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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know this is a very old post but I would like to clarify that Hasan musanna was son of khaula binte Manzoor fizari.
  2. Assalam O alaikum.. Brother why are you taking my every post so negatively...? The fact about hind binte awf is well known...u can read anywhere about these ladies and their mother.. And surely prophet(saww) have cursed banu umayya but it doesn't mean that everyone in that family was bad..Khalid bin saeed(ra), abaan bin saeed(ra), ummulmomineen umme habiba(ra), muawiya bin yazeed and Umar bin abdulaziz(ra) also belonged to that tribe.Moreover, I am just sharing historical facts, i have interest in family trees and I like to share with others.I will also post about ahlebait and bani Hashim
  3. "UNIQUE UMMAYAD LADY" Banu Ummayya had in total 14 rulers, everyone know that, but the fact that very few people know is that there was an ommyad lady, for whom, 12 out of 14 rulers were mehrams..( to whom one cannot marry).. She was, Atikah binte Yazeed bin Muawiya...Here are the details.. 1.Muawiya grandfather 2.Yazid I. Father 3.Muawiya II. Brother 4.Marwaan Father in law 5.Abdulmalik Husband 6.Waleed stepson 7.Suleman. Stepson 8.Yazid II. Son 9.Hisham. Stepson 10.WaleedII bin Yazid II Grandson 11.YazidIII bin Waleed step-grandson 12.Ibrahim bin Waleed step-grandson
  4. There is no specific date mentioned regarding her death or detail about her life, except that all these great ladies were her daughters. I have also focused on this fact that her daughters married some most prominent Islamic figures...
  5. Brother I will try not to discuss any controversial history..but if you find any problem please don't hesitate to tell me
  6. *The Most Fortunate Mother In Law in Islamic History* Hind binte Auf, who belong to banu Humair tribe, is considered the most fortunate mother in law in islamic History.. She was mother in law of 1.Prophet Mohammad(Saww) through two daughters 2.Hazrat Ali(as) 3.Hazrat Jafar Tayyar (ra) 4. Hazrat Abbas bin Abdulmuttalib(ra) 5.Hazrat Hamza bin Abdulmuttalib(ra) 6. Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) 7. Hazrat Shaddad bin Alhaad(ra) Here are the details Hind binte Awf married four times and had ten children, six daughters and four sons. Here are the names and detail of her children 1. Mohammyat bin Juz Al-zubaidi(ra) ...He was a sahabi and had a daughter, Umme Salma who married her first cousin Fazal bin Abbas bin Abdulmuttalib(ra)...Fazl bin Abbas(ra) had a daughter from umme Salma, Umme Kulsoom(ra), wife of Imam Hasan(as) 2. Ummulmomineen Zainab binte Khuzaima(ra) She was known as Ummuul Masakeen..First married to Tufail bin Haris(ra) and then Ubaidah bin Haris(ra), She was married third time to Prophet Mohammad(saww). She spent only eight months there and died in 4 A.H 3. Ummulmomineen Maimoona binte Haris(ra) First married to Masood bin Amr Saqafi , then Aburaham bin Abduluzza, married third time to Prophet Mohammad(saww). She was the last wife of Prophet(Saww) 4.Ummul Fazal Lubaba Kubra binte Haris (ra) Very famous sahabia, wife of Abbas bin Abdulmuttalib(ra) and mother of his seven children Abdullah, Ubaidullah, Qasm, Fazl, Muabad, abdurrehman and Umme Habiba RaziAllah anhum 5.Saib bin Haris His daughter Umme Jameel was wife of Abdullah bin Muabad bin Abbas bin Abdulmuttalib. 6.Qatn bin Haris 7. Asma binte Umais (ra) A very famous sahabia, married three times to Hazrat Jafar e Tayyar(ra), Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) and then Hazrat Ali(as) and had total six sons Abdullah, Aun, Mohammad sons of Jafar e Tayyar(ra), Mohammad bin Abu Bakr(ra), Yahya and Aun sons of Hazrat Ali(as) 8. Salma binte Umais(ra) Wife of Hamza bin Abdulmuttalib(ra) and mother of Umama binte Hamza(ra). Umama was engaged to Salma, son of Ummulmomineen Umme Salma(ra) After martyrdom of Hazrat Hamza(ra) she married Shaddad bin Alhaad(ra) and had two sons Abdullah, Abdurrehman. 9. Salama binte Umais Married to Abdullah bin Ka'ab bin M anba 10.Aun bin Umais
  7. Assalam O alaikum...I am starting this forum to share with you some important and interesting islamic Historical Facts..mainly relationships...which I found on net or mostly during my own research.. Please share your thoughts about this forum..and your knowledge too..
  8. You are being very rude bro, I M not Sunni, I belong to a shia family and what you said is ghulu according to shia imams and scholars
  9. I am not getting option to attach an image file,
  10. Assalam O alaikum.. There are many different riwayats regarding sons of ImamHusain(as), Some say Imam Zainulabideen(as) was Ali Akbar, some say he was. Ali Asghar...and in some he is mentioned Ali Awsat.. It is to be noted that Hazrat Ali Asghar real name was Abdullah and in many books, he is not mentioned as Ali Asghar but Abdullah.. It is quite interesting that Hazrat Ali Akbar 's mother Umm Layla was grand daughter of Abu Sufyan, and first cousin of Yazeed(la)
  11. 5. There is another very strange narration..I cannot quote it but the meaning of that was, brothers of imam raza(as) said that there has never been any imam as black as imam Taqi(as), so they asked imam raza(as) to clarify parenthood of imam Taqi(as) through physlognomist ( qiyafa Shana's)..and physlognomists recognized imam raza(as) as imam Taqi(as)' s father..Kitab ul hujjat chapter 71 hadees14).. Isnt it a huge disrespect to an imam to ask whether his son belong to him or not?
