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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam o alaikum brother, sorry im bothering u again and again but . Again last week i saw a dream although i was not thinking about anything before going to bed. I saw myself crying loudly and saying please help me accept my prayers please grant me a child thn im walking at some unknown place which have golden walls thn i sat down start thinking where am i what place is this thn i saw a sign board sort of thing which has written hazrat abbas A. S mazar thn whole place changed i saw many sabeels and ppl one man offered me tea from sabeel i asked him apki koi mannat pori hui thi? Kese hui meri to koi pori nhi hoti he replied ask from the waseela of bibi fatima zehra A.S thn i woke up and it was a fajar time. I got very tensed because me itni naik nhi k in pak hastiyon k naam br br dekhon i told my mom and my husband they r also clueless.
  2. JazakAllah brother when i delivered my baby last year i made the pledge that if he survive i will arrange sabeel on every 9,10th muharram although he didn't survive but i completed my pledge in this muharram and IA on every muharram i will arrange it. And few days back i also saw a dream in which majlis is conducting in our house but i ignored that dream because i was crying almost everyday in the remembrance of karbala. so, i thought that was i have this type of dream. Beshak i believe on all the miracles u told SubhanAllah
  3. Assalam o alaikum, Can anyone help me in interpreting this dream? Im so worried since morning. I saw myself in some market where i met some unknown people i don't remember thr faces but they give me a baby boy and ghazi abbas alamdar was written on his forhead i kissed a baby and he starts smiling. I read somewhere that seeing a baby boy means difficulty in life ? That's why im so worried One more thing i have lost my baby boy last year due to preterm delivery and after 6 months i had missed miscarriage in 9 weeks im sunni but my shia friends told me to visit imam bargah in muharram this year. So, i visit on 7th muharram wahan ja kr simple dua or mannat mangi infront of alam and shehzada ali asghar (A. S) zari.
  4. Im in shock and state of stress , my 1st u/s was all ok everything was fine report shows fetal pole cardiac flicker seen and i was 5 week preg that time. Now i went to follow up and dr not able to see anything in abdominal u/s she done tvs and said weak cardiac flicker slow growth 7 weeks preg dr said anything can happen no positive hopes follow up after 2 weeks me and my hubby went for second opinion they told me nothing is visible even on tvs even no fetal pole no cardiac activity only yolk sac gestational sac which shows 7 weeks 4 days !! We are so confused what happened in just 2 weeks and why both dr telling different story. I don't have any cramping or bleeding. Please i request u all to pray for us we already suffered a great loss last year in 7th month of preg . And Any specific dua for this?
  5. And my baby survived only 5min after birth because his lungs was not mature enough.
  6. JazakAllah for your response Correction : i did'nt saw a dead baby in my dream. I saw a alive one lying on a road alone
  7. Assalam o alaikum Im very confuse about my dreams plz someone guide me I recently lost my 1st premature baby one night i was crying for him and fell asleep while crying I saw a unknown baby/infant lying on a road and no one was there i was saying that kese maa baap hain jo apne bache ko ese chor gae thn suddenly a man came with long beard and dust on his face and his right arm was injured he said to me tm ye soch skti ho Hussain (A. S) se mango or wo na de agr tmhen beti ho to uska name Fatima rkhna thn i woke up. After some days again i saw myself in a dream and i was calling again and again Hazrat Abbas(A.s) listen to me for the sake of Hazrat bibi Sakina (A. S) help me fulfil my need become my waseela. And again after 3 days i saw a dream i was passing by the wall where a name Ali Ali is written on a wall and i was thinking why this name is written over here. Please help me want to know the meaning of these dreams im totally in a state of confusion
  8. Assalam o alaikum, Im married since 1 year . I was expecting my 1st child but suddenly in 28th week i had premature delivery and my son survived only for 5 minutes in this world (Inna lillahi wa inna ilallah e raji'oon). Now we decided to try for our second baby. Im so scared this time because I have heard that There's a higher risk of having another premature baby if your previous baby was premature. I want to know powerful duas to prevent premature delivery or for safe pregnancy and healthy child. Thanks in advance.
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