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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If men are garbage, then females are the dumpster. . .meaning we go together
  2. Before Jesus existed as a human being he was simply God, YHWH, Elohim etc etc., so he was created via the Holy Spirit dwelling in Mary as a virgin and entering the Earth as any other regular human through birth. So Jesus always existed as God bc Jesus comes from the Holy Spirit and you could say he is God/Holy Spirit incarnated in the Flesh.
  3. So because it is "biased" it is wrong? He showed a chart with evidence that other manuscripts contained the trinity verse WITHOUT needing the Latin translation. We follow the original Greek so that would be a problem for the Catholics. Why would one be a Christian and accept corruptions from Catholic based translations that would hurt HIS OWN religion? Wikipedia is not a reliable source bc anybody can edit something out whereas the source i gave are people who HAD to study their research to prove it belonged there. http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/pages/KJV/early-manuscript-evidence-for-inc
  4. Quran 4:171 - Ya ahla alkitabi lataghloo fee deenikum wala taqooloo AAala Allahiilla alhaqqa innama almaseehu AAeesaibnu maryama rasoolu Allahi wakalimatuhu alqahaila maryama waroohun minhu faaminoo billahiwarusulihi wala taqooloo thalathatun intahookhayran lakum innama Allahu ilahun wahidunsubhanahu an yakoona lahu waladun lahu ma fee assamawatiwama fee al-ardi wakafa billahiwakeela I have heard that, that verse doesn't mention Jesus was "only", or "but a messenger" of Allah. It mentions him as a prophet of Allah, and "roohun minhu" means that he is a spirit of God. Is there a website th
  5. Hindus do not originate from the Abrahamic Faith. They may have similar views but the origin is different since they were pagans. They believe in 3 in 1 but they have hundreds of other sub-deities in each of their 3 main gods. They're instructed to bow down to their statues and to rituals DEDICATED to MANY of their gods. That means that is basically a competition of who can worship the most gods along with the deities that belong in their categorized group. According to scriptures it was prophesied that God was going to have a Son and be God himself incarnated in the flesh, as there is no more
  6. Galatians 4:16 - Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?
  7. You don't try to shut down our practices ehh? Have you done ANY research around the world to see how this religion is affecting people outside of comfy America? Every day people are killed for going against sharia law by being apostates, being violated, being homosexual, practicing a different faith and many more "crimes" that shouldn't be crimes punishable by death. Let's not overlook all of the horrors that Islam harbors overseas in favor of a limited and comfortable view of a religion that does not offer that same comfort to millions upon millions overseas. Christians aren't actively p
  8. LOL what are you talking about? Christians eat any food bc none is prohibited. We are not held responsible for how governments in certain parts of the world want to slaughter and distribute the food. According to our scriptures it is a form of idolizing whether by your theology makes it halal or w.e is irrelevant. Now yes there are other forms that people's government may allow idolization but that is not the argument we are speaking about RITUALS done by certain individuals and even worse when is promoted by a religion. Muslims can do what they want but Muslims also do not stay in their count
  9. Abraham was a Hebrew but is attributed as the father of Judaism so yes he is a Jew bc he started Judaism. In Christian theology he is called the father of faith. Abraham sacrificing a lamb was also a prophecy of Jesus Christ
  10. No, actually I am stating the opposite. The teachings of Christianity was passed down by Christ through his apostles and the apostles then preached unto the people and taught/influenced the Church Fathers the doctrine of the NT, and they then established the creed of the trinity. Catholicism came after everything was set and done with Constantine. According to the video you posted it seems that at the beginning Catholics made a mistake in labeling the trinity as heresy with the first council of Constantinople, but by the second council they agreed to accept it by realizing their mistake. So no
  11. God gave a promise to Abraham he needs to keep so we have to still consider them as the chosen people no matter how stubborn and wrong they are. The Bible also mentions fake Jews who claim the religion are part of the synagogue of satan. I would assume that would refer to the Zionist that have political power and enforce certain laws rather than the regular Jewish practicing Jews. There are still messianic Jews out there who accept Christian beliefs but retain their Jewish heritage. Christianity was created by Jews and the Bible also gives a prophecy about 12,000 Jews from EACH of the 12 tribe
  12. Lol I knew a jab at the Jews was going to come..I'm not sure I haven't heard no1 complain about halal or kosher food but it seems it has to be because Jews are a minority in the U.S. and do not partake in the same negative stigmas as Islam. Jews were the first to begin Judaism and according to Christian theology they still are viewed as the chosen people of God. Christianity was started by Jesus Christ who was a Jew and his Jewish apostles so as the verses that I mentioned above he claims to be the fulfillment of the Sabbath. Islam came out of nowhere with a Arabic man that claimed he was a p
  13. Mark 12:29 - And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: In the sense of the water example lol...no but we believe in ONE God that is a spiritual being or "Holy Spirit". And with this Spirit he uses messengers and prophets to manifest with miracles, prophecies, commandments, visions etc etc.. The Spirit of God can therefore become a physical human and be 100% God & 100% Man. The matter of the trinity is not to be claimed corrupted or heresy bc it is not understood bc that would be like trying to explain God himself which
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