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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaikum Everyone! You have my permission and blessing for anyone to use/modify/improve this grading system in any shape, way or form you see as right, without informing me or giving me credit. All credit is due to Allah! @Muhammed Ali @habib e najjaar I don't see that I am obliged to use this grading system for everybody, as that is not possible. I can't do the work for everybody to solve all their issues! I plan to use it if I ever get into discussions again, to have a strong powerful tool to prove things without having to spend much time or effort in talking. If you are interested to see my input and support in using this very simple tool, or my general opinions, I would be more than honored to join you in any thread you see fit! Just tag me or mention me, and if Allah gives me life, I will hopefully answer you there. Otherwise, I will use this system to communicate an overview of points that I personally will discuss in the future God-Willing. This tool is so good that I don't even need to discuss anymore! If anybody wants to know my opinion on an Islamic matter, just use this tool and you will know exactly what I would think or say! But chances are that I will discuss again some day in sha Allah, after having the second half of the month of Ramadan dedicated to Allah and my family, in sha Allah. Wishing that all of you are fine and guided and ready for some major promotions! I might not go on this website at all for days or months at times, and if you for whatever reason want to reach me, brother @Muhammed Ali has my phone number, so contact him in that case. Happy Ramadan all! Keep me in your prayers, and with your permission, I would like to request a leave of absence from here. Lastly, I would like you to pray for me specifically that Allah loves me more than all of you! .
  2. OK here is my response as promised, and I am honored that care to know my interpretation of things! First of all I want to make it clear that my intention with interpretation is to make it based as much as possible on Allah and Prophet, and never make it "mine", unless I specifically mention it. But when I talk of interpreting things, I stick as much as I can do the facts and Quran, Hadiths. Question 1 - What do the words khimar and jilbaab mean to him? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Khimar: ( LINK: خ م ر ) Quran: Occurs 7 times, 6 times in reference to intoxicants/wine. The connection and resonance between intoxicants and clothes would be (Covering-Clouding of mind vs. Covering of body). Ruling/ Muhkam Definitions from Quran? No! Definition of word Khimar from Hadiths? No! / Not Yet Conclusion: Khimar means clothes/cover -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Jilbab: ( LINK: ج ل ب ) Quran: Occurs 2 times, 1 time in reference to assaulting militarily. The connection and resonance between assault and clothes would be (Assault with Armies/ Assault forbidden nazar/glimpse through covering body). Furthermore, Assault in Islam can only happen in reaction to defense/protection Ruling/Muhkam Definition from Quran? No! Definition of word Jilbab from Hadiths? No! / Not Yet Conclusion: Jilbab means protective clothing -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Question 2 - What does he think the Quran and the Prophet {s} were commanding? The Quran is purely a command from Allah, so in the Quran Allah was telling us to cover and clothe areas that could be assaulted by unnecessary harmful looks. No specifics are given beyond juyubihuna, which is interpreted as breasts/chest by all scholars that I am aware of. The prophet isn't recorded as talking about Khimar or Jilbab, unless there are hadiths that we are all not aware of on the internet. Hopefully, if there are hadiths about the Prophet giving an order, or tafsir/interpretation in this, God will give them to us. Question 3 - What does he think happened in history? I.e. how did hijab and the heard scarf in particular become wajib in the minds of the scholars? I think that the head scarf became compulsory for many wrong reasons, and hence I suspect it might have been from shaytan. Some of these reasons could be: Oppression of women and making life harder for them, and taking away their God-given rights From older religions such as Christianity and Judaism. Possibly people who converted couldn't let go of old things that were better to let go of. Shaytan making people focus on some physical aspect, while making them focus less on the spiritual dimension of beauty, as well as deflect from the source and priority of controlling ones eyes. I can come up with more reasons, but I think those are enough for now, or at least I hope so. Question 4 - Was it a conspiracy to define the khimar as a head covering? It seems so. It is always a conspiracy when we make up lies about God. I am not saying that everyone here is aware of it, and hence they will hopefully be forgiven, but surely the roots of this is a purely satanic conspiracy. People truly believe that Allah and the Prophet directly and clearly ruled this. Yet the facts show otherwise. Any word in the Quran that is defined in a way that can not be proved from the Quran and Hadiths, is a conspiracy once this definition is used for ruling. If people want to say what they think alif-laam-meem means, or any meaning whatsoever, that's OK. But once people spread the lie that it's Allah and the Prophet who said this opinion or definition, that's when there's a red line where it stinks like Satan is fooling us again. Thanks and I hope that answers your question.
