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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I want to officially say goodbye to everyone on Shiachat. I spent a lot of time here a while back and am grateful to all the mods and site admins who are selflessly helping this site. I feel it's time for me to move forward. I am making this post cos I wanna take the opportunity to say goodbye and express my gratitude. Also I don't wanna disappearand make it seem as if I passed away. Inshallah you all gain all the success in this life. Can one of the admins/mods disable my account? Khudafez everyone, stay safe.
  2. No thanks, cousin marriage can stay. If two cousins happily marriage each other, not a big deal.
  3. Ohh I see, Is there a Shia community near where you live?
  4. This happened to me, except that that friend of mine was a non-Muslim guy. I realised only a few years ago, but yeah I did stop hanging out with him and not just cos of this but also cos his lifestyle started becoming more and more anti-Islamic.
  5. I think both sects should simply be allowed to preach and practice their own beliefs etc. It's simple, we just need to agree to disagree.
  6. Nah I'm the one who makes fun of others who cry.
  7. It would require a lot of time and dedication to become a qualified engineer and an elite scholar at the same time, not saying it's not possible. It's better to master one field but to be good in it. It's also an issue when scholars gain some secular knowledge but we find that they are lacking in terms of their understanding of Islamic literature. I don't think our youth can entirely rely on them as well.
  8. Raise the standard of religious scholarship - we need to produce more scholars like Shaheed Mutahari who can speak on a range of topics. The culture of academic discourse needs to be there. Not every speaker should be given the license to be on the mimbar based on their presentation or public speaking skills. We need to search for true scholars who have an in-depth understanding of Islam. I can say that the youth are more curious than ever and will have many questions. If we fail to raise our standards, the youth will find other intellectuals in the non-Muslim world.
  9. Replace it with something else. You can listen to relaxing nature sounds, Quran, latmiyas (still be careful of the tune).
  10. You've got your whole life ahead of you, so it's good that you feel the need to do something meaningful. Remember that it all starts with a concern, so don't push this feeling away. As men it's natural for us to feel this way, we are supposed to be carrying around bricks and working hard. It's within us to become successful and to take on risks. Don't let this demotivate you, it should actually help you move forward. The worst advice you will ever recieve from someone - is to sit down and do nothing about it. You know yourself better than us, you just need to sit down and come up with a
  11. I'm not married but some obvious ones are - Get rid of compulsive bad habits/addictions. Examples can be addiction to smoking, gambling, pornography, drinking, drugs etc. Any kind of unhealthy addiction, especially if it's harram, is destructive and we'll result a loss of control in our lives. When we don't have control in our lives, we'll always resort to these habits when life gets stressful. The end result is.. destruction. - Spiritual growth is definitely important. Our spouses will complement us but we have to get into the habit of already monitoring ourselves throughout the day
  12. Lol but you're still around "people" in this site. True peace is if we go isolate ourselves in a cave.
  13. Shiachat addiction just like any other addiction is real, it's similar to other online addictions such as instagram, twitter and Facebook. It's only a concern if it gets to the point that the following happens: (1) You're prioritising it over family, professional career, relationships, academics etc. (2) You're so dependant on it, that if you stay away from it, you experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, frustration, sadness etc. (3) It replaces your Shia community in real life and those around you. The online environment can never replace the people around us
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