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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thankyou i really dont need this accountedge anymore i Belize te shia way Im gonna start Reading books how do u delete this account? Or how to change name
  2. Salam 1. Why do Sunnis say that Shiism was created by a Jew or by the Persians and how can I prove them wrong? 2. Shias tell me that Sunnis commit shirk how? 3. It feels like Sunnis are putting more attention to Allah and Shias more to imamat how can I get rid of this feeling? 4. The Quran tells us do not ask help from anyone then Allah worship Allah alone and ask alone. So this goes against tawasul and where in the hadiths in the Shiism does it say that we should do taswaul. I remember someone showed This verse that alowed it but I forgot which chapter and verse it was. 5. Do we Belive in evolution? And in wich way? 6. What type of music is haram? 7.imam Khomeinis book I heard it was stuff like put this leg in the bathroom first and stuff like that why and if u go and search on anti majos the channel alot of scholars say thins that are shirk and against the Quran. Thankyou
  3. Salam 1. How do I know if a Hadith is false or not, how do I know how a scholar or marja is correct or not? 2. Where in the Quran does it allow taswaul I think it was called when there are verses that tell us worship Allah alone ask help alone only worship Allah then I'm not asking for help alone can someone explain? 3. Why don't we pay more attention to the prophet and more to imams i feel like sometimes and it feels like Allah is out of the picture what should i from preventing this? 4. Does someone wanna debate about Marjas with me or not debate like answer questions that I have about them and who wants to give me their snap,Instagram, gmail or on Shia chat privately so that I get my questions answered quicker Thankyou I'm really starting to relize the truth Thankyou love y'all
  4. Why do shias pray the way they pray and sunnis three way? Wich way the prophet pray and the imams? and also why do we say different things when we pray
  5. Salam 1. I saw that people were asking imam Reza and connecting to them to their shrines and same with imam Mahdi and not through them to Allah to them isn't this haram? 2. Can someone give me the verse in the Quran that shows that asking through the imams or prophet is not haram 3. People say that imam Mahdi will be the false messiah and the other Mahdi will be the true one how will I know that? 4. Does any Hadith in Shiism tell us ask the imams and how do I know wich Hadith is false and wich one real from our side why should there even be a false Hadith? How many hadiths Rae there? 5. Does Shiism also have made up things like culturally? 6. When the Quran says ask for help alone how can we ask the imams does a Hadith say that? 7. Who wrote the Quran and hadiths and how many years ago? 8. Are we aloud to look at other prophets to learn from also? 9. Is Shia Islam a sect or is Sunni Islam or is Islam the true religion because isn't this makin sects and yes I've asked this before but can someone explain in what way it can not be a sect. 10. The cool thing was I found a video that shows that in the Sunnis hadiths imam ali is the chosen one 11. Do Sunnis or Shias pay more attention to Allah? thankyou
  6. Salam 1. Should we just be like no we only listen to majras even if it go against the religion and the others are in the video
  7. Salam 1. how can he not be telling the truth plz explain and show sources 2. this channel is irritating me are these things true? these are the vids that make me doubt shiism 3. Where are the imams mentioned in the Quran or the caliphs? 4. who agrees I enyojed watching this 5. Can someone give a verse in the Quran that talks about its ok ask through the prophet or imams 6. Do we follow the prophet more or the imams and why? 7. The verse in the Quran that says don't make Islam into different sects but then the prophet says there will be 72 sects that goes to hell 1 to heaven and that's the one that follow me and belives in Allah but we follow the imams also some explanation? thankyou
  8. Salam 1. Give me some good reasons and many as u can why Shiism is the right path 2. What bad things have the Sunnis done I know I already asked this but I didn't get any sources and also what wrong with the religion of Sunnis not what they have done only. 3. Should I listen to scholars even if it goes against the Quran and are all the Hadiths the true ones and how do I know? thankyou
  9. Ok look I want advanced answers and i really really want to be a Shia
  10. Why would i do that I'm trying to become Shia because my questions are advanced or sunni based on your opinion that doesn't mean I'm trying to spread sunnssm
  11. I want more answers some I'm still confused
  12. Salam 1. All sunnis tell me that Shia is made up by Jews or the Persians because the caliphs attacked the Persians how can I explain to them that that's false I can never people my point. 2. Why did Iran want to be Shia who decided that and why? 3. Can someone explain these vids 4. Do we Belive that imam Mahdi is still alive and that he will come with Jesus or alone and why? 5. People say our imam Mahdi is gonna be the anti Christ I mean how? 6. 7.sunnis say we don't follow th e prophet the Quran tells us to follow the prophet and not make any sects so how is Shia or sunni true I still don't get it 8. When was the Quran written and finished 9. Does the Quran mention anything about imamat or dajjal or caliphs? 10. Are all of our hadiths true? 11. There are scholars that say Quran is missguided should I trust them or not? 12. Did imam Ali marry his own daugher is that true? 13. A Shia scholar said it's impossible to ask God something alone that u have to have the imams help is that true? 14. How am i supposed to know if Shia is the right path or sunni can someone give me the sources? 15. Isn't to much attention to the imams then prophet then allahbit should be the opposite. Thankyou
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