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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So an alcoholic Syed is with the truth and the truth is with an alcoholic Syed? Because I have seen Syeds drink alcohol with my own eyes. Imam Mahdi is definitely coming SOON INSHALLAH, what is this Shia world coming to!
  2. alialiali 38 question me and you'll question your faith????? "the truth is with a syed from his syeds"????? pardon my ignorance but can you please explain what you mean by that??
  3. Yes as long as we don't prostrate to anything or anybody except Allah, the prostration is strictly for Allah. Other than that, there should not be any problem people showing their love for Ahlul Bayt a.s as long as they don't show blood, self inflicting harm etc etc... to make Islam as bad and backward religion.
  4. Mashallah brother, please keep me in you prayers inshallah. I only read the English part, I wish I could read the Arabic Quran.
  5. Nothing wrong with that, as long as the intentions are good. I have done that myself when I was a kid. I would still do it if I see an Alam.
  6. Kissing the floor of Imam Reza a.s doesn't mean they are prostrating to Imam Reza a.s, There is a big difference. We always prostrate on the ground throughout the day, by praying..... that's what a prostrate to Allah means.
  7. Ameen Ya Rabbil Aalameen! By the way, here comes a Tatbiri, watch out...... May Allah guide us all on the right path!
  8. With all due respect to our Syeds, I hate to be a Syed female to an Indian and Pakistani family. Too many cultural rules mixed with Hindusim. Some poor Syed females die old of without ever being married due to this idiotic culture because the men who proposed to them were not Syeds, but their Syed sons can marry non Syed females because they are their males.
  9. Bro are you talking about the Qandahari Mohsini? If so please don't praise people who is not worthy of praises! Praise our Creator, Allah instead.
  10. Only Imam Mohammad Al Mahdi and his true followers are left which proves that quality over rules the quantity! Allahuma sal e alla Mohammad wa all e Mohammad ajal farajahum Sharif.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. I never heard of that word before.
  12. Are you trying to be a Pope to get a confession out of us? LOL
  13. I take it they are making fun of Denton, I can only guess.... Denton is a ghetto city. There is nothing out there in the city of Denton except for the university or at least 9 years ago where I lived in Dallas Tx. I have no clue as to where Portland Texas is or how it is compared to Denton...
  14. Beautifully said brother, Thank you. Some people are just shameless.
  15. Inshallah.May Allah Bless you and help you pass your exam Inshallah.
  16. I agree with you and you respect us too brother, don't equate Mutah with prostitution. Waslam.
  17. Yea, its so wild man, I see a lion on your avatar! You know I found out the hard way on how to keep me calm? do not look at the women, specially when they wear revealing clothing, I swear it works, just ignore them and you will be fine Inshallah.
  18. You are welcome my brother. I cant wait till I hear your story Inshallah but take your time brother, no rush. I can only promise you that you have chosen the right path, the path that Allah has bestowed favored on the ones he loves. Hold on to this path and this path will guarantee you Paradise Inshallah. Please keep us in your prayers brother Wasalam.
  19. Maybe Sistani doesn't know how we feel, had he been in our shoes too, he would change laws LOL J/K
  20. I think only if they are a virgin. But come on, very rarely you see girls in college with that piety LOL
  21. You don't need their fathers permission. Sunnis call Mutah Misyar though. Google Misyar and see
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