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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, I am currently learning Arabic full time and should be able to read fluently by the time I am done my program inshallah. How can I get a hold of any Hawza students here? Any idea? Let me know, thank you. Wa Salaam
  2. Salaam Alykum, About me: I am single male 28 years old turning 29 this year from Canada originally Arab; currently entering my 2nd year into my College program (3 year program). The plan and goal: I plan to go to Qom, Iran for Hawza after I have finished my program inshallah. I am currently doing Hawza online to prepare me for studies there. My goal is to apply before I complete my program so by the time I finish my program the application will be done inshallah. (This would not be the case if they let me enter after 30 years of age). My questions: - What is the age limit? I have read somewhere online it said 30 years old but it said for Indian students which I am not. If this is true I worry I will be too old to enter and this has been a goal of mine to go for years. - Do I have to go to Iran to do my application? Or even later to do any assessments? If so what is that process like? - I entered College as mature student as I have not completed high-school due to health reasons but nonetheless I entered college alhamdillah. I say that to say I don't have any education background completed yet but I am in the process of obtaining my diploma. On the application can I mention this? How would this effect my application? Things to note: I have good rational reasons to go to Qom so I am not looking for suggestions to go elsewhere I've thought this through. I have watched online videos and also read blogs of life in Qom and have an idea of how life is there. There are no burdens if I leave Canada to live there alhamdillah. Conclusion: I want someone with connections in Qom Hawza or is a current/previous Hawza student to please assist me with my process or give me suggestions on how to best apply with all my background info put into consideration. I apologize for the lengthy post, it would mean the world to me if anyone can help, thank you.
  3. Salaam 3lykoum, thank you for your reply. To Ibn-al-Hussain I know of al-kafi and if I'm not mistaken it is our most reliable book for hadith. I chose not to buy it until I have the ability to determine what is reliable and what is not as you have mentioned. So this was what I was trying to get at, is there a book to teach me the ability to know the reliability of hadith? I can make time to learn & I'd buy the translated version just so you know. It'd be very helpful for me to learn the science of hadith. So please get back or anyone else as well who can help me achieve this goal, thank you.
  4. Salaam alaykoum brothers/sisters I have a question regarding ahadith. First I'd like to know if its okay for me to look into ahadith or are there prerequisites? To clarify what I mean, from my knowledge there is a science to it; there are some we can take and others we can not. With this said, could I learn this on my own or is this something one must get into Hawza for, to understand or it's something that takes lets say years to become learnt in it. If its just a matter of reading a book to understand then if anyone could reference that book that would be great but if its more than that I'd like it if you could explain, thank you. I apologise if this has already been asked in another post :).
  5. Note that I did e-mail a website who help free modern day slaves & here's my question I sent "Upon reviewing the site I was unsure if I sign up to take action would I be freeing a slave with the money I donate or "help" free a slave? Please clear that up and let me know thank you." This was their reply: "It's hard for us to give a dollar amount on the cost of freeing a slave. We at Free the Slaves realize that every situation of enslavement has multiple dimensions - for example, the actual rescue of someone enslaved can be simple and not include tremendous resources to effect, but others are more intricate and require multiple people, transportation and outreach/coordination with local authorities, so there is not a single or average price for rescue Also, FTS knows that rescue is only part of the equation. Because our programs also want to keep people out of slavery, we work on reintegrating them back into the mainstream and preventing slavery from taking hold in entire communities. This can mean providing access to accelerated education, trauma support, livelihood training, healthcare, etc. Again, because every single village facing slavery has a unique set of challenges and services we provide, there is no average cost. What we know is this: our budget each year is approximately $3M. For that, we serve tens of thousands of individuals, both in rescue, reintegration, and prevention. " I want us to look into this part of ruling(fiqh) in depth. It's part of the kaffara for owing days but does not explain how 1 should go about it. Please if anyone can answer my original question that would help a lot. I provided more info with the e-mail I sent for your consideration.
