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  1. Muhmmad Jawwad

    Was Jinnah a Shia or a Sunni?

    destructions It doesnt matter wheater he was shia or sunni he did not told us openly because he didnt want to divide Pakistan into two pieces but unite it as a muslim and now we are doing what he tried to cover up this is the destruction
  2. Muhmmad Jawwad

    Karbala Aur Imam Hussain A.s

    Mai sab say poochta hoon,Aaj Tak Jitni bhi jangaiy huwi hai udhar bhi namazein huwi Magar kabhi zikr nahi huwa kay kidhar namaz parhi gai,Yeh Allah ki Qudrat tow dekho 1400 yrs guzar gaye hain magar logon ko aaj bhi woh Sajda yaad hai jo fauj say Ghira huwa Gardan Pay khanjar Aur Sar Sajde mein
  3. Muhmmad Jawwad

    Who is to blame for Hussain's killing?

    This Is A very peaceful message not to divide the muslims into pure firkhs But Killing of Imam Hussain a.s is a open But if you are Saying Yazid(Lanati) was Not The responsible then get your mind right Most Of the killers were Escaped From Battle Siffin And nahrawan
  4. Muhmmad Jawwad

    Speech of Bibi Zainab in Darbar-e-Yazid. Need it.

    The Person On His Acts Is Allah Is agree Then Even Most Powerfull can't Even Scratch Only He Is The Giver Of Honour And Dishonour