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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes that is EXACTLY what I mean. For me, it was from one waswasa to another. Shaytan likes changing tactics and apparently using the same tactics on people. For me, the repetition stuff was driving insane. My friends and my sister thought I had developed OCD. It was to the point where I would pray and say to myself after I finished "oh well, it's not like your prayer or fast was accepted because your wudu wasnt accepted" This train of thought would make me quit doing extra stuff like duas, quran, other forms of prayer etc because I would think if my obligatory prayer is not accepted then neither is my other worships. Yours may not be as bad or it may be worse, and again the ignoring thing is kind of difficult (it was the advice everyone gave me). You need to first realise that these thoughts are genuinely not YOUR personal thoughts and that this is shaytan trying to destroy your relationship with Allah swt. Once you fully understand this, coping (I say coping, because ignoring is not really a solution) it gets much much easier. Let the thought pass without acting upon it, no matter how much the will to repeat your wudu or prayer is. Allah swt is the one who decides what is accepted and what is not, not you or shaytan. We perform our acts to the best of our abilty and leave judgement up to Allah. May Allah be with you and with anyone facing similar difficulties.
  2. Salam, I don't know if this would be considered gheeba but I need urgent help. A close family member... has a gambling problem, and it's been getting worse and worse. This has been bothering and destroying my family. Alhumdulilah we have not been in a life threatening situation or anything like that but one can only imagine what kind of problems a family would face. What do I do? I've tried doing dua and asking Allah for guidance and to help us but I dont know what to do?
  3. @YAli I am a sister not a brother, but thank you for your comment. Brought me to literal tears. May Allah be with you too and every Muslim genuinely seeking Allah!
  4. I might understand what you mean. I used to get (still do) extremely vulgar and disgusting thoughts. People usually think it's doubts about Allah's SWT existence and whatnot, but those weren't the thoughts I used to get. They were literally too vulgar for me to speak and I used to hate myself for it. I remember crying in my room, on my prayer mat so much because I wanted this to stop. It was driving me insane. This all happened when I started increasing my Imaan. I was at such a beautiful stage, I felt so close to Allah and I loved it. This world began to become more and more meaningless each day. So of course I got these horrid thoughts. You're lucky to realise it was Shaytan. I used to think it was me and I would just blame Shaytan because apparently deep down it was me and I wanted to blame someone else for these evil thoughts. As you said, ignoring is not a solution and I don't understand why people think this is the way to end such thoughts. You can't ignore it. You just can't. What I did was I would let the thoughts come without even reacting and just let them pass. I would usually physically wince or even to the point of pinching/slapping (lol I was insane) myself but just let them pass. Realise it's just a thought you don't have much control over. Also realise Allah will not punish you for something you hate this much. He's not going to punish you for a thought you hate. Do not give these thoughts as much importance as you are doing, because this will increase them. Just a heads up shaytans next tactic will probably be waswasa in worshipping acts and tahareh etc and that will drive you absolutely nuts. Again apply the same thing and do not pay attention to these useless thoughts. May Allah be with you and Inshallah you'll overcome it.
  5. Quran says BELIEVE. Religion is based on faith and belief, not logic and rationality. We only use logic and rationality because we're human and we want to understand certain things to actually believe in them but since human logic is limited there are certain things one must just believe and have faith in. Which is why we sometimes refer to religion as "faith"
  6. Salam I'm a student who recently got a causal job at a supermarket. A lot of the customers buy things like beef, pork, chicken etc so would it be haram for me to bag such things? It's not my store I just work there and this question has been sticking to me a lot recently
  7. The thing is we can't even agree on Quran and Hadiths. Each sect has their own understanding of certain things. It says wipe in Quran some Muslims wash, it says Mawla in a Hadith some Muslims understand it to be used in the context of friendship, it says Ahlul Albayt in a Hadith some Muslims believe certain members are excluded whilst others are not. We can't agree on basics such as praying, wudu, fasting, leaders of Islam etc honestly peace between Muslims will never be found. And this is not me being negative it's realistic and it has been happening for 1400 years. It's been going on since the prophet SAW died and it will continue till the end of time. These disputes might seem small to outsiders but they are fundamental principles in Islam. Political peace between Muslims may be achievable but religious peace is almost impossible. Speaking of verse 4:59 we can't even agree on the correct explanation of this verse! Who are those in authority? Any Muslim Khalifa? As a Sufi who do you consider those in authority?
