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  1. Gotham !! beauty, getting smooth even more..!!
  2. In addition to @Ralvi and @ali_fatheroforphans list Thats so Raven Alpha,Bravo,Charlie Neelam ghar Mickey mouse All Disney movies Lovely days!!
  3. They won't give a word if they did so.. But he had to say something in order to make himself clear about those thing he said about Indian media whether it's true or not!!
  4. But aren't they supposed to respect after that peace gesture??
  5. https://www.dawn.com/news/1467184/2-soldiers-martyred-in-Indian-firing-across-loc-2-civilians-dead-3-others-injured Seriously??? It hasn't been even 24 hours since the release of IAF officer!!
  6. Zabardast!! Nothing can be better than this.. Make you mother believe that whatever she wants, you are standing next to her, protecting her!! May Allah bless you people with the best!!
  7. Regarding this attack at so called JeM camp!! What proof India have that there is a connection with Pakistan..??
  8. Take your mother somewhere temporarily if you can't move with her permanent!! Think for a solution meanwhile.. Your mother will have a peace of mind so she can decide what she want for herself!!
  9. Living in Pakistan?? What's your age??
  10. There is no permanent solution between India and Pakistan!! There exist a 70% chance if Kashmir gets a way out, And exactly that is not possible..not in near decades!! (Hope for a Miracle)
  11. To escalate one wants a proof that the other party is the guilty one!! India is not providing the proof.. Not even a hint of a photograph, do you really think that Indian Nation is that blind?? Especially with a man who is ruling them for years. If that's the case than....
  12. Modi won't get the full support until IK runs in the war too... If IK is standing against the war, clearly people will see the dirty side!! How can one support the massive destructive plan when the other party is pleading to peace!!
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