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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. السؤال: اذا صبغ المكلّف شعره بالصبغ الاصطناعي فهل يجب ان يكون الصبغ طاهراً و هل هو حاجب للوضوء و الغسل ؟ السيد سيستاني: لايشترط ان يكون طاهرا اذا امكن تطهير الشعر المصبوغ بعد ذلك و الصبغ طاهر و لايعد مانعا في الوضوء Interpretive translation mine: Question: When a person of age (accountable i.e. baligh) dyes his hair using articficial coloring, is it wajib that the dye is tahir and does it prevent wudhu and ghusl? S. Sistani: It is not a requirement that it be tahir as long as the dyed hair can be made tahir afterwards. (When) the dye is tahir, it is not considered preventing wudhu.
  2. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله Seems like an interesting discussion, except I have really don't have the time to catch up on 5 pages ... any chance of a quick summary of the issue and the views discussed here? @313 Seeker
  3. Others will too insha Allah, hence the faith in people. Sorry if you feel so offended!
  4. If a Sunni did masah instead of ghusl or sadal instead of qabdh, is that closer to the truth? Truth is a process. Not all Sunnis would agree with the way you describe them, you seem to have some pretty dismissive and suspicious views about them ... Saying X or Y is the truth isn't going to convince anyone. One has to show them why it is the truth, and if they are not convinced because of the speakers' attitude towards them, then don't blame them. Khalid bin Waleed tried to convert the Yemenites for months, they just ignored him, Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وآله sent Imam Ali سلام الله عليه and they accepted it in no time. The difference is in the way you speak to people. Have some faith, there is good in people.
  5. @Carlzone If one understood the diversity of the fiqh within Ahl Sunnah they wouldn't be using jargons like Sushi 'as a new sect'.
  6. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4778156/ Non-invasive post Mortem examinations
  7. Fiqh is not as simple as that ... Sunnis don't deliberately add and deduct, they follow a certain fiqh that evolves, it would be better to understand the dynamics of the 4 schools and then introduce to them the fiqh of Ahl al-Bait عليهم السلام.
  8. Sense paranoia lol, just feel we could have been more supportive rather than suspect, I myself know of scholars who are in their hearts Shia but are unable to say it out loud, perhaps this is the case here too... This thread looked promising. I participated in the survey, and what was more interesting than the questions was the scope to answer, didn't seem malicious to me. I hope the guest will share the findings regardless. Allah knows best.
  9. Strange stuff! @Carlzone You wrote some good points initially then you discouraged and raised much suspicion ... almost everyone here is using a pseudonym and is anonymous ... We could have athiests posing as shia here too lol!
  10. Halal if he does the Tawaaf al-Wadaa' ... As for the marriage itself, only time can tell, not all sunni-sunni marriages work out nor do all shia-shia, nor do all sunni-shia marriages fail, all with or without kids. It would be interested if those of us who have mixed parents can share their experience growing up in a mixed-sect family ...
  11. @Carlzone وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته What kind of human being would not physically help the opposite gender up if he/she falls over on the street and no one else is around? Unless you were yourself physically unable to do so you must help the person regardless of age. If one wishes to use gloves etc then it would be a good idea to keep some disposables in your wallet/ purse ... Be a good Shia-maritan!
  12. Haven't read the other comments, seems like you've just had a bad experience or come across some weird people lol Might wanna explore a different crowd ...
  13. Is Muhammad Ibn al-Hasan and al-Qa'im the same person? Yes they are one and the same and is yet to appear Muhammad Ibn al-Hasan was never born Out the Qa'im will be Muhammad Ibn al-Hasan died and the Qa'im is yet to appear Neither Muhammad Ibn al-Hasan existed nor is there such a person as the Qa'im Both have come and gone
  14. Roll some blue-tac over the turbah ...
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