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  1. ali_fatheroforphans

    Profanity/Vulgar language.

    Sayyid ‘Ali Sistani Question: As-Salaamun ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. A video clip is circulating on social media of a mourning procession on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam al-Jawad (a.s.), and a group of people in the area of al-A‘dhamiyya are seen shouting abuses on ‘Umar and ‘Aisha and others. Is such an act condemned by the highest religious leadership (marji‘iyyat)? Especially since it relates to abusing the religious symbols of our Sunni brethren and this, in turn, will further enflame the fire of blind civil strife among the Iraqi people. Was-salaam. Answer: In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Merciful This behavior is condemned and strongly objectionable, and is against what the Imams of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) has ordered their followers (Shi‘as). Allah is the Guide. Office of As-Sayyid As-Sistani An-Najaf al-Ashraf 2 Dhul Hijjah 1434 (8 October 2013) By the Grand Ayatullah H. Wahid Khurasani Once in his lecture, Ayatullah Husayn Wahid Khurasani, the head of Hawza-e ‘Ilmiyyah of Qum, read a narration from tafsir of Imam Fakhru ’d-Dīn Rãzi in which the name of ‘Umar, the second caliph, had come. The narration had the words, “raziyallahu ‘anhu,” and Ayatullah Wahid Khurasani recited it the way it had occurred in the book. Some from the audience uttered words of insult regarding the caliph. Ayatullah Wahid responded by saying: “Have I not said that in my lecture do not use such words? By the Grand Ayatullah N. Makarim Shirazi “…Recently a pseudo scholar, an ignorant person…has shockingly abused the wives of the Noble Prophet, and has insulted some holy entities of other sects and has accused wives of the Prophet of inappropriate things. “Either this person is in pay [of the enemies] or is foolish and a lunatic; and more ignorant than him are those Wahhabi scholars who use such statements as a basis [for their hatred against us]. This is in spite of the fact that hundreds of Shi‘a scholars have condemned this act but they [the Wahhabis] have accepted the words of this servant [of the enemies]. This shows the illogical attitude of the Wahhabis…. “Our condemnation was publicized in the global Velayat Channel, and we have condemned every kind of insult of the wives of the Prophet. These [Wahhabis] have forgotten that the late Imam [Khumayni] declared Salman Rushdie as an apostate because of the Satanic Verses in which inappropriate things had been attributed to the Prophet’s wives. “We should be careful to make our statements on the basis of proofs and logic, but at the same time, we should not do something that will cause conflict.”
  2. ali_fatheroforphans

    Describe The Poster Above You

    @Laayla's a caring aunty who wishes that the youth tightly hold on to faith. I love her efforts to promote nothing but the truth.
  3. ali_fatheroforphans

    Thoughts 2018

    "By shedding the blood of our beloved (Shaheed Mutahari) our revolution was approved." - Imam Khomeini This statement hits me hard subhanallah!
  4. ali_fatheroforphans

    Na Mehram Interactions

    I sent you a PM.
  5. ali_fatheroforphans

    Being Socially Awkward

    This means - "in my opinion." Lol thanks for asking, I should be more considerate of others. I assume everyone knows what it means.
  6. ali_fatheroforphans

    Fairness in Islam

    Salam, A very insightful article explaining the beauty of fairness. http://islam-today.co.uk/understanding-fairness-in-islam Insaf (fairness) comes from the root word nisf, meaning ‘half’. Insaf, then, has two sides: one is your side and one is the other. To put into context, when there is a disagreement between you and another person, or between your group and another person or group, to be munsif (fair) would be to stand in the middle and look at both sides Justice’ and ‘fairness’ are not the same, though they are closely related. Fairness is a step ahead of justice, as being fair requires one to be just, while being just does not necessarily require one to be fair. How to build a character of fairness? - Being aware of cognitive biases. There are many types of bias, such as confirmation bias, which is when we only listen to information that confirms our preconceptions; the ostrich effect, which is the decision to ignore negative information by burying one’s head in the sand, like an ostrich; and saliency bias, which is when we focus on the most easily recognisable features of a person or concept. - Emptying ourselves by placing the ego aside. Being in control of our emotions and ego allows us not only to see the truth of the opposing side but also to be ready to sacrifice our own interests for the betterment of the other. We become more attentive by being in the present moment, and this allows us to catch the fleeting moment when reality clashes with our biases.
  7. ali_fatheroforphans

    Being Socially Awkward

    Sister if you don't have social anxiety then it's not something you should worry about imo. When you come to uni you'll interact with more people and it will be second nature when it comes to maintaining a conversation with new people. When you go to uni, join clubs and societies, be part of organizing committes, try to socialize more with people. With more exposure you'll defs get better. But keep in mind that you're young rn, and it's harder to gain social skills when you become old, so make most out of the opportunities you have rn.
  8. ali_fatheroforphans

    Na Mehram Interactions

    I spoke to a scholar and I actually asked him this question. The scholar said that there is no problem talking to the opposite gender, it's just that you have to be very careful not to show any kind of affection. Some people who have only studied fiqh might not give the best and the most practical answer. The main point the sheikh emphasized was that a lot of women don't forget certain statements, so be careful with you words. For example, he said never even think of saying "I love you" to any sister if you even have a slight bit of doubt that you may not marry her.
  9. ali_fatheroforphans

    A question to the sisters

    Yeah true, but I'm talking more about creeps, how they actually have creepy tendencies but they may not pay attention to them. Some men act all delusional how it is justified while wearing the garment of religion. Sorry for not being clear, I hope you get what I mean.
  10. ali_fatheroforphans

    A question to the sisters

    Nah I reckon we need more posts like this because it just makes us aware of the creep culture which exists and how some men aren't respectful of our sisters. I just wanted to know if male users wear the garment of religion before asking all personal and weird questions. (You know what I mean yeah?) The problem is that this creep culture isn't discussed a lot. I'm not saying that a lot of men are creeps, but you do find some who just don't know what is appropriate or what isn't.
  11. ali_fatheroforphans

    Thoughts 2018

    Guys can you all make a dua that I ace my final exam tomorrow, it's worth a lot. I am certain that all your duas will prove to be effective inshallah. Thanks!
  12. ali_fatheroforphans


    Honestly I've been seeing these kind of reports for literally decades, "UFO spotted" etc. Sorry for being a party pooper but nah these aren't aliens.
  13. ali_fatheroforphans

    Judging people to Hell or Paradise

    Thanks for correcting me, yeah we should always rely on the mercy of Allah rather than his justice, because very few can escape punishment.
  14. ali_fatheroforphans

    Stats Question

    Lol these seem like year 8 stats problems.
  15. ali_fatheroforphans

    Judging people to Hell or Paradise

    I think it is wrong to condemn a whole sect to hell without even considering the justice of Allah. Unfortunately some radical Shias hold the view that all Sunnis will enter hell regardless.