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  1. ali_fatheroforphans

    Exaggerated rewards for certain religious acts?

    I may be wrong, this is my own understanding. It's hard to explain this, but hope you understand my point. It's because whatever is sent down to this world is a limited version of that which is in heaven. Every good action we do in this world for the sake of Allah belongs to a higher realm and has its rewards. When we go to barzakh we will see the effect of every good deed we did in this world. There are various rewards and punishments for every action which we won't understand rn.
  2. ali_fatheroforphans

    I feel so tired every morning

    Thanks for the advice guys!! I've actually made changes. I now do everything the night before and it literally made such a massive difference. I iron my clothes, make my lunch (well my mum does) etc. And when I wake up I don't have to worry about any of this
  3. ali_fatheroforphans

    Types of Shiachat users

    You know what? I got that point by thinking about you lol. You're defs the top cool science user.
  4. ali_fatheroforphans

    Maintaining spirituality at work

    Lol kinda reminds me of how I would just make fries instead of burgers when I would work at a fast food restaurant. Not proud of it but yeah eventually got called out for it.
  5. ali_fatheroforphans

    Maintaining spirituality at work

    Lol I wish I had that much time to think.
  6. ali_fatheroforphans

    Maintaining spirituality at work

    Looks like someone's guilty , it's alright I was also very guilty of this when working at a fast food restaurant.
  7. ali_fatheroforphans

    Curious to know. Molest and Abuse

    @Ruqaya101 have you reported that molester?
  8. ali_fatheroforphans

    Maintaining spirituality at work

    Interesting! But I believe once you get the job nothing would put you in difficulty if you refuse to shake hands of the opposite gender.
  9. ali_fatheroforphans

    Curious to know. Molest and Abuse

    I would report the molester to the authorities. It's not only about us, it's about protecting the society at large from these type of people. Anyone who is being abused has the responsibility of reporting these type of perpetrators I don't know if that person you mentioned is in a Western country, coz we should take advantage of the services offered by these countries.
  10. Salam, Work is not an excuse to say bye bye to your spirituality. It's sad how during our youth, we can completely get distracted from our goal main goal in life - to attain nearness to Allah. Many Muslims will go to work with pure intentions but sometimes the environment can subconsciously affect them. There are many things in a typical office job which should make you feel very cautious. (1) Unnecessary chatting with the opposite gender. At work no one will care whether you're a practicing Muslim or not, those of the opposite gender will defs open up to you at some point. You have to be strong and to not let things escalate, regardless of whether you're into someone or not. If you have a female/male colleague who sits next to you, only talk work related stuff with them, don't feel the need to always talk about everything, like "how is your cat?" etc. (2) Say no to work parties and dinners Gosh you won't believe how many Shias who go to the majlis of Imam Hussein (as) are totally okay with work parties (even Christmas ones) where there is free mixing, music and alcohol being served. Work dinners should also be a big no if it's in a bar. (3) Pray your Duhr/Asr salah During your lunchbreak, take a few minutes out to pray salah. There is a difference between someone who prays on time vs someone who delays salah. Your spirituality will take a big blow if you say to yourself "for the next 10 years of my life I will always delay my salah". What a sad state to be in! I'd rather leave a job which prevents me to pray my salah on time. (4) Don't waste time at work, take your job seriously given you're being paid. From Sayed Sistani's website: Question: A Muslim works in a non-Muslim country, in a private office, or in a government office, or on contract for a specific project where he is paid by the hour. Is it permissible for him to waste some hours or work negligently or intentionally delay the job? Does he deserve the full wages? Answer: This is not allowed; and if one does it, he is not entitled to full wages (5) Shaking Hands of the opposite gender. Very difficult but defs doable. It's clear in our books of fiqh that we can't shake the hands of the opposite gender. (6) Don't gossip Some people at work can be very shameless as they love to talk bad about other employees. As a mu'min, you have to be very fair and just. Don't let someone's biased opinion affect your view on another employee. Never take part in gossip! I've just listed the points which I came up with, a lot of them are very obvious, but are to be taken very seriously.
  11. ali_fatheroforphans

    Mutah with my western girlfriend

    @Waseem162 Our relationship with Allah doesn't depend on what culture dictates. Let's not follow the example of Christians who abstained from sex because they felt that it brought them closer to God. Mut'ah is allowed at the end of the day, and it's entirely up to the brother. The brother should discuss the contract with his girlfriend beforehand, and make her aware of the pros and cons. This is a legal contract, allowed by the Ahlulaby(as).
  12. ali_fatheroforphans

    What is your goal today?

    To be like this--->
  13. ali_fatheroforphans

    Moving to Iran from western country

    Nah mate don't leave Australia Every land is Karbala.
  14. ali_fatheroforphans

    Taqleed of today's Scholar

    The popular opinion is that you can show your face. I believe Ayatollah Khoei took the position that as an obligatory precaution you also have to cover your face. Regardless it doesn't mean that you stop doing taqleed. At the end of the day, you have to follow a scholar who you believe is the most knowledgeable.
  15. ali_fatheroforphans

    Opening new shia site

    Chill it's not a social site or anything. It's like comparing apples and oranges.