  3. Salam Alaikum everyone, I can see that some people don't feel the need to stay within the framework of the documented clear commandments of Allah and the Prophet to form opinions on Islamic guidelines. Those people have nothing in common with me, and we can never come to an agreement. For me to agree with somebody, it has to be purely on the basis of: 1- Allah / Quran 2 - Prophet Mohame / Ahadeeth So, for the ones who are like me, and follow the same guidelines, and judge the "knowledgeable ones/scholars" among us as righteous, when they follow the same guidelines, feel free to contact me via tags or PM's if you have any news concerning hadiths that weren't posted here. Sister @habib e najjaar asked me why I care about this issue so much, and there are many reasons for it. But the biggest reason is for the sake of the Truth, or al Haqq, which is Allah. I feel that if I can expose a lie or false doctrine, then I am worshipping God. This is not fun, and it also isn't the first time that I am the only one in the line of fire against virtually the entire forum. But I thank everybody for their support and kind generosity, as well as tolerance towards a brother of different opinion. Thank you! This topic in particular also has a more private dimension for me, as a married man with a daughter. I want to make sure that I do not be held accountable for this one at least, but telling them that something is ruled by Allah and the prophet, when it isn't. If my daughter wants to walk around with or without a hijab, or with a space suit, I don't really care. It's her life, and our job is just to advice and give sound direction based on what we know from Allah and the prophet. But I don't want to be held accountable for doing something that could actually take her further away from God. Finally, I have an unfinished business, as I promised brother @Muhammed Ali to answer him some questions that I don't remember right now, so I will do that. I plan to spend the rest of Ramadan with Allah and my family in sha Allah, after having devoted much of my emotion, power and time on the forum here, for the sake of Allah, and Allah alone. May me and my family be sacrificed for Allah and his Messenger in sha Allah! What concerns this thread and the issue of putting something on women's head as a Islamic ruling, let me repeat for the last time: - Unless there is direct proof from hadiths (narrations) that the prophet made that ruling, then we shouldn't either - The Quran does not clearly make that ruling, as the words "head" and "hair" are not included in any verse referencing dress code - Likewise there is no hadith that all of us are aware of that shows the Prophet defining the respective words Jilbab/Khimar, in reference to the "head", or "hair" As mentioned above, I am the kind of guy who only believes in rulings that are directly proved from clear verses of Quran and Hadiths, as per my ruling chart/ grading system Wishing you all the best in this glorious month, and let's start thinking of how we answer to Allah and the angels of the grave if they ask us about the background of our opinions. Also think about what you will say to Imam Mahdi if you asks you, because that could happen. Thank you bye wasalaam all the best!
  4. That one needs forgiveness from Allah for it, because it's a great sin. And if one is not forgiven than one will get punished more than you and I can imagine.