  8. If Imam Ali (as) isn't considered a Sayed than I don't know who is... IMAM ALI (as) is not a Sayed but some random man that is born after 1400 years is considered a rightful Sayed whilst the first Imam isn't. What? I remember hearing someone say a Hadith the prophet has said to Imam Hussain (as): "You are a Sayed, the son of a Sayed, the brother of a Sayed, the father of Sayeds...."
  9. Been reading your posts in this thread and firstly I'd like to thank you for your approach. Love seeing people with an open mind who are here to learn and look at things with an unbiased perspective. Firstly Shias don't have Sahih books. We have sources and books, but not all the hadiths in said sources are 100% authentic. Al-Kafi isn't Sahih al-kafi. We don't claim our books and sources are 100% authentic. Whereas Sunnis have Sahih books and claiming them to be the most authentic books after the Quran, our problem arises. Unauthentic Hadiths have been found in Sahih books and that is when one can doubt the integrity of these books. (How do you know Imam Jafar as Sadiq AS/RA said and taught those things for sure, considering his pupils, Malik/Hanifa?) We are all Muslims who follow the teachings of the prophet yet we see sunnah and Shia and each sect divides into sects, so do we blame the prophet?
  10. I felt like this today too. I get this feeling of guilt for simply going on my day to day life whilst others are in severe physical and emotional pain, but we have to realise every single human being on the planet to have ever lived has their own path in life. No ones life is the same and no ones life is equal. There will always be someone in better conditions than you or someone worse, we have to thank Allah for the good and be patient in the bad. Instead of complaining about your blessings thank Allah, because like you said there is someone out there living differently to you and Allah blessed you. Allah is the most merciful and the evil things that are results of war and politics are all humans fault and all evil in the world is our fault. Pray for the ones struggling and thank Allah!
  11. we need to be realistic, currently there is no third choice and we can't sit around to wait and look for one. we don't live in some fantasy world where a third just and uncorrupted choice will appear. we have two evil options, either the lesser evil and thus giving us a chance to combat the more evil, or the more evil.
  12. This is such a beneficial thread! May Allah reward you brother.
  13. And if he did accept Islam? You would've thrown a believer who happened to be the prophets uncle in kufr, again just to save the companions. and when has anyone here brought up these guys parents? you are not stating the obvious you are only here to throw dirt at Shia without realising who else you might throw dirt on... the prophet (SAW).
  14. go ahead and judge Imam Ali (as) based on his parents and lineage. Let's see if you can find any faults other than fabrications which further proves that some notable companions are only notable when Imam Ali (as) is degraded or equaled to them. a Sunni talking about double standards and arrogance... double standards! anyway this isn't about Shias judgment, this is about you. Do you admit you brought up Abu Talib's (ra) faith to degrade Ali (as)? because you felt Abu Bakr and Umar were degraded? so two wrongs make a right? alsalamu ala Ali Bin Abi Talib... his father's only crime was being his father.
  15. hmm so you admit that you are willing to degrade and find faults in Ali (as) and his family in order to protect the image of the companions and 'throw dirt on shia' regardless if the people you are faulting in order to throw dirt at Shia happen to be the Prophets progeny. at least someone admitted it. you are willing to degrade ANYONE just to raise the status of companions. alhumdililah Shia don't need to resort to this, because our Prophet and Imams merits speak for themselves, and no amount of degrading can make anyone elevate them regardless.
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