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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know this is a very old post but I would like to clarify that Hasan musanna was son of khaula binte Manzoor fizari.
  2. Assalam O alaikum.. Brother why are you taking my every post so negatively...? The fact about hind binte awf is well known...u can read anywhere about these ladies and their mother.. And surely prophet(saww) have cursed banu umayya but it doesn't mean that everyone in that family was bad..Khalid bin saeed(ra), abaan bin saeed(ra), ummulmomineen umme habiba(ra), muawiya bin yazeed and Umar bin abdulaziz(ra) also belonged to that tribe.Moreover, I am just sharing historical facts, i have interest in family trees and I like to share with others.I will also post about ahlebait and bani
  3. "UNIQUE UMMAYAD LADY" Banu Ummayya had in total 14 rulers, everyone know that, but the fact that very few people know is that there was an ommyad lady, for whom, 12 out of 14 rulers were mehrams..( to whom one cannot marry).. She was, Atikah binte Yazeed bin Muawiya...Here are the details.. 1.Muawiya grandfather 2.Yazid I. Father 3.Muawiya II. Brother 4.Marwaan Father in law 5.Abdulmalik Husband 6.Waleed stepson 7.Suleman. Stepson
  4. There is no specific date mentioned regarding her death or detail about her life, except that all these great ladies were her daughters. I have also focused on this fact that her daughters married some most prominent Islamic figures...
  5. Brother I will try not to discuss any controversial history..but if you find any problem please don't hesitate to tell me
  6. *The Most Fortunate Mother In Law in Islamic History* Hind binte Auf, who belong to banu Humair tribe, is considered the most fortunate mother in law in islamic History.. She was mother in law of 1.Prophet Mohammad(Saww) through two daughters 2.Hazrat Ali(as) 3.Hazrat Jafar Tayyar (ra) 4. Hazrat Abbas bin Abdulmuttalib(ra) 5.Hazrat Hamza bin Abdulmuttalib(ra) 6. Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) 7. Hazrat Shaddad bin Alhaad(ra) Here are the details Hind binte Awf married four times and had ten children, six daughters and four sons. Here a
  7. Assalam O alaikum...I am starting this forum to share with you some important and interesting islamic Historical Facts..mainly relationships...which I found on net or mostly during my own research.. Please share your thoughts about this forum..and your knowledge too..
  8. You are being very rude bro, I M not Sunni, I belong to a shia family and what you said is ghulu according to shia imams and scholars
  9. I am not getting option to attach an image file,
  10. Assalam O alaikum.. There are many different riwayats regarding sons of ImamHusain(as), Some say Imam Zainulabideen(as) was Ali Akbar, some say he was. Ali Asghar...and in some he is mentioned Ali Awsat.. It is to be noted that Hazrat Ali Asghar real name was Abdullah and in many books, he is not mentioned as Ali Asghar but Abdullah.. It is quite interesting that Hazrat Ali Akbar 's mother Umm Layla was grand daughter of Abu Sufyan, and first cousin of Yazeed(la)
  11. 5. There is another very strange narration..I cannot quote it but the meaning of that was, brothers of imam raza(as) said that there has never been any imam as black as imam Taqi(as), so they asked imam raza(as) to clarify parenthood of imam Taqi(as) through physlognomist ( qiyafa Shana's)..and physlognomists recognized imam raza(as) as imam Taqi(as)' s father..Kitab ul hujjat chapter 71 hadees14).. Isnt it a huge disrespect to an imam to ask whether his son belong to him or not?
  12. I really appreciate @Nader Zaveri 's effort..and i consider it disrepectful to Rasool e akram(saww) by rejecting his three daughters. I dont know why Hazrat Umama (ra) is neglected today..She was the second wife of Hazrat ALi(as), He married her according to Hazrat Fatima(sa)'s will... I read in some book that after shahadat of Imam Ali(as), Mughaira bin Nofal bin HAris bin ABdulmuttalib married her. SHe bore a son to him too..IS this authentic? and can a widow of an imam remarry..? as it is famous that Umme Ishaq binte talha taimi , wife of Ima Hasan(as) , got married to Imam HUsain
  13. actually the number of martyrs of karabala is not 72, which is usually told to us.... 72 may be the number of companions of IMAM Husain(as), excluding martyrs of ahle bait, according to some sources..but definitely it was not the total number...Total martyrs are near 100 or little more than this, due to differnece in riwayaat
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