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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Last 7 days in a row whenever I have randomly checked the time in the afternoon, it said 3:13 pm. Happened way to many times....
  2. I'm glad you talked to someone about this, very big win. On behalf of the male population, I apologise.
  3. Salam, A tricky situation for me: I have an upcoming marriage event of my close cousin. Music will be played and potentially not segregated. Will taking noise cancelling headphones with me reduce the harram by any chance? Or attending the event is harram?
  4. Wasalam sister, There are some very knowledgeable sheikhs who are pretty active on Facebook/Instagram. One sheikh who is pretty responsive and gives great answers-Sheikh Zoheir Esmail. If you PM him on facebook, he will respond inshallah. Another great sheikh who will answer your questions on fb - Shakyk Mahdi Rastani. I find him to be pretty responsive and he's knowledgeable too. There is also an app called "Ask Those Who Know". It's an app with a lot of Shia scholars around the world and you can get an answer within a day. Hope that answers your questions.
  5. Stole this quote but goes like this: "The best way to accomplish any goal is to find people who have seen the movie before. "
  6. Walaikum Salam, just came across this post. You haven't posted for decades. Hope you're keeping well inshallah.
  7. Muay Thai Heard it's pretty fun from some of my friends. Will take up some classes.
  8. Anyone can be biased though. It's not a reason to shy away from Non Muslim therapists. Even Muslim ones can perhaps read our situation completely wrong and bring in wrong Islamic theories to judge out problems. It's not that black and white.
  9. Salam, I had an Insta Islamic page with about a thousand follwers like a year ago. If I was to be brutally honest, running these accounts give you a false sense of accomplishment. I feel Islam is being romanticized on these platforms by the average youth. Literally everyone wants to own an Islamic page, all of them do the same thing - post a bunch of weak hadith (without any understanding of the context, chain etc.) And just share your own unqualified opinions on a range of matters. Some accounts go further by posting a few personal pictures. If anything my understanding had been temporar
  10. Islamic Pulse isn't that great. I have just started to realise that some of their videos didn't do much good.
  11. Also some non-Muslim therapists can be way more competent and better than Muslim ones. You don't have to find the one who has the exact same beliefs as you, they are not there to judge your personal choices in life or beliefs.
  12. The Jewish part shouldn't be an issue. But generally it's okay to shop till you find the right therapist. Find one who you really feel comfortable around. I'm saying this cos it's an investment, so decide what's best for you.
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