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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam alaykum I would appreciate it if someone could answer my question After I have finished the zikr of sujood, is it permissible to lift any of my limbs off the ground prior to lifting my forehead? Or does it have to be forehead first?
  2. Salam Is it permissible to work as a receptionist in a hotel lobby, since this hotel serves alcohol in its restaurant?
  3. I want my independence because I cannot breathe around my parents. I am 21 and practicing. I don't want freedom to do haram. In the case of my parents, I want the freedom to do HALAL. I'm going insane. If a rashidah girl can pick a husband of her choice without fatherly consent then can she do the same in terms of moving out? Seiously my father never talks to me anyway or sees me apart from to tell me off. Thing is he tells me off for doing good. Oh, you donated to orphans in Iraq? How COULD you! Wasting money! Please let me know if you have come across anything which suggests I don't have to be imprisoned because they're my parents.
  4. Thanks everyone for your sincere advice and for keeping me on the right path... and I am so scared it I lie then Allah will give me a daughter who lies to me too. I just need to be very firm with them that I am moving out.
  5. Assalamu alaykum guys I would really appreciate some advice I'm in my last year of my bachelors degree and I want to do my masters. I currently live at home, which is in a neighboring city to my uni. My parents want me to stay living with them for masters. They will only let me move out if my masters is in a very far away place. This is because they believe there's a stigma for a girl to live alone. The reasons for me wanting to move out are many. 1) I love staying at uni late studying with my best friend. I am more productive there BUT my parents give me a curfew of about 8:30 when I need to be back home. 2) I am often restricted from going to social events because they are mixed even though I just want to go with my friends. 3) My family is always bickering and I feel deenergized by them. 4) I am always hungry at home because my mum's food is bland and I eat a little and she doesn't let me cook. 5) My house is very run down and grosses me out. 6) My parents are very restrictive in general. If I move out, I will be able to travel with my friend and stay places. 7) I don't feel comfortable praying in my house. I feel like my brother's old dog has made everythubg najis. Etc. But for this to work I would need to lie to everybody. If someone sees me in uni while thinking I go to another university, it's fine because I can say I'm here to see my best friend plus I only need to be in that city for lectures two days a week. Would lying just to get my adult right of moving out be justified?
  6. When my mum was younger she lived in Iraq. Her family wasn't religious and generally didn't pray. She didnt have internet or religious books. She asked a man how to pray when she was thirteen and he wrote it on a piece of paper for her. For the takbiratul ihram he told her to raise her hands to her ears (which is mustahab) but he didn't tell her to say the words "Allahu akbar". This is a rukn so its said by Sayed Alsistani that she has to repeat it even if she didnt know. Thats 20 years to repeat! How is this fair? She couldn't have realised from someone in her family since they dont pray. She wouldnt have worked it out in school since girls recite salah quietly. And its not like she didn't ask. Has anyone ever asked a scholar about something like this and they answered differently?
  7. just cos its a pain to keep redoing your hijab and taking off concealer etc
  8. I have ulcerative colitis, a disease which causes my colon to become inflamed. I take glutathione pills because it is a strong antioxidant which relieves the inflammation and I am intolerent to conventional long-term medication. One unwanted side effect is that it causes me to have yellow discharge everyday which I think is probably istihaza (because high levels of glutathione in the body followed by a sudden drop can induce your period or undue menses) Should I count this as istihaza? Biologically it makes sense. But I'm lazy and I don't like doing wudu 5 times a day and I would really love an excuse not to so yeah
  9. 20 year old girl. around men a lot. Colleagues. I don't talk to guys as friends. I don't look at men with the wrong intention. But sometimes on a day if I drop my guard a bit, laugh too loudly near them when I'm talking to a girl or staring more directly at a man when I talk to him more than I normally do or stuff like that, I get a dream that I've taken off my hijab. This has gone on for years. Is this some sort of warning to keep my guard up???
  10. Thank you all for your replies
  11. Salam guys i have a question about covering the wrists. Pretty much every Shia marja says cover the hands up to the wrists. Does this mean cover the wrists too? It might seem like 'whys she being so fussy about not wanting to cover her wrists' but trust me it is sooo annoying trying to keep them covered. I can only achieve this by wearing sleeves that are too long or wearing sleeves that are tight from the bottom end which defeats the purpose. If I wear sleeves that are my normal length I have to keep tugging at the bottom ALL the time - to put on my bag, to write, to eat etc etc otherwise when my sleeves go up you can see the wrists. It's really annoying to cover them. So that's why I'm asking... jzk sara
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