  5. It's called thaqalayn. Every ruling has to be directly proved by those when it comes to Islam. Islam is our religion isn't it? Regardless of what sub categories you like to talk about. Go ahead and ignore that the prophet never made a ruling, that the scholars do today. And explain that to God when you see him. Better start preparing now
  6. Brother, for me I stick my ground and hold on the the two weighty things. If you study my grading system, you will see it based on the following: Words in the Quran are either clearly defined by the Quran itself and/or hadiths, or they are not The words that are not clearly defined by neither, fall into a category called metaphorical or mutashabih in sura Al Nisa 7. Dictionaries, cultures, etc do not have any kind of authority to support rulings, unless the prophet and Allah clearly made one. PS: I respect cultural dress in all shapes and forms, but when it comes to a ruling, we should not exceed what Allah and the Prophet said. The same goes for definitions of words in Arabic, that re subject to change and evolution depending on actual cultures and envoronments. The words Khimar, Jilbab, are not defined in the Quran and neither in any hadith that we are all aware of. This makes it a weak argument that is not supported by Allah or the prophet in judgement day. I don't think any scholar can argue that. Finally, I would like to say that the Quran is for all the worlds and all the cultures. So, even if it was tradition in midieval Arabia to wear a thing on the head when walking through the desert, in other cultures and times it isn't. So We can't use a certain context or culture as a reference. Otherwise we become dhaleen or lost. The only way to be guided is to stick to the thaqalayn. Stick to the clear verses of the Quran and Ahadeeth. Thank you
  7. Furthermore @Muhammed Ali It seems that Prophet Mohamed was a conspiracy theorist of the first degree, because he even gave us percentages that are just mind blowing: You all know about the prediction that 12 out of 13 Shia groups will go to hell right? Let's look at that number. Notice that it says group, and not the size of the groups In history and according to the Quran, it's always "most do not know", "most are bad" etc., which means that the bad groups are likely bigger than the one good one This means that the percentage of Shia scholars and laymen going to hell is actually more than 92.3%. If the shia group that is the exception is actually smaller, then they are likely to be more like 1% or even less. Also keep in mind that the ones going to paradise are fallible too, which means that they can also be wrong about things and victim of a conspiracy The above shows us that in fact, according to Prophet Mohamed, statistically it is predicted that a conspiracy of satan will encompass virtually the entire Ummah, and we can expect all major scholars to wrong about certain things. Finally, I would like to think about why the Muslim Ummah can not fall to a total conspiracy, when all other world religions like Christianity did.
  8. OK, in this case we can never come to an agreement. I believe that it is not only possible, but it is predicted by the prophet himself. Let's look at the signs of the end-times that probably all the sects of Islam, Christianity, and pretty much all world religions would probably have references about: The loss of knowledge and the prevalence of religious ignorance. Rejection of Hadith. People will seek knowledge from misguided and straying scholars. Liars will be believed, honest people disbelieved, and faithful people called traitors. The rise of idolatry and polytheists in the community. No truly honest man will remain and no one will be trusted. Islamic knowledge will be passed on, but no one will follow it correctly. Muslim rulers will come who do not follow the guidance and tradition of the Sunnah. Some of their men will have the hearts of devils in a human body. The leader of a people will be the worst of them. Quran will be forgotten and no one will recall its verses. All Islamic knowledge will be lost to the extent that people will not say "Lā ilāha illā llāh" (There is no god but Allah), but instead old people will babble without understanding, "God, God". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signs_of_the_reappearance_of_Muhammad_al-Mahdi You can feel free and believe that a conspiracy isn't possible if it reaches a certain size. I don't care about quantity, I care about quality. Quran and Ahl Bayt. If there is not proof that the prophet said something as a ruling, then it's not rocket science to say that the ruling is baseless. Each to his own
  9. unfortunately not so much. I am working on it. Any new changing-the-balance hadiths in that text?
  10. Interesting. Ok, all the best. Talk to you tomorrow inshallah bye bye Salam 
  11. I don't mind if we work on it together step by step. Topic after topic. If you look at what I'm doing here in this forum, I'm doing almost nothing else. I don't mind challenging all these topics, and actually a brother made me enter the adhan discussion recently, even though I find it a bit boring and not important. It's not a big priority in my eyes, compared to other issues. But I'm willing to address every issue between heavens and earth till the day that I return to our Lord. So let's do it step by step together ok? There are literally infinite issues we can address, and I can never do all of them. My previous hot topics in rank of importance to me were: 1 - Were the prophets infallible? 2 - is making dua to others than Allah permissible? 3 - is the earth a ball or flat? 4 - maybe some other issues I can't remember now. Each one takes time and work. So let's work on it together ok?
