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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Subhanallah after years of debate, a messiah has been born, called "Mohammed Hijab" who made a video to refute Shiism once and for all. You need to stop relying on these "dawah" celebrities who have no formal education. If you cared that much you would have prepared a word document to address the points which made you "wow". It's understandable because we've all watched Muhammad Hijab's previous videos and yeah all of them were pure nonsense and a waste of our efforts. If you want a reply, prepare a document. Otherwise, take care!
  2. Yeah I remember you joined shiachat around the same time as me lol. I also remember how you said you'll be leaving the site from memory. Do you remember me?
  3. Instead of expecting us to watch that nonsense video, why don't you prepare a word document and write out all the points which made you "wow" and "clap". It's impractical to expect us to watch a video which is so long. Once you prepare a word document with all the points, you can share it with a knowledgeable person who can provide you with all the answers. Simple.
  4. I think the whole hyde park crew are full of nonsense to be honest, their arguments are the same. "Show me where in Qur'an does it say imamah blah blah blaah". I'm actually done with those guys, don't know who they think they are? Google sheikhs? Choosing not to argue and give attention to those attention seeking people, doesn't mean we have no argument. I love your logic man. Love how you had to clarify. It's like you feel you are here to attack. You can wait as long as you want. Just remember silence is the best reply to an ignorant fool.
  5. Today this middle aged women (early thirties) was crying in the bus. I walked in the bus and sat at the back, and she was sitting two rows in front of me. Not a single person bothered to console her. People were casually on their phones as if their world was more important than hers. I approached her and asked her why she's upset and crying, turns out her niece was in a critical state. It was honestly so sad when I asked her, as her mouth was shaking and she was crying. But simply asking her that one question "is everything okay?" gave her so much comfort, I could sense it. Eventually she got off after a few stops and waved at me. Just a short message which I hope we all take from this. Don't be so isolated from the world, and always be in your own head. Talk to people, smile, be it even with strangers. You never know how you'll make someone's day.
  6. So you just tagged me because of this comment lol?
  7. Just because fiqh allows something it shouldn't be our end goal. I think mut'ah should be the last option and it shouldn't be an easy way out. I'm not denying the fact that it's perfectly halal. However there are way more benefits if permanent marriage is our end goal. We should be prepared to face worldly consequences if we think about doing mut'ah with 10 different women and casually sleeping around. It will affect our marriage lives and we'll find less satisfaction (this is justified by science) being with our future partner.
  8. Imam Mahdi Online Hawza is pretty good, and it's free. The teachers are great too. Also there is a unit on ahkam where they use Sayed Sadiq Al Shirazi's book.
  9. You know what? Who cares about them! I don't think they even deserve anyone's attention. They're nothing but google sheikhs who are arrogant. There's this Urdu saying which may sound a bit harsh but needs to be out there "in logo kay moo kay aagay koi ghass bi nai dalay ga"
  10. I think there's defs a lot of pakis in this site.
  11. I mean technically children can't sin, so they aren't tested in this world. We are only held accountable for our actions when we reach the age of puberty.
  12. Salam, I know you've probably been through a lot and have had experiences which made you think this way. This is the reality of life that everything won't be two-sided. You could love someone so much and care for them, but there is no guarantee that they'll love you back and care for you. I know it must hurt for you to genuinely consider someone your friend, and then find out how they betrayed and used you. In my view, continue to be the same genuine person. It's nice to hear that you value friendships and want to just be out there for someone. The world really needs more people like you. However, you need to mentally prepare yourself for all kinds of people. It's not in your control if someone doesn't value your friendship or love you back. You will need to move on and just find better people who deserve you. Trust me, you being this way will touch people one day. Those who are just like you will love you for who you are.
  13. Salam, I have always wondered whether people who die before the age of puberty get tested. I know how most people will say that they are innocent and will automatically be put into Jannah. However, I asked this question to a scholar and he said that everyone will be tested. These people who die young will go through a test before the day of judgement. I am not entirely sure if this opinion is correct and want some knowledgeable members to confirm it.
  14. Nah man it has to come from the heart. It doesn't mean anything.
  15. I've changed my mind now. @2Timeless is actually funny lol.
  16. That mullah who looked like George Bush?
  17. @AStruggler with his funny and cringe poems. @King don't know what about him, just his presence makes me laugh.
  18. Salam, Is there any Shiachat user whose humour you admire? Like someone who makes you laugh and is absolutely hilarious?
  19. Yeah I agree with you! If we just read the duas of Imam Sajjad (عليه السلام), we'll notice how much humility he had even though he's infallible. It's amazing how little good we've done and we walk with egos the size of mountains. "I pray You, O my Chief, with a tongue muted by its sins." - Dua Abu Hamza Imam Sajjad (عليه السلام) uttered these words, because he has so much respect for God. Only if we learnt from our Imams (عليه السلام), how little they thought of their good deeds compared to what Allah has given them.
  20. Salam, I know if you talk bad about someone or mention his/her private sins, that's clearly gheeba. However what if a mu'min treated you like trash, and you want to tell this to someone else. Would this be considered gheeba too? Just curious to know.
  21. Yeah man I would love to recite all those poems which you write for me.
  22. Yes even the Qur'an says that Imams (عليه السلام) will be witnesses on the day of judgment. Allah has given them the ability to know our intentions. If someone prays but deep inside he/she only does it to show off, well our Imams(عليه السلام) know that this prayer is not worth anything. How will it be, then, when We bring from every people a witness and bring you as a witness against these? (Sura Nisa 4:41) And thus We have made you a medium (just) nation that you may be the bearers of witness to the people and (that) the Apostle may be a bearer of witness to you. (Sura Baqarah 2:143) Yeah also some of the comments are driving me insane - "There are more benefits than the consequences". Like com'on.
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