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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bismillah. Salam Alaykum. Well, those Shias who live here in the West do not know anything about Islam and Ahlul Bayt a.s, their parents were busy providing them with a roof on their head and food on the table, probably did not know Islam themselves, don't judge Islam by its followers, Judge Islam by Ahlul Bayt a.s. and by the Justice of Allah s.w.t. Allah created us human beings the best of creations, we have a free will and a choice to do good deeds and believe in Allah, all the Prophets a.s and the Imams and the Angles and do good deeds and at the end, (hereafter) we will
  2. Bismilah Salam Alaykum. Protection Allah the Most high, says, “Verily Allah will defend (from ill) those who believe, verily, Allah loves not any that is a traitor to faith or shows ingratitude.” [Al Qur’an 22:38] Allah will protect the believers If you are a believer then Allah will protect you. This is the promise of Allah. If anybody doesn’t get this, then that means there is something wrong with the iman (faith). So have faith in Allah s.w.t and take and trust Allah, our Creator as our Protector and fear no one but Allah s.w.t! A note to the
  3. BISMILLAH. Salam sister. Shouldn't that give you an idea??? Now this is your chance to help yourself and other Muslim sisters and make halal money. Don't wait for someone to lead you, be a leader, INSHALLAH you will be guided and very successful. You know where I am going with this right?? So Tawakul to Allah and START! Good luck Inshallah. Wasalam.
  4. Bismillah. Salam Aalykum. Brother we have to understand that the hater of Ahlul Bayt a.s still exist in present day, even more, if not less. They are still burning that Alhamdulillah, we still mention Imam Ali's (a.s) name, which points to THEIR FAILURES FROM THE START, THIS IS DUE TO Allah, THE SUPREME, THE SUBLIME. Don't fall for some of our misguided so called Shias that are trying very hard for so called "unity", they will sell their own Shia brothers and sisters for the sake of "unity" but they do not comprehend unity. We have to understand what the word "unity" means first befo
  5. Bismillah. Salam Alaykum. I agree with you 100% but you cant mix water and oil. Wahabism and Salafism were SPECIICALLY created for anti Islam (Shias) by Britain (the headquarter of Satanism) to weaken Islam and stop it from spreading around the world, they did slow it down BUT did NOT STOP it from spreading Islam around the world. When Allah promises something, be 100% sure it will come true, like he said about Islam that it will spread around the world. Right now, the whole world knows about Islam, we are pretty much living at the end times, Inshallah, Imam Mahdi is coming soon, Ins
  6. Salam. Kalima is the declaration of faith. La illaha illalah, Mohammadan Rasulallah. Ali an Wali ullah. Please follow my first reply, this is the best dua one can read and Inshallah Allah will protect you from any harms way. Nodody can hurt you in anyway if you recite those Quran verses, this is a promise from Allah. Wasalam.
  7. Bismillah. Salam Alaykum. Brother, I would agree with you if he did not keep changing his name due to being banned, plus he is a wolf dressed as a sheep. I am not suspecting anything, I am 100 % sure he is not a Shia, just read all of his posts, they are against Ahlul bait a.s If I am not mistaken. He doesn't pose the question as if he is new to Islam and want to learn or anything, he is posing it in a way that he wants to correct our youths minds and bring doubt about or true Faith. Wasalam.
  8. Bismillah. Salam Alaykum. You are such a liar, I have been reading your posts for a while, you are nothing but a Wahabi/salafi liar who come here as a shia. Why cant you come here as a Wahabi/salafi? Its not like you are not allowed. YA ALI MADAD! I don't have to explain to you why I say YA ALI MADAD, you mean NOTHING TO ME.
  9. Bismillah. Salam Alaykum. The Bible has more violence than the Quran, plus, have you guys read the Talmud? I cant even say that here whatever is written in Talmud! The word "sword" is not even mentioned in the Holy Quran, but its mentioned more than 300 times in the Bible. They know exactly that Islam is a very peaceful religion, but then again, what do you expect from Satanic worshipers??? The elite who runs the western countries from behind the curtain, are nothing but the devil worshipers and they are trying to portray Islam as a backward, evil and terroristic religion, the total
  10. Bismillah. Salam Alaykum. Inshallah Allah will cure this family from whatever sickness they may have. They are in my prayers Inshallah. Allahuma sal e alla Mohammad wa all e Mohammad. And did you thank Allah for that?? Here is a little hint, the more you thank Allah, the more Allah will give you something. Ya Allah, thank you for granting this brother/sister's wish and bless him/her and his/her family risq in abundance Inshallah, Ameen. Wasalam.
  11. Bismillah Walaykum salam. Sister, whenever you feel scared or have worries in your head, just remember, the Holy Quran says that Allah/God is the PROTECTOR OF ALL BELIEVERS. The more you are scared, the more they will bully you, so SISTER, PLEASE FOR GOD'S SAKE, DO NOT HAVE FEAR OF ANYONE EXCEPT THE FEAR OF Allah IN YOUR HEART. Always put your trust in Allah. Here is something that will help you Inshallah. Before leaving your house, Recite your Kalima, surah Fatiha, 7 times Surah Al ikhlas (short Surah) and the 3 other Qul Surahs, then blow on your hands and rub around your face an
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