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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, congratulations on completing your degree! I'm a student too and have been studying at Birmingham University for the past 3 years. The nearest masjid/imambargah to you (in the B12 zone) is the KSIMC khoja mosque on clifton road in Balsall Heath. That's the one that most Shia university students attend because of the English-language programmes. I tend to visit the larger and more malang-style masjid in Small Heath - the Hussainia on Herbert Road - that does a majlis and niaz programme every Thursday evening, although this is usually in Urdu. Additionally I think there is an Iraqi centre, possibly two, in the Highgate area near the main central mosque, and an Iranian centre somewhere in the city as well, where they do programmes in Arabic and Farsi respectively, although I'm not sure because I've never been to them.
  2. If you send your fiqhi questions to Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani at his website, I've found that his representative replies dramatically more quickly than Ayatollah Sistani (we're talking 24 hours typically, as opposed to a month for Ayatollah Sistani).
  3. I don't understand why people keep asking this, not just on this site but even on other Islamic sites I've visited; why on Earth would somebody even want to do that? If you can manage to not eat or drink anything for the whole day (around 18 hours in the United Kingdom) in the summer heat for 30 days consecutively , surely you can take 15-20 minutes each day to pray? It would make more sense, from a purely easiness perspective, to do your prayers and not fast (not that I'm endorsing that either obviously), but I've never seen anyone asking about that. I just don't understand the logic here. If iman was like a house, fasting without prayer would be like spending all day fitting perfectly insulated windows and then leaving the front door open. It's illogical.
  4. I'm no expert but this sounds to me like something the Ismailis would say (about the Imam needing to be the eldest). Are you sure this hadith is sahih; there are many ahadith of questionable authenticity in the books. Imam al-Hussain (as) was not the eldest son of his father, nor was Imam Musa al-Kadhim (as).
  5. Salaam, I know what you mean about wanting to make dua to only Allah; however do not believe the slogans of tawhid coming from the mouths of the Saudi Wahhabis. They believe that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has a body like a human. They believe God moves up and down in the sky at certain times of the year; bin Baz, who effectively is a marja-type figure for them, famously suggested that Allah does "jogging". Please search this and you will find it on Sunni websites if you no longer trust Shi'a ones. Even orthodox traditional Sunnis who follow the four schools and reject these 18th century Saudi bid'ahs have some elements of this belief, like their belief that they will see what God looks like on the day of judgement. For God to look "like" anything is the definition of shirk. The only school of Islam that insists that God is formless, limitless and beyond any comparison is the Shi'a.
  6. Are you sure he lives in London? It says on his Wikipedia page he teaches in Qom and one of the brothers earlier in the thread mentioned how the Islamic Republic allows him to preach in Iran. This is Sadeq Shirazi we are talking about, not Mujtaba Shirazi.
  7. I am not Shirazi, nor am I anti-Iran but someone please answer this question. If Sayyid Sadeq Shirazi is linked to MI6 or paid by the UK to spread fitna and people are certain of that, why has the Islamic Republic not arrested him? Why would they let him preach freely if they knew he was the agent of an enemy country? Would any government do that? It's so frustrating when supporters of Sunni-Shia unity make such brilliant, eloquent and logical arguments against the extremism of figures like Yasser Habib but then insist on throwing in a "British agent" conspiracy theory at the end that they can provide zero evidence for, thus damaging their credibility as a whole.
  8. I don't usually post much but the number of threads accusing scholars of deviancy because they said something slightly mystical and malang disturbs me. Especially when they likely come from a Wahhabi source. The fact that Salafism reacts so badly to these sort of things is the reason why violent extremism stems from their sect. We should be proud of being more tolerant than them and leave the judgement to Allah. Even if it were absolutely proven (Allah forbid) the scholar in the video was an accursed ghali, compare the threat of a tiny minority of self-styled Shias spreading ghulati views with the global threat of violent Wahhabi Takfiris who have destroyed the image of Islam in the world and murdered millions of innocent people. Bearing in mind most of these videos about "Shia idolatry" are made by sympathisers of the latter movement. I can see why people get so angry about ghulat bearing in mind the views of our Imams (as) towards them, but I think we should keep things in perspective.
  9. http://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01231/ According to Sayyid Sistani, you have to pray zuhr as well if you are planning to perform jummah with Sunnis.
  10. Salaam, yeah that's how I've always done it. It's recommended that you don't stretch your legs either until you've finished the tasbih (as in move about or trying to get comfortable). As for after every nafilah, I'm not sure. Probably not after every two rakats, I would have thought. Definitely after obligatory prayers it's heavily recommended.
  11. I'm sorry but do you actually think this video is genuine? Why is the "Shia priest" dressed like one of your Salafi clerics (ironically)? And why is there no footage? Anyone can stick a generic (badly photoshopped) picture of a random mufti over an audio recording of themselves saying something that sounds like shirk. This proves nothing about Shia aqeedah, it only proves there are some gullible people out there who fall for this stuff.
  12. @inocence @E.L King @AliMohammed Can you not say "La'anallaho qatalatal a'immatal ma'soomeen" to mean the same? I'm certain I've seen this written before somewhere.
  13. The irony in SAUDI ARABIA accusing SHIA of wanting to destroy a holy site, bearing in mind Saudis have repeatedly inclined towards destroying the green dome in Madinah, they set the grave of the mother of the Prophet (sa) on fire with petrol and turned the house of Sayyidah Khadijah (sa) into a public toilet! Yet where was the frothing outrage from global Salafists then? Saudi Arabia is a country with such a far-reaching, insidious global influence that the very few who dare stand up to them are immediately set upon viciously by the whole Middle East, the US and even the UN. Don't believe the lies, Yemen is fighting for its freedom.
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