  6. Salaam 3laykoum brothers/sisters I want to know regarding the ruling of freeing a slave if owed days for fasting. How can one free a slave? Could I for example "help" free a slave, is this considered the same as freeing a slave? I am aware there is other ways of paying for missed days but I always wanted to know how one can free a slave. I know there are sites that claim to free slaves asking for donations for example to assist in doing so. Could I donate to these sites and that count for my missed day? I hope I made my question clear.
  7. Well said and to the brother that posted really reflect on these points he made. Imam Ali (AS) said, "Doubt is the product of ignorance" (Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 725) Go back and fully understand the topic of Mutah do research ask the right questions and disregard those who abuse it you find that in every faith, sports, politics etc. Remember you are a slave of Allah and a servant of the Ahuyl Bayt for Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said: "There is a group of people who claim that I am their Imam, but by Allah, I am no Imam of theirs - may Allah curse them - every time I conceal a secret, they disclose it. Every-time I explain a matter, they retort, saying, "Actually that means such and such.", "I am only the Imam of those who obey me."(Ibid v.2,p80, no.76)
  8. Salaam 3laykoum brothers/sisters I am writing in regards of a Christian brother I recently met who is open to learning on Islam. As I had mentioned I just met him and we discussed many things online overall i'd say there is potential he may revert. His parents never really preached religion to him as he explained and says now that he is older he is curious about life and wants to know more. I had explained that he would not have to abandon any of his beliefs and that he would only continue to believe since Islam is the final religion. I told him and showed him lectures on Jesus a.s in Islam and purpose of life etc. He was intrigued though still he seems unsure. This requires patience and good knowledge of Islam and the shia sect. The purpose I am writing and explaining this is because I don't know how to approach this. I do not want to overwhelm him, I don't want to bounce around telling him one thing and then another. What I did so far is show him the similarities but now I don't know where to go from here. He is very interested in seeing how everything is connected in terms of faith and its history from Christianity to Judaism to Islam and so on. I need feedback so I can go back and provide him with the information he may look into and reflect, thank you.
  9. We'll said brother, I appreciate your feedback may Allah bless you in all your affairs and to us all.
  10. Thanks for the help but I don't understand lol I am learning Arabic I'm at the point where I can read though I'm slow but can't under the contexts. You might now understand why Im confused on this subject.
  11. Salaam 3laykoum I have searched for salat for repentance and istigfar I have noticed something most are on specific days so my question is this must they be performed on those days? What if someone did a sin and wants to ask for forgiveness for example he/she must wait till those days? Now some aren't on specific days but require some surahs I haven't memorised for whatever reason like surah zilzaal for example in this case in salat Isteghfar where I dont know the required surah what should I do? I need to know this as I'd like to cleanse my soul. Peace
  12. Dear brothers/sisters I am saddened at the current state of my community and hope to God this not occurring in other communities as well. Nowadays its like people don't listen unless I sing or dance for them in order to grab their attention. Its like I got to be some really hansom, poetic, popular guy to be taken serious or even be listened to. To me being a shia is like a brotherhood unfortunately I do not get that feel these days. When I see a brother it should be automatically be love between us rather than given a cold shoulder. It should be I go out of my way to help, advise and care for my brother. Times are changing indeed and it hurts me to see how we are treating one another. Some of you may think this brother is ranting or not being humble but look thats non-sense these people need to be put on the spot. I will give a few examples, you have cases brothers extort another brother who just came from another country rather than pay him like everyone else or treat him fairly. You have brothers constantly criticising how Muslim women are dressing...some of them don't even have sisters and feel its okay to. I will tell you it is not okay to judge, its not okay to accept it nor is it okay to ignore it. All you can do is pray for them and show Allah you are concerned if you truly are though I doubt it because you would not sit there and judge otherwise. This disgusts me big time on so many levels. Some brothers mashallah for them are on the same level as our maraj3 and feel they can sit there with I heard this and that talk. They gossip on how this marja3 cant be seen, or how he spends his money, the rulings, and how the followers are this and that. This really angers me, these people dedicate their life to study respect them, trust them they know things we don't. Of course if you disagree with a ruling or whatever else don't follow him khalas follow another marj3a it is your right just