  12. I really appreciate @Nader Zaveri 's effort..and i consider it disrepectful to Rasool e akram(saww) by rejecting his three daughters. I dont know why Hazrat Umama (ra) is neglected today..She was the second wife of Hazrat ALi(as), He married her according to Hazrat Fatima(sa)'s will... I read in some book that after shahadat of Imam Ali(as), Mughaira bin Nofal bin HAris bin ABdulmuttalib married her. SHe bore a son to him too..IS this authentic? and can a widow of an imam remarry..? as it is famous that Umme Ishaq binte talha taimi , wife of Ima Hasan(as) , got married to Imam HUsain(as) after his death? @Nader Zaveri and @Haydar Husayn please shed some light on this issue..
  13. actually the number of martyrs of karabala is not 72, which is usually told to us.... 72 may be the number of companions of IMAM Husain(as), excluding martyrs of ahle bait, according to some sources..but definitely it was not the total number...Total martyrs are near 100 or little more than this, due to differnece in riwayaat
  14. For sure , BIBI Fatima(sa) is a role model for all mothers, daughters, and wives...She was Rehmat(Blessing) for REHMATULIL ALAMEEN(SAWW), as daughters are blessing for fathers. SHe was "Nisf Emaan" for "KUL E EMAAN" as wives are better half for their husbands. Under her feet, is paradise for the leaders of paradise, IMAM HASAN(AS) and IMAM HUSAIN(AS), as children's paradise is under their mother's feet.
  15. and this topic is very important as many of Bani Hsahim gave bayat to Mohammad bin Abdullah, or persons like him who fought against rulers, and got killed as a result...Many of them were put in arrest specially from Imam Hasan(as)'s family..and they died there...Abdullah, Ibrahim, Hasan III sons of Hasan II bin Imam Hasan(as), who were also grandsons of Imam Husain(as), all died in Mansoor's jail
  16. i read almost whole of kitab ul hujjat, and i didnt find any narration in praise of Imam Hasan(as)'s sons/grandsons or zaid(ra), all narrations were against them...if there is any, please tell me.. I read in other books that these personalities ( zaid shaheed, abdullah bin hasan bin imam hasan, his son Mohammad Nafs Zakia, and zaid bin imam Hasan have great status, imams praised them, but in al kafi all narrations are against them, specially for Mohammad bin Abdullah, and we also find narrations that whoever call himself imam, whether he is alvi/syed or even son of Hazrat Ali(as) , he is kafir..so what about these persons... My point is that, even these narrations are weak,but remarks used in these narrations are very harsh, and we still consider al kafi as one of the most respected books.. I hope u got my point @Haydar Husayn
  17. there are many many narrations like these...i m really confused after reading these narrations because al kafi is considered very " respected" among hadees books
  18. 4. Hazrat Abu talib fed Milk to Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) in his early days..then He was given to Bibi Haleema ( kitab ul hujjat chapter 110 hadees 27)
  19. 3. Another very detailed narration in which after death of Abdullah bin Hasan bin Imam Hasan(as), Mohammad bin Abdullah and Esa bin Zaid bin Imam Sajjad(as) went to imam Jafar(as) and had a very harsh talk with him..they asked him for bayat and he refused and they arrested him..then they went to Ismail bin Abdullah bin Jafar Tayyar(ra) who was a respected and old man, he also refused to give bayat to Mohammad..in the night his nephews I.e sons of Muawiya bin Abdullah Bin jafar Tayyar, came and killed him(ismail)..They were supporting Mohammad Bin Abdullah.. (Kitab ul hujjat chapter 80 hadees 18)
  20. 1. Dialogue between Zaid(ra) bin Imam Sajjad(as) and Imam Baqar(as) and Zaid being angry on imam ( kitab ul hujjat chapter80 hadees16) 2. A very detailed narration in which Abdullah bin Hasan bin Imam Hasan(as) met Imam Jafar(as) for supporting his son Mohammad Nafs Zakiya's imamat ...Imam refused and Abdullah got angry with him..Imam also called Nafs Zakiya " gloomy(manhoos)" ( same chapter hadees 17)
  21. @skamran110 thanx brother for ur reply ..I have some books in soft copy and I m reading them nowadays..brother how can attach images here, I have taken some screenshots from al kafi which I want to share here
  22. I belong to a shia family in Pakistan. But I M searching on my own regarding shia Sunni issue...and I want to come to a conclusion..Please help me as I don't know Arabic or have access to many old books...I can only read in books in Urdu or English..I read a Sunni book which had ref of shia books and I personally read urdu translation of usool e kafi and found same ahadees there... I will post those ahadees here...I know majority of narrations in kafi are considered weak but how in the presence of these kind of ahadees we can say that Al kafi is motabar??
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