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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Don't claim he said this if you have nothing to cite. Anyways, i don't think it's haram as long as your not betting.
  2. In your opinion, what is the strongest piece of evidence that suggests we should follow Imamah? How would you respond if someone asked you: Where in the Quran does it mention the concept of Imamah that Shias follow today?
  3. Thanks for your reply. I am going to list a few of his claims (will update later with more). I would really like to see some arguments with some good solid references. 1. "They believe in 12 Imams who are infallible like Prophets... They are chosen by Allah and his messenger by text from the Quran. So there are 12 men who are clearly infallible, clearly chosen by Quranic text, and they have Knowledge of Unseen (Ilm ul Gaib). It is literally described as their knowledge as Allah's knowledge... The Imam has knowledge about every leaf that drops from a tree and every drop in a ocean. Who is described with this kind of knowledge? Allah." 2. "Shias have filled books claiming that its very clear in the Quran, very clear in the sunnah that the Imam'ah of Ali, Hassan, Hussain... All these evidences are shallow. They are not strong. For example ayah Tatheer (33:33). The first shocking thing is that its not even a complete ayah that they recite. This is not even a complete verse (what they recite), its cut in half. How would you translate this ayah? Certainly Allah wants to remove the impurity from you Ahlul Bayt. Whats this got to do with Imam'ah? This is one of the, if not the, most strongest evidences against the other muslims to say that we are on the truth. Where does it say anywhere in that verse that you've got to follow 12 Imams that are infallible etc? We don't hate any of these 12 personalities. The only thing we disagree with is the same way we disagree with the persona with the version of Jesus in trinity."
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