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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hehhhhehe:] Operson? His does silence communicatesplz somebody ask some silly bit simple question so that I could answer it plzzz And no maths or physics plz I have these 2 subjects badly:¢ This one seems a bit simple and interesting Because human has brain Ur question reminds me of a dialogue of a Bollywood movie assumingvthat u understand Hindi Hum WO ni hotey Jo hum dikhatey- Hai Lekin hum WO hotey hai Jo hum chupatey hai See I believe that a man has emotions and attraction is one of the strongest emotions A human brain gets attracted towards some thing which amazes him and he likes what amazes him and Tries to get in himself what he gets attracted to Another reason if we see its our desires Which tend to make us become what we are not Like actors they fake not only to world but themselves too Until a man finds self satisfaction Until and unless he is satisfuecwith himself he will try to gt happiness from outside by getting into things which he feels would satisfy him or make him happy Its all game of mind I guess Well I guess I answered the question quite well Now finally my turn yeahhhh What dies silence tells a person? His does silence communicates with us? What's the language of silence ?
  2. My question.. What should I ask here in this thread as my question? Plz answer me as quickly as possible And a request plz give a valid reason with the question to be asked byme ;)
  3. Won't win but surely want the blog to be pinned and spread some knowledge and help imam ajtf anyway all the best to everyone
  4. Exactly we shias follow Islam true Islam not shia Islam Yeah The best way To tribute ahlulbait as is to work on their path and teachings and spend life in correct way But brother as I said before we just assume thing How can u assume That a person who performs such forms of azadari doesn't lives his or her life on the path of imams as and prophets as Why do u Think he might only pay tribute by azadari and nothing else ? Its sad to see such Assumptions Shias who Believe in imamat in gaibat still Feel that A person would get affected of hepatitis and infection by the zanjeer of Azadar while doing azadari sad And other assuming such Things Brother Honestly speaking I watch people around me (shias ) who perform azadari in all forms and rest other 11 months spend life to spread ri8 path Islam prophet Pbuh teachings imams as life and pay tribute to imam as by following ahlulbait as and work to early appearance of imam Ajtf and make their life worthy
  5. Last night was too tired So slept but while sleeping one really good incident strikes my mind I hope it help all of us to justify matam Dari In the era of Saddam's power and rule in Iran and Iraq shia their faced really good problems and weren't allowed to do azadari and ziarat properly But in that era as well ppl witnessed a group if ppl every ashura use to come from somewhere doing matam so loudly with Nara's no body could judge where did they come from on the roads their no official s could stop them them in any manner the group use to go in harams and shrines their was all voice of their matam in air aloud After which nobody knew where did they go where did they disappear Can someone put some light to this What would we can conclude from this Does this miracle justify anything I really don't know its open for interpretations like our all acts are Let's see our shias interpret angels azadari his well ... A second incident about yamen wars 2 years back I.e last to last moharram when on ashura and 10 days they were not allowed to gather and cry and do matam Every day and every year in all that situations they use to gather at one place before majlis and matam they use to lighten a candle in the name of imam e zamana ajtf and pray for security And use to do majlis matam loudly U know what the officials standing downstairs could not even hear any noise or voice of anybody crying or doing matam My cousins tale me all this after they got evacuated from Yemen a yar back Truly justifies imam e zamans ajtf Hadees He ajtf says indeed he us the cause if security for us just like how the sky is a course of security for stars Well this justifies matam and every form of azadari to me I hope this helps our shia brothers and sisters too Hum apana kaam karey azadari nibhana or failana or azadari bachana or badhana unka ajtf kaam hai Jo gaibat me hai
  6. M sister not brother :] And justification ..honestly am not that knowledgeable I just use my logics and what ever I hear But honesty I have a question why is there always justification required for our acts related to Our faith We shias always Have been asked to justify ourselves not only by outsider's but also our brother s and sisters in faith who follow same path same religion Brother I feel love is an emotion that has no justifications The truth and reasoning lies only beTween being who love So This shld be between us and Bibi sa ,us and ahlulbait as ,us and imam as We mourn and give condolence to bibi sa she is there to see intentions behind matam she will accept it or reject it either ways 3 party has nothing yo do with it ri8 Why aren't we ,our beliefs and actions always open for Interpretation and interrogation Do we mourn for world or to give condolences to mother of world sa ? And ty for describing rodali
  7. Sunnis like to object on only our beliefs our love for ahlulbait as and our acts They basically have no problem with all wahabis do The reason is simple they can't go against Saudi and powerful wahabis but shia are easy and soft target for ppl There are Sunnis who also support shias and condemn wahabis But the one who object our beliefs I mean shia beliefs find probably no problem with wahabism
  8. Yes it happens I agree its ones flaw We all know no body is flawless And brother carrying forward these acts and majlisis is only our aim Don't u know bibi sa dua and prophets answer Don't worry fatema sa their will be a qawm created by Allah who will just cry for ur son as who will mourn for it son How can a shia think that azadari will disappear as the day passes and year goes M sorry If m getting u wrong but this is what I understood from ur words
  9. They memorize it we simply understand and follow the ri8 meanings At the end of the day without Ali as and mehdi as no haffiz will go to jannah Tell him keep the money if he thinks it will help him Coz on the day of judgement when Quran will curse on him for betting over holy book nothing will help him I.a Ameen
  10. Yeah am an Indian but I haven't ever heard this word listening to it first time BTW plz tell me what it is?
  11. Brother A dead child never asked parents to cry aloud and beat themselves after his death at his funeral Such acts Comes out of pain from inside automatically And when 18 yr old yng son die no body asks his mother why is she breathing her head her body why is she hurting her ownself did her child asked her to do so ? Brother we just assume that if a person is beating herself or himself so the reason is she just wishes to follow the culture and what's been happening since years How do we know her intentions? She might be doing out of pain That beating might come out automatically imagining the musibat of maula as in his love ? Azadari and all parts of azadary :if we say they are not religion fair enough I can understand but they ain't even culture and tradition Azadari in any form is just pure love and pain for ahlulbait
  12. Such organisations doesn't exist in India either U make a bit sense to me But I reacted on what a brother said that shias run such organisations and carry out such activity but now I see I found no such things in a way it might be possible what u say but how does it shows that doing tatbir is something like u don't follow imam as and prophet (pbuh and his progeny) Offcrse if one leaves prophet and imam's goes astray but tatbir is performing tatbir an act which shiwsvthat one doesn't follow imam as and ayyimaye masoomeen as Need more opinions on this ...
  13. Well I haven't ever posted in thoughts thread trying it out first time as far as I understood its just about posting a thought ri8 For now only thought running in my mind is why didn't I win coolest screen name tittle:(
  14. votes done winner declared but sad part is no body counted me I got 0 votes thats sad i feel like crying i wont talk to anybody
  15. Ri8 Surah nisa ayat 59 From Ya ayyuhal lazina.......... Minkum "Obey Allah,obey his messenger sww and those with authority among him" This authority among him are ahlulbait as Ulul amre minkum-12 imams
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