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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I've heard of it but I don't know where to buy it and I can't read Arabic.
  2. Bismillahir arahman ir rahim Salamu alaikum! Someone asked me today what is the purpose of the Mahdi tearing out the cursed ones from the Prophet's Grave and I'm not sure how to answer that. any ideas? Is it to be an example or is there something to it that I'm not getting??
  3. Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu Alaikum I am having a hard time finding my usual duas for ashura and Muharram. one is for Ashura but another is to be said for 40 mornings and I don’t remember the name. Help please? Shukran.
  4. Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu Alaikum! I live in AK and there is no Shi'a masjid or community center that I can go to for Prayer times or charts, or what have you. My husband is able to look at the sun and moon and tell times but I am not. Does anyone know of a good site to calculate it? or should I stick to websites that tell you the direction of the sun?
  5. Salamu Alaikum! I just bought my first Qur'an and I'm not sure where to store it. Someone said not in the room that you sleep in. The only rooms that people don't sleep in is the garage, but then it's not accessible. Shukran.
  6. Thank you for the input. We are still having earthquakes. We have had over 1000 earthquakes since Friday. A lot of us are still nervous and anxious. I have been trying to recite as much as possible.
  7. Thank you. It was so scary. The only thing I remembered was Ya Ali. I made my daughter say it. It stopped my kids from saying much doomy things while driving in the aftermath.
  8. Salamu Alaikum! I live in AK and we just had 2 big earthquakes. It's a state emergency. My husband says it's the coming of the Mahdi. We're already at home now. Roads are dangerous right now. Are there any Duas I can make for the earthquakes? Shukran.
  9. Why are the Shi'a being prevented from observing this month? Sorry for my ignorance
  10. i have no mosque that I can go to. only sunnis and Salafis here
  11. I live in Alaska. There is no Shi'a center here. Also, many muslims here pray according to Mecca time, not the city we actually live in.
  12. Bismillah ir Arahman ir Rahim Salamu Alaikum! I am confused about Prayer times. Do I observe it by eye, or stick to prayer schedule? Its very confusing to me. Another muslim that I know of, taught me tell the prayer times using a website that can tell you the degree of the sun's location in the sky. ***Note*** I live in Alaska - the land of the midnight sun. So in the summer, -2degrees, the sun has been down quite a bit. But in the winter time, its somewhat an accurate estimate. I am just very confused by it all. Shukran.
  13. when I read that, it reminded me of how the name of 'Ali (a.s.) was cursed on the pulpit. But now, with all the protests of al-Baqee destruction, the ayat also reminds me of that a lot.
  14. Wasn't Imam Ali's (as) ruined in the masjids?
  15. Oh ok. So what was Ishaq's roles of duties?
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