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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Every Sunni sect r smart and Shia r stupid bcoz Sunnis as a jamat have common understanding such as question every single rules or act of Shia, like y u pray on sand. But y we pray on carpets shud b ignored means a jamat who r busy looking at Shia rather than themselves. They r sure Shia r kaafir but when for eg. Ahlhadees student ask their scholars r u sure we'll go to jannah the scholar shall reply allahu aalam wow but he knows Shia r on the wrong path. No Sunni school claims they r the only one who shall b heading to jannah but they r sure that Shia r heading to jahannum, wow what a true jamat all r united against Shia I feel pity on them. Everything has been decided they can't ponder freely or decide about their akhirath but they r free when it comes to Shia wow they even ask logic only when it comes to Shia but never ask to themselves. like Imam is the one who gives jurisprudence so bukhari never was faqih so how come he is Imam that so sahih Imam that too not being an Arab that too not have seen nabi that too was a blind earlier that too he himself wrote on the first page "if one found his Hadith to b wrong then throw my book on the wall" then claims he checked each Hadith by praying Salah, that too he did not disclose his own aqeeda whether he was a believer in waseela or direct approach means non waseela, y he did not approach aal Muhammad for hadeeth but went to all others families. Oh Sorry, y he threw lakhs of Hadith and reduce it to some 8000 odd. Y all 4 faqih r right though they r not similar even in Salah. Dear Sunni jamat ask itself first b confident then question others Shia word is in quran which is referred to nabi Ibrahim where is Sunni if not in quran pls let us know who gave u the name Sunni is it Abdallah ibn Sabah or whom
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