don't speak ill on the next one or the one before him. They have done so much and sacrificed so much for us so there is no excuse 0 for anyone to speak ill on them. I want to mention something common happening nowadays its these physiological issues people claim to have. I say claim because it is not real issues that our faith cant heal if they had only looked for guidance or reflected. There is a cure to all these issues. Now some really do have serious mental issues that's a exception. What I am referring to is depression, anger, loneliness etc. Dear brothers/sisters you see why we need to show love to one another? Would you honestly think these people would feel this way if we cared for them by giving them attention, being there for them, giving advice to correct them when they are wrong, enlightening them when they are ignorant, financially assisting them when they need etc. Some of you may say well you don't know what its like but I do I'd always turn to Allah, Ahuyl bayt, or be patient let some of these feelings die away or simply reflect. We have better sources and guidance than the average man so its understandable others go through this but us Shia? No way, we are warriors we are the ones who endure oppression but stay strong so be strong if you are going through any of these issues pray make duas tire yourself through these means rather than negative suffering. Something I want to quickly say is sometimes we assume or attack another brother/sister don't ever put a fellow shia on the defence and have them explain themselves even if they are wrong. It is proper to give them the benefit of doubt or tell them in a civilised manner what they did wrong without offending them. Sometimes I know that it may look like something and you are sure they did you wrong but upon confronting them you realise there was a third party who instigated the situation. So you see even if it looks like something you must confront in a way that that doesn't corner them or make them leave with a bad impression of you. Remember you are not really you, you are a agent of the Imams, a slave of Allah and so must act accordingly. Last thing I want to mention is this I know no one is perfect neither am I but the difference is I don't accept my flaws I try to change and I try my best not to let my problems effect others and so should we all. Now I am not saying be like me lol but we can all learn from one another and so I hope some of the things I said opened some eyes. Attend to your stations and pray, make duas there is nothing Allah can not provide just ask.
  13. Salaam 3laykoum I had this issue in the past and was actually known to be a angry guy lol. The smallest things were enough to anger me but now I will give advice based on experience and what our Imam A.S have to say. It is proper I start with the advice of our Imams and so here it is Imam Ali (a) said: “Protect yourself from anger for its beginning is insanity and its end is remorse.” [Al-Amidi, Gharar ul-Hikam wa darar ul-Kalim Imam al‑Baqir (a) said: “..Indeed, this anger is a spark lit by Satan in the heart of the son of Adam..” [Al‑Kulayni, al‑Kafi, vol. 2, p. 304, hadith # 12 Below is a interesting passage from a book written by a shia scholar. "Anger is a psychological state that results from inner agitation and desire for revenge. And when this agitation becomes more violent, it intensifies the fire of anger. A violent commotion engulfs ones brain on account of which the mind and the intellect lose control and become powerless. At that time, the inner state of a person resembles a cave where fire has broken out, filling it with flames and suffocating clouds of smoke that leap out of its mouth with intense heat and a fiery howl. When that happens, it becomes extremely difficult to pacify such a person and to extinguish the fire of his wrath; whatever is thrown in it to cool it down becomes a part of it, adding to its intensity. It is for this reason that such a person becomes blind and deaf to guidance and good etiquette. In such a condition, all such efforts as counsel, advice, and exhortation fail to appease the person." Now my advice is this when I use to get angry I would remain silent so no damage is done outside. As I use to do this I'd find the root as to why i'm angry it was hard because as I would try the voices in my head were louder than the rational self. I would curse inside my head or think violent thoughts. I kept pushing myself to find what the problem was now if I knew what the problem was I'd think if it was worth all the negative energy I was feeling and worth thinking these crazy thoughts. Of course it wasn't worth it, next thing was how can I solve it? If I cant, how can I change my attitude towards it? Did I communicate properly to settle an issue? Ask yourself these things before you ignite the fire inside you. Think of death as well or think about how Shaytan is using you and making a fool of you and ultimately don't forget the advice of the Imams. The mind tends to make things worse you know yourself better than anyone. Do not let yourself lose control in this dunya due to anger. There is so much things that get me angry believe me but I pay no mind to them with exceptions...You have goals, duties and a family attend to them even if they are the cause Allah is above you and with you alongside the Ahuyl Bait be a reflection of their character. Peace
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