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  1. SALAAMAULAYKUM EVERYONE Alhamdolilah My "Disability" is a blessing in disguise. This is one of the most noblest gift I have ever received from Allah, as it helps me to eliminate superficial people around me and has helped me in many other ways like my faith is much more strong than it was before. I have this question in my mind and needed a specific platform and this is the one . I request all my brothers and sisters explain this thing to me--- why people , generally and as well in our Muslim community are superficial when it comes to marrying a disabled person ? I am a mono limb below knee amputee, I use a prosthetic (one of the best in the world and made in germany) and it's hardly discernible while walking in my gait. I live in US, go out on hill trekking, can do skydiving all by myself . I had a strong relationship long ago but she and her parents walked away, though initially the girl was willing to, but you can imagine a situation like when you are offered an iphone 7s then why would you go for a Nokia phone (I apologize for explaining a situation with a slightly blunt example ). There is a famous incident about "Julaybib", one of the companions of our Prophet (Peace be upon him)..People should learn from this incident. And I came to know it's haram in islam to have a boyfriend or girlfriend kind of relationships. But for people like us going for an arrange marraige { you can imagine the situation}. It's like similar to a chimera . Lol, it's not about becoming a fanatic lover and moving on. My disability has evolved me a lot and fostered my faith in a positive way...HOW??...Look Initially when I was with her I used to sing and play guitar and after she left. I left singing and playing guitar and started reading Quran that too with translation, moved towards a state of apotheosis. Look it was good thing for me, not to worry about that. What I am going to ask is completely different . I mean people are like to disabled person saying "Oh, you are a motivation and inspiration for us all " and they often ask " how come you are able keep that smile on your face instead of all these tribulations you are facing in your life ". I feel like saying to them " These things which you are stating as tribulations, trials or ordeals are not something that we should be sad about it all day instead, they are blessing from our God ". {Allah doesn't burden a soul that it can bear - Quran 2:286 }. I mean look how Allah consider an individual person and test him or her with disability. I mean like he considered us to be so strong that he has put us to test throughout our life and still people look down at us when it comes to marriage. Please don't look down towards someone with disability when it comes to marriage. What's the choas all about and why people in our muslim community are like this in this specific situation, when they know everything that people with disabilities are very close to Allah ? Thanks and salamaulaykum once again
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