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  1. ali_fatheroforphans

    Masturbation issue

    Also @Islandsandmirrors sorry for bringing up that medical thread and being the reason fot all these arguments, which probably made you feel bad. I really did make a mistake.
  2. ali_fatheroforphans

    Masturbation issue

    Well not sure your call. I don't have anything to add.
  3. ali_fatheroforphans

    Masturbation issue

    Sorry for creating this thread, never knew it was going to explode.
  4. ali_fatheroforphans

    Masturbation issue

    @Bakir I remember a sister posted a thread about some women issues related to vagina, and she literally got so many negative comments for discussing this in front of men. Apparently us men can openly discuss about anything and the whole world will be chill. Sisters shouldn't even come across these sort of threads to start with, it's just a very private issue for men to talk about something which implies that they touch their private parts.
  5. ali_fatheroforphans

    Masturbation issue

    Yeah not going to give a fatwa that it's harram or anything if they have made themselves completely anonymous. But as Muslims regardless we shouldn't create a culture where we make it a very casual thing "I am addicted" etc. There are ways to discuss this.
  6. ali_fatheroforphans

    Masturbation issue

    Firstly, this is a religious forum and we need to know the boundaries. In Islam it's actually harram to publicly expose your sins which were committed in secret. There should be no 'ifs' and 'buts'. If a woman started talking about her private issues, the whole Shiachat would go at her. These kind of issues are very private and personal, and why are some male users given the freedom to discuss it so openly. Secondly, you have so many communities online which aim to provide addicts a platform to speak out and share their struggles. I'm sure other communities will give more insightful answers regarding masturbation addiction. Thirdly, there is a way to discuss these issues, without exposing yourself. Even according to many experts, complaining does no good when it comes to addiction. You'll have members complain here one day, few weeks later, they'll be sucked back into this dark hole. Instead why don't they be more solution oriented and look for genuine advice, rather than say a million times that they masturbate.
  7. ali_fatheroforphans

    Masturbation issue

    Salam, I've noticed a lot of the youth discussing masturbation here, but with a very negative attitude. It's all about complaining as if the women are responsible for their addiction. If these youth fail to plan their life accordingly, then it's their issue. I don't want to make this a thread on how to get rid of masturbation (there's thousands of threads). I want to just let everyone know that complaining is not going to do anything. Also don't publicize this sin in front of the sisters - I'm surprised no one complains (just because it's by a male?). Make changes in your life, get married, find a hobby etc. This is the solution.
  8. ali_fatheroforphans

    Please let me help you

    It truly is a bitter feeling being pushed away when all you want to do is help. Some will refuse to open up in hope that we remain happy. Little do they know that by putting on a blindfold it makes us feel worse.
  9. ali_fatheroforphans

    How long is your hair?

    True true, but it's just something we need to be mindful of I guess. Maybe subconsciously we'll be lenient if a male user posts something like this.
  10. ali_fatheroforphans

    How long is your hair?

    brother this reminds me of that one time I made a thread called 'your lookalike'. Many women contributed to that thread and linked a picture of their female celebrity lookalike. Not a single user spoke out against me, all they did was enjoy the banter. But when @Islandsandmirrors posted this, people are so quick to judge her for some reason, even though she simply stated the length of her hair, and made this thread appropriate. Yeah, I'm not justifying both (maybe it is wrong) but I've noticed a certain trend, if I'm going to be frank and honest. Just letting you know that double standards do exist on this site.
  11. ali_fatheroforphans

    How long is your hair?

    Well the OP only described the length of her hair. If @Islandsandmirrors simply wanted to get feedback or opinions regarding different styles/lengths, then what's the issue? She's doing it for her husband. Don't always be quick to pick out on the negatives.
  12. ali_fatheroforphans

    Night Prayer

    I would recommend praying it before you sleep - you'll still earn the thawab.
  13. ali_fatheroforphans

    Can any Persians translate this latmiya?

    Thanks guys love this latmiya! "[Fatima] your name is the only cure for the wounds of my heart".
  14. ali_fatheroforphans

    How long is your hair?

    My hair is very long from the top to the point that it's now wavy/curly. But it's a number 3 on the sides.
  15. ali_fatheroforphans

    Can any Persians translate this latmiya?

    Salam, Would appreciate if any person who can understand Farsi, is willing to translate this latmiya.