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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well, I need to tell you that Im sorry if you have misunderstood me. I ended my "letter" apologizing for my English for this reason also. Secondly, where do you see me generalizing my whole community exactly? Im writing ONLY about the people who come in and attack me verbally. The people denying my service usually state that it's because of my hijab. I always smile at them and ask one of my collegues to take over! I even wrote "Denmark is generally a very racist country (I say generally, because I've also met the most amazing people her)". So stop wasting your time covering up for racism, please. Again Im ONLY describing the scum harassing me.
  2. Thank you so much - you are really speaking gold Im so sorry for what happend to your mother - may Allah keep her protected from every bad person and reward her greatly. I do worry about my future children too, but I hope I can use these experiences to become stronger for them.
  3. So what you are basically saying is that it's my own fault what Im experiencing? I have never thought of any of my customers anything bad in any way before they start their verbal attacks against me. NEVER EVER have I been rude to any human being even after getting verbally attacked and called disgusting sexistic names. According to last years polls 50 % of the people living in my area voted extremely right-winged. That means that every second customer I get have negative associations towards muslims in general. Most of these people know to , be polite and keep their opinions to themselves. And I respect that to the fullest. I smile and I chat and I wish every one a wonderful day. But when you come to me and attack me, yes I do think bad of you. How would you feel?
  4. Thank you for that beautiful example and may Allah bless you and your mother for her patience and wonderful example. I hope my story will end up exactly like hers one day. I always stick to my values no matter what, because Ahlulbayt are my role models. Salam
  5. I really keep thinking of that Diamond. It really gives me hope Thank you
  6. Thank you very much - and you are so right. The problem is that I am very shy of nature - I never get angry - I try to smile and move on to another customer but some times it's harsh so I get embarassed and my face turns red - I cant defend myself. Thank you for your beautifull dua <3
  7. Thank you I dont work there anymore - It was only temporary right after I graduated and I was actually asked to stay but I thanked my boss and said no. Im searching for something else now. I doubt the customers will be different though. My collegues was nice enough - but it seemed like they had no idea how to handle such things.
  8. Alsalamu Alaikum Im a 25-year old women born, raised and living in Denmark. I newly graduated and until a couple of month ago worked in a pharmacy in a rural area in Denmark. I started encountering racism (or at least that's when I became aware of it) when I was 16. Every time since then it has been because of my hijab who seems to trigger these ignorant rusty mostly old wrinkly godless people. It got really bad when I started working at the pharmacy and every other day I had to listen to people muttering about me to my collegues, staring at me like Im disgusting, refusing to be helped/served by me and even yelling at me and calling me disgusting and sexistic names regarding my ethnicity and hijab. And every single time - to avoid the drama - I was the one who had to go hide in the back of the pharmacy until the stupid customer was gone. My boss never asked me If I was okay or what happend - I felt like I should just be happy that I could work there and that since the hijab is my choice I should live with the consequences. Only one single time my collegues asked the customer to leave but that was because he was yelling at them too - for having me there of course. I felt terrible and sometimes so scared I would cry. It interferred with my ability to get my work done. I studied 5 years at uni to help people stay alive giving them their stupid medicine and this is what I get. As a result I feel completely demotivated and exhausted, when before graduating I felt I had so much knowledge to give and I could not wait to get out in the big world to show everyone what I learned and what I was capable of. Now I dont even feel like I want to work anymore. Denmark is generally a very racist country (I say generally, because I've also met the most amazing people here), Im tired of reading awefull facebook threads about muslims and islam. I cant breathe anymore. Here we even have politicians encouraging this racist behaviour by being racist themselves. I know Allah swt is with me and that I must be rewarded for my patience, but it just really really hurts. I feel depressed and unsuccesful which is killing me. I catch myself just waiting for the next racist episode to happen when Im outside. Since my parents dont work and have not been subjected to very much racism they dont fully understand the extent of what I experience. I have only one hijabi friend, but she lives in the capitol city where it's much more natural to see muslims. All my other friends are non-hijabis - they dont get it either. Giving up my hijab would be on my dead body. I would never do that and specially not because of some old stupid racist degenerating toads. Im sorry about my bad English - Im too tired to google translate every word. I need advice - not to stop it - because that's impossible - but to deal with it. I thought I could deal with it by feeling sorry for them being so ignorant or by viewing it in a humorous way but I keep getting this lump in my throat and my face blushes every time it happens. I have no one to support me in this.
  9. That's because he converted to sunni islam - in order for him to be the President he had to.
  10. I've ordered a copy in English - didnt arrive yet
  11. You didnt intend on aborting the fetus. You do not know better than those doctors. It was absolutely not your fault. Inshallah you will be blessed with a beatiful baby soon. Dont worry - be happy and healthy because being sad and stressed will not help you get pregnant again.
  12. Definitely introvert here - I feel drained off energy when Im with too many people and have to go many places in a short amount of time.
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