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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Can you please edit a pic of him into a vulgour one?
  2. For the people here first of all thanks for your advices. I would like you all to know that my plan is to just threaten the guy. Without proof i cant get to his father. He has just droped an envelope containing the pics in front to my hostel door. I don't know how. So i have no evidence in proving that he is on the wrong side. Related to the caste he is a hindu and in my country as stated earlier people just think that everything that goes wrong is because of the girl whether it be rape or even murder. I am really thankful to you all for those wise advices. The problem is that i can't make you understand my situation properly. As for the one year blackmailer waiting thing. He just thinks that i wont do anything hence whenever he is free he tries. The period between two consecutive tries can be as short as two days or as long as a month. He is doing it to me because once a girl blackmailed him with her. Hence i thought of the idea to do the same. If sorry if I'm wrong. Please pray for me. Jazakallah khair
  3. I'm clean and I know it alongwith my Allah.
  4. I respect your advices but i know him personally and i think i know the solution. The thing is that his father is a police officer and that too in India. No one can do anything to him. Thanks all of you for you advices.
  5. Thanks a lot sister. I'll definitely look into it.
  6. The thing is that he is afraid because of his father. His father if gets to know that his son is doing something that might spoil his reputation he will definitely punish him. My relatives have contacts but i dont want to involve anyone. If i do it'll in turn ruin the reputation of my family. This is because here in india people think only girls do the wrong. If i edit his pic into a vulgour one and send it to him and threatened him of sending the pic to his father. I think he'll leave me alone. Thanks everybody for looking forward.
  7. His father is an Superintendent of Police I dont know any politicians personally. I belong from a reputed family hence i dont want to involve my parents. They a Najibut tarafain Syed. I am a disgrace to them.
  8. His father is a police officer and the police station is under him if i go to the police station it will be me who'll end up in the cell. For 1 year i have been trying to edit his image, i have been praying to Allah to save me from him, i have been trying to run away fron him.
  9. I know sister. Right now its the only thing that can save me from this hell.
  10. As salamunalaikum people. Bismillah hir rahma nir raheem I am a girl of Indian origin. I live in Delhi. I am studying at Delhi University. I live in the hostel. The problem is that I had a friend from the ranks of male. We used to chat(clean chat) and just discuss our problems. 1 year ago he proposed me to be his girlfriend. I refused keeping in mind the laws of sharia. After 2 months he sent me an edited pic of mine. It was a vulgour pic. Then after thinking alot it was clear that he used my profile pic to get the image edited. He almost edited ten pic of mine and sent to me. He also started blackmailing me that if i dont sleep with him he will leak the pics. I have lived in a sense of horror since then. I tried every thing i could. For one year I couldn't sleep properly. Yesterday in a majlis a friend of mine suggested me this site. All I need is someone who can edit pics perfectly so that i can force him to leave me alone or I'll sent the pics to his parents. Kindly help. Jazakallah Khair.
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