  12. Very interesting. Hagarism? Never heard of it. What's it about? But you have to admit that it's kind of extreme that in all the articles, Wikipedia, forums, Google search results, etc there isn't even one single hadith mentioning it. It is quite worth thinking about I believe. How such a widespread belief that is so central and taken for granted by almost all scholars, could be so baselessly represented on the internet. I'm mean, let me repeat: not one little hadith anywhere from anyone. I am always ready to change my mind inshallah and I will be eternally thankful for the person who can guide me in anything right. For now I will raise my daughter with what I see in front of me, and I won't tell my wife she should wear a veil the way I talk about prayer without trying to enforce it or make her hate it. But prayer is a must and that's clear. But veil? No. Not from all the books I've had access to. Anyway, sorry about not answering your questions tonight. I am smashed and have to eat something before fagr and go sleep inshallah. So tomorrow with a fresh mind inshallah. Have a good one! Wasalaam
  13. So how would you respond? Don't forget to answer this question please. I'll tell you my weaknesses and my strength in Islamic studies. My weaknesses is that I don't have access to many hadiths and I am not educated in the grading system. One of the things I look forward to the most during the advent of the 313, is the Shia hadith search engine. Now we can't do one, because many of our hadiths are not encouraged to be spread to non Shia for the sake of the Peace. My strength in comparison to that is that due to Allah's gift to me, I know the Quran relatively well. So to tackle any of the topics above, we would best work as a team and let everyone gather the Hadiths on the issue that they can find. At the same time we can all fish for relevant ayat from the Quran, if there are any. Each of those ayat and ahadeeth can be plugged into this system above to get an overview of how high it is graded. So to find the answers your want using this system, we would need to collect as many hadiths and verses as we can, and then list speaks for itself I believe. You or I wouldn't have to say much, other than ask the question, the way I did when I said "did the Prophet rule the hijab as mandatory?" Hope you understand. Thanks PS: don't forget to tell me how you'd respond to your question. I'm curious. Thanks
  14. I will answer you inshallah on the laptop as that is a lot of questions there. But here I want to comment on your last part only. Evidence is only Quran and Hadiths. I doubt that members here have more hadiths than have been discussed all over the internet including this forum, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Hadiths are usually one to three sentences that get copy-pasted pretty fast. So if someone had some ground breaking hadith, don't you think some suni or shia would have published it by now? Let's wait and see. So far there is nothing. Literally no evidence - zero - that the prophet said "all Muslim women must wear a veil". So far my side of the argument is winning I believe. I am getting personally more convinced by the day. But at the same time if somebody gets those hadiths that nobody could find on the internet, I am willing to change my mind. I just want the truth, and follow clear evidence, that's all. It's for God's sake, not for me personally to be right. I'm not important here! Quran and Ahadeeth Islam is really simple guys! It's really simple.
  15. What have I been doing here? The same I've been doing for years. I never claim to know the best. I simply challenged everyone to get hadiths. Me saying "get me proof" isn't the same thing as "I've got the proof so I'm the best in the world". I am willing to give anyone here a hundred dollars if they find a single hadith from any of the sects that says the prophet specifically said "hijab is obligatory". I don't see how seeking information is claiming to be the most informed. This is my way of learning and increasing my certainty in what I believe, so if I die and return to my Lord I have an argument to protect myself. I did my best to find the truth! I'm not Al Alim Al Khabir Al Hakim. So if you can bring a hadith that shows the prophet said veils are obligatory for all women, then you might change my mind. It's a matter of opinions in the end.
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