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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Propaganda_of_the_Deed and in Egypt .. Egyptian Society for Merci to Animals (ESMA)
  2. Any healthily bred dog does not drool, and can be taught easily not to lick you. So drool isn't an issue I believe. Grooming is to avoid hair especially when change of season. Many scholars say that the hair is only an issue when wet as well. It can be argued that the dog of ashab el kahf is inside the cave by the entrance. I think the way westerners treat animals is more Islamic than Muslims do.
  3. Any religious opinion. If a person spends 50 years without realizing any mistakes in their beliefs, then they must be wrong. Every normal human must have epiphanies, revelations, etc.
  4. Majority of scholars are wrong if they don’t respect as7ab el kahf. It's ok to wrong as long as its forgiven. Let us stay in line with Qur'an and common sense, while giving space to dog lovers to Express more positive things. It's a big interesting field. If dogs are groomed correctly they wont be najis. Here is a chance to discuss proper grooming.
  5. People should be encouraged to think and reflect and understand. Reasoning should be given even if on a very simple level according to Qur'an and known hadiths. People who follow blindly are destined to failure.
  6. Scholars of Islam who all think they are right about everything, while they might be about some things and wrong about others. Shia like Muslim is just a name but no guarantee.
  7. Depends which breed, and also depends how the dog us kept. Most people are najis too apparently because it seems according to Qur'an that most people are bad. I think people are on average filthier than any dog. And most of the time the filthiness of a dog can be directly traced back to human activity. When left alone, nature is very clean.
  8. Interesting mystery book. In my opinion their public opinions shouldn't be detached from immediate reasoning from Qur'an and hadiths.
  9. Well this can happen. For instant a wahabi scholar studying all his life could be wrong about things while a 7 year old girl on the internet could be right about it.
  10. Every Marja, every scholar is a unique case in front of God. Impossible to generalise, and we should be alert to hypocrisy even among our own creed. Also remember aya Allah is sign of Allah, including verses in the Qur'an. The sun and moon and we ourselves are ayat. Nobody has a claim to monopolize those terms. You and I are also signs of God.
  11. Very old dog visible from the teeth, and looks blind. This breed was bred the wrong way which gives it problems breathing and moving, but there are still people who love Bulldogs, and they do have a certain kind of charm. This picture is like showing a 98 year old human, with all kinds of genetic defects
  12. God is infallible and He has no partners
  13. I think it is healthy to question our scholars because they are fallible. It is not like questioning God who is infallible.
  14. @OrthodoxTruth and @ali_fatheroforphans Did you ever think about what the Marjas teaching you in a more critical sense? Most of the time they don’t share the Qur'an/ hadith reasoning behind their rulings. Maybe they are wrong about more than 1%. Did you ever hear about a scholar who realized something that contradicts his past beliefs?
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