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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I didn't ask who could and who couldn't. If I were you I would stop wasting my time writing these type of stupid comments.
  2. Salam, Can anyone please make an Istikkhara for me?
  3. Thank you for your advise
  4. Salam, In a few weeks I am moving out of my parents house. My apartment is about two hours away from them and I am going to live by myself (because my university is far away). One thing that really scares me is seeing a jinn. They scare me more than people. When I was 7 and 16 I saw some things that I never wish to see again. (I am 19 today) And on top of that my mother told me all the scary things that she has experienced with jinn. I know some of you might not believe me but wallah its true. I am so scared to live alone because what if I see a jinn? I already do the obligatory things that a Muslim should do (pray, fast etc.) I have never been harmed by them but they still scare me alot. When I even think about living alone I start crying because of fear... So my question is, does anyone know what I can do to prevent them from coming to my home?
  5. I just contacted you in a private message
  6. Salam, Can anyone please make an Istikkhara for me?
  7. Salam, What Does the Quran say about suicide? I know it is haram and people who do it go to hell. But I have seen innocent kids do it. What happend to them? Honestly I have considered it myself many times but I just know that I would not end up a better place.
  8. I watched the whole thing and it even made me cry. Thank you
  9. Salam, Why is it exactly that Shia muslims dislike Aisha? I know the basics but not too much about this matter. (I am shia myself and I would like to know more.)
  10. Salam, Is it haram to wish that someone Would die? My mom prays to God ALL the time about wishing death opon me. I swear to God I do not really do anything to her but just every single little thing that I do bothers her. In the beginning I got really hurt but now I am used to it. But is it really haram or is it okay to wish that someone Would just die already?
  11. And I bet they didn't get warnings like I did.
  12. They kept saying "she", so yes they were making fun of me and no it wasn't light hearted.
  13. It Does not matter which forum I am in. No matter what people should be respectful. I Would never make fun of any ones question. Instead if asking me what I meant, people started making fun of me.
  14. Can you not read? I Said that people could just ask me what I meant instead of making fun of me. If you are not here to help Then Why do you want to waste your time at my post by trying to make fun of me?
  15. Salam, Does anybody know how to make a 5ire and is anyone willing to make a 5ire for me?
  16. Greenflag


    Salam How do you know if you are cursed? I know for a fact that my mothers family was (might still be) cursed. Nasty people have attempted to curse her family many times. My aunt used to find their names written on pieces of paper with curses on them buried in their yard. But I want to know if me and my sisters are cursed as well, because of certain things that has happend to us. Does anyone know how to do that? And I just want to add that my intentions are NOT to curse anyone. I know that it is very haram and is consideres kufur.
  17. Salam, I have been speaking to a guy for a while now and we have both fallen in love with eachother. We talked about marriage and we agreed that I should finish my studying first and he will Then ask my parents for marriage. My parents do not know anything about him and I am starting to feel guilty. We are not doing anything haram as far as I know. We have never met in person. We only talk to eachother over the phone and text. We talk to eachother with respect. Now my question is, is it haram to say “I love you” to him? I have no idea if it is considered haram or not. He says it to me all the time and so do I.
  18. Greenflag

    Allahs plan

    What does Allah say in the Quran about his plan for each 3abed (person)? Like when my own plan does not work out, does that mean that Allah has a better plan for me?
  19. Thank you, i meant that i couldnt stand on a prayer rug and do my daily prayers
  20. Greenflag

    Dua for exam

    Salam, tomorrow I have an exam in chemestry and I am really afraid of failing. It is that time of the month so I cant pray. I just want to ask if you guys Can make Duaa for me and keep me in your prayers? Thank you
  21. And I lost those 10 pounds in a week, so yes it is alot considering I lost it from starvation.
  22. You know absolutly nothing about me. First of all I always clean and help her cook. The second thing is that she has been doing this to me ever since I was 11 years old. And on top of that, no I can not get anything to eat from outside. The money that I make, I give to my parents for living at their house. And no I am NOT spoiled. Next time dont just assume things about other people just from reading a small text. Your entire comment is just disrespectful.
  23. Salam First of all I am really embarrassed to ask this question and to even talk about it. Whenever my mom gets mad at me she doesn’t allow me to eat. I have OCD which means that I like everything to be clean and perfect and my mom hates that about me. Today I wanted to eat from a cleaner plate than the one she put on the table. So I went up to get a new one and then she told me that she is going to kill me if I ever at anything from the house again. This has happened before and I sometimes go days without eating. Last time I lost about 10 pounds because of it. I am 18 and I am moving out this summer to study at university (thank god for that) so I can hopefully eat whatever and whenever after I move out. But my question is, is it haram to punish your children like that?
  24. You guys all Seem to be telling me that I am gonna die soon?
  25. Salam, I had this weird dream where I Saw the angel Azra’il sitting next to my bed as I was laying there. And as soon as he saw that I Saw him he dissapered. Anyone knows what this means?
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