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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, It's really not that hard to stop sending pics 'accidentally' to guys without hijab. And if it's really so hard and you don't think before sending, then delete the guys from your snap, there is no point in having them as friends on there if you know you accidentally post them on your story. Also, read about the true meaning of hijab, and you will understand that it is not only the cloth on your head but also the rest of your body, and the way you act, speak etc. If you understand the true purpose of hijab you will be hesitant about chatting to guys, and hopefully more aware of what
  2. @Ya Allah Madad I said I did not come here to debate a wahabi on tawassul, so please stop quoting me. If you want to understand the shia view further watch this lecture.
  3. Assalamu alaikum, could somebody provide me with the correct dates for laylat al Qadr, because I am very confused about this as always. And I follow Sayed Sistani so 1st shahr ramadan was 28th may for me.
  4. omg i'm sorry!! I promise I quoted ya Allah madad, i'll try again... I think shiachat was acting weird but is it fine now?
  5. You call my arguments lame yet you don't even have any evidence or logic backing up what you're claiming. Also, for your information, I didn't only copy and paste I wrote the analysis concerning the hadiths that were relevant, you have to copy hadiths otherwise they won't be authentic. I didn't find it necessary to answer any other parts because it won't go anywhere since you will not accept any of my points, and please stop quoting me and use your brain next time, without trying to stay loyal to wahabism. The person who asked wanted proof and hadiths and ayahs from the Quran are proof, n
  6. I am not here to debate with you, the thread starter asked a question and I answered with clear proof. It is up to you if you take it to you or not, you are clearly ignoring very blatant proofs and coming up with your own interpretations. I would also suggest that you read about 'the calamity of thursday'. + uour argument about Ghadeer not being about leadership is not backed up all. Do you not see the line where it says 'whoever I am the leader of Ali is his leader'. I end the discussion here because you can't provide proof that what I am saying is wrong other than illogical statements that g
  7. There are numerous additions where he says this exact thing, if you want to look for them then do it, but that would not suit your views. I included those ahadith that were relevant to the topic asked. If tawassul is so haram then why are both the sunni and shia schools of thought agreeing upon it? Also, it is not sufficient with loving Ahlulbayt and this is very clear. There is the event of Ghadeer to read about. Then the Messenger of Allah continued: "Do I not have more right over the believers than what they have over themselves?" People cried and answered: "Yes, O' Messenge
  8. Asslamu alaykum, Tawassul is not haram, actually it is one of the things that both the sunni and shia schools of thought agree upon, it is the wahhabis who have declared it haram because they do not understand the religion of Islam. I will explain to you why tawassul is not haram. First of all, tawassul is not praying to other than Allah swt, but rather asking someone beloved to Allah to make dua for you. Then you might say that Imam Ali (as) or the other Imams (as) are dead, but the Quran proves us otherwise. In Surah 2 verse 154 Allah swt says that those who are martyrs are not dea
  9. Why not latmiyat and anasheed? Even if you don't know arabic you can listen to them, try to find some that are fast and have more of a 'tatbir' vibe if you get what i mean I can post some below that you could listen too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-KPf8vD9js&index=1&list=PLS0k3u-5878P88XJX4LWts5WEFB7AAMu8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yzItRWu6m4&index=2&list=PLS0k3u-5878P88XJX4LWts5WEFB7AAMu8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAEez-7j7hM&index=29&list=PLS0k3u-5878P88XJX4LWts5WEFB7AAMu8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-Q-4ONCDRo&t=28s&
  10. Thank you @magma ! And Happy New Year to everyone on SC
  11. Assalamu 'alaikum, Can somebody help with how to read this word and similar ones (only the two letters in the beginning). When I'm reading Quran I'm always so confused which letter i should read first and which one should have a kasra' and which one a dhamma (I hope you understand what I mean). It's a yaa and a kha right?? but which one should be said first and how do you see which letter the dhamma and the fatha is for
  12. Assalamu 'alaikum, I call myself Shia because I believe Imam 'Ali was (a.s) was chosen by the Prophet (saw) as his successor. There is of course more to being Shia but this is the fundamental thing that differs from the Sunni beliefs. We believe the 12 Imams were chosen by Allah swt and by not accepting them as leaders is going against Allahs will. The Prophet (saw) never said Abu Bakr was supposed to be his successor. Instead he said this (pointing to Imam 'Ali a.s); “By Him in Whose hand my life is, verily this man (‘Ali) and his Shi‘ah shall be the triumphant on the Day of Resurr
  13. You know there are many Western people, both men and women, that are converting to Islam and it's their own decision. And the myth you think is true about muslims having so many babies to force Europe to become muslim is not true.
  14. Okay so just because there are some values in Islam that go against Western ideals it is okay to label all muslims as extremist terrorists, assault women who are wearing hijab, ban the niqab and burkini and force women to take off their clothes and spread lies about muslims that make them a target for hate and hate crimes? And what exactly are these Western ideals you are talking about, is it women being objectified and seen as sexual objects? or colonizing and attacking countries, raping innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan and getting away with it??? And if you really think Islam is so ba
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