in my opinion. Do you know it? So what is your point? You are saying that most Jews are not zionist, or that the Jews who are zionist aren't actually Jews? What is your point exactly here, because you got me confused again.
  9. Im very glad to have met you! Alhamdulilah
  10. If I am not mistaken, I read that Imam Ali also refused to live in a historic castle of Kufa, and instead built a humble home (with his own hands) while saying that he insists on living on the level of the poorest people in the Ummah.
  11. LINK: Friday Sermon by Yemeni Scholar Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi: Coronavirus Is Part of a Plan by the Jews, Israel, U.S. to Control Mecca, Medina; The Saud Clan Is a Jewish Family Brought into Power in Order to Judaize These Cities
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