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  1. You can be both from both Ibrahim (عليه السلام) sons. Just like we know Mehdi will be half Arab. The other half could be linked to king David (عليه السلام) or the Arab side too. Nowadays most people are super mixed anyway.
  2. Zionism is an atheist movement, so I don’t consider them with seriousness. Their Imam theodor Herzl is an Austrian man who does not even believe in the God of Israel. Yes, they are probably worshipping satan undercover and want to bring an antichrist and everything, but in the end they will lose. And the prophecy of true Torah will come to pass, not only Jerusalem, but for all the world. Peace and joint worship without borders and quds will be for all, and no more problems, and building a structure for all the world to come worship is a must. Currently there is no structure to hold so many people. There is war now, and when Mahdi emerges the wars will end. But of course he will most probably be involved in the final blows against shaytan. In sha Allah.
  3. Maybe most of them, but there is an increasing amount of Jews who are willing to accept the concept of a Muslim Messiah if he brings world peace. At the same time it could be that these Jews never had the chance to be exposed to real Islam, because most Muslims that talk in the name of Islam don’t qualify. Muslims nowadays mostly look retarded, stupid, dirty, uncontrolled, violent, loud, etc. People are waking up and seeing that Muslim is not the same as Islam. Most Muslims ironically block the path of Allah.. the sabil Allah. Like the 72 sects. But Qur'an is coming through, while their prophecy and books are out books too. We must follow their books according to the Qur'an. Those things in their books that are compatible with Qur'an are to be respected, and building a house of God in honour of Solomon - I see nothing unislamic about it.
  4. Mahdi will also be descended from Isaaq, Jacob etc. One way or the other
  5. So are 72 sects out of 73 of Muslims. In Jews it is 70 out of 71. But there are good ones, like there are good Christians too .
  6. I have read many volumes of hadith books in Shia Islam and about 1.5 in suni. I find almost all of the truthful, and follow them as the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed, and try to copy it. I think that definitely doesn't make me quranist.
  7. Exactly, we can be sure @realizm that all religions and sects have their gaps and mistakes. They expect their moshiakh to build a house of God in quds that all nations will worship Allah together in, and that quds will be home to all nations, and that animals will be sacrificed for God there. I see no contradiction here to Islam whatsoever. I don’t see why Imam Mahdi would refuse this.
  8. To me that is a generalisation that to me is worship / idolizing scholars. How can we make such a sweeping statement? This is totally against my mind. I respect several scholars from all walks, but God knows who is better in front of Him. I have nothing to do with baha'I and I read their entire book which to me is like a farse. You can commit adultry and get forgiven if you give their centres money I respect the scholar in your avatar picture for instance, because his action were good. Judge a tree by its fruits. But he can be wrong about issues in Islam. His opinion is not infallible, and the concept of Mahdi "fixing mistakes" of marjas sounds like jesus dying for our sins. Anything to not take responsibility. And now we have people calling themselves "marja", and people are naive and take everything they say as truth. And if you question it, people get personally offended, as if you offended their God. But when you come with Qur'an these marjas and Mahdi have no right to contradict. And any marja who does not order people to study Qur'an themselves is stupid. Or at least encourage people to "think". Thinking is a description for people who are going to paradise! Everybody must think, everybody must reflect. The first thing that God told our Prophet is "iqra". And he told this to the worlds at the same time. Allah tells us to read, and observe the ayat. The verses of the Qur'an are ayat too. We must abide by the book, otherwise we go to hell. What I don’t understand is people who study Islam, but don’t make it their priority to read Qur'an. The Prophet said that the comparison of the Qur'an vs any other book is like comparing Allah with the rest of the creations! The scholars can be wrong! They can be wrong about every little thing. We ,just ask God form guidance and use our minds ourselves. If we blindly follow other peoples mistakes, we will still be accounted for it. And what will be our excuse that we didnt consult Allah directly? Is it written I the Qur'an that we should skip reading and thinking about ayat Allah? And replace the word aya of Allah with humans, while ignoring the clear ayat of Allah in the book?
  9. Salam, Lately I have been researching about the lineage of Prophet Mohammed's ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) from his maternal grandfather called Abdul Mutalib. Abdul Mutalib's mother (Salma bint Amr) is from Bani Najjar, and from what I found it seems that she is from a Jewish tribe. Does anybody know more about this? Thanks
  10. People will convert in droves as promised by God in surat el nasr because they will realize how Islam is good and true. Especially when the Imam comes they will see that living under true Islamic rule is almost like paradise on Earth. It is peaceful and no anxiety and safe. They will realize that the purpose of life is to do good and be God conscious. They will see the practicality of it. People convert through they hearts,through being convinced and proven in their minds. The Hujja will convince them. Not the sword. The sword is simply for self defence and for worshiping Allah via the smaller jihad, the physical jihad (within very strict and selfless guidelines and limitations). The emphasis will be on internal jihad more, and the inner sword against ones own low desires.
  11. The reason why the religion of Allah will be victorious in sha Allah, is because all the non Muslim can pick up the Qur'an themselves and they will see, unlike the people who follow scholars blindly. They will see in sha Allah that Islam is a fair and just and peace loving religion. Peace in Arabic means Salam. One of Allah's beautiful Names is al-Salam.!!!!!!!!! We worship "the-Peace". Even the word "Islam" is linked to the word salam, or peace. Additionally history is clear. "His" as in Prophet Mohammed "story". Everyone knows.- or will know- that when the meccan didn't fight him he did not kill a single person upon the conquest of his own home town after having been given multiple reasons to wage war against them, including them attacking and killing his people for believing in him. This is why Islam will conquer. This is why it will win. The Qur'an is amazing, and for all mankind, not just the chosen few "scholars",
  12. Your classification of "Google scholar", or "ayatullah" is totally useless. Did I not quote the same Qur'an they study in hawza. Didn't I quote Ayat!! From Allah?????? Aya being a verse. Aya being a sign. You guys get proven things in the Qur'an and instead of respecting it at least, and keeping a respectful tone in the conversation, you end up just dismissing with no reason whatsoever except some mysterious "scholars", "alims", "priests", "knowledgeable ones", "signs of God" .. blabla They are human! Just like me! If they don’t have what it takes they should stop lecturing. It takes Qur'an and ahadeeth in depth and multiple steps in context
  13. Saying well known scholar doesn't mean anything. They can be wrong and go to hell. Especially in the end times. Friends of the Prophet went astray, so you want to tell me famous scholars of today can't? Even if their intentions are good, which most of them probably aren't, they can still be wrong. We all have access go Allah more directly via Qur'an. We will be asked about this, and people will be punished for bypassing Qur'an with their own minds, and following what others tell them is right. What excuse done have not to read or study Qur'an on our own. What excuse donwe have for not checking our beliefs with Qur'an? We should be talking scientific Qur'an. You can be sure that a lot, if not most of what "Islam" appears to be is not Islam at all. 1200 years without a guide!
  14. Technically that is a comment. In this day and age alhamdulilah it is possible to access Qur'an and ahadeeth ourselves more easily than ever. The role of scholars before was to read the hardcover copies and study them without search engines, but nowadays we can be our own scholars. At the same time scholars can more easily than ever find and spread the truth via Qur'an and hadiths, but you find them ranting for hours and vaguely mentioning Qur'an at all and sometimes rarely a hadith. Most talk is their opinions, and the rope of Allah is the Qur'an and Ahlul Bayt. Not!!! Scholars independent minds. And you take their words for it!
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