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  1. I learned how to pray when i was a child. But I had forgotten over time. I can't even remember how it happened. I feared telling my parents, because I did not want to get in trouble (I was still a child) and to much time passed by. I could not ask people around me, as they would get me in trouble, and I mean, I would have been in such a huge amount of trouble, and I wont list the details. It's just bad. So I tried and tried to search online, but i was still to young to know words and terms to search and when i did, it was in English roman letters, i could not understand the pronunciation. And if it were in Arabic, it would be people making false prayers for Shia's. (By the way, I am shia). Eventually, i made friends with good people who did not judge me or spread rumors about me. And helped me through with praying again. Alhamdullah, i have worked hard to be a good Muslim during the years I did not pray. But I began to feel like a complete Muslim when I started to pray. Here is another problem, the way my parents teach Salah, its forceful and not good. In fact, I don't think any of my siblings pray and don't care. During the time i did learn, it was horrible. I don't blame myself for how things came to be. And my Arabic is absolutely terrible, i did not know how to read or write and lacked speaking skills, so i could not even search in Arabic. Or in the end, i was just terrible at it. But I did put effort, and it did put me through a depression throughout the years, id cry in secret, because I did not know how to pray. Again, I worked hard to be a good Muslim, while telling Allah to forgive me and promising ill start eventually and never miss another salah. What I am curious about is, do I need to make up those prayers I had missed? I don't even remember when it happened, how it happened. I don't mind making up all the salahs, because they were salahs i wanted to perform to begin with, i never tried to miss it on purpose, and now that I pray, I don't miss a single one. Still, if I do not need to make any up, I would like to know. I follow Sayed Sistani if it helps. I thank anyone in advance for responding and helping
  2. Hello brothers and sisters. I feel like I am in dire need of help. My hatred and the feeling of jealously towards my relatives and slowly now, towards others are increasing. I have lived a lonely difficult life, where I wasn't allowed to communicate with others much. Wasn't allowed to go out much. Basically say at home alone most of the time. I watch my cousins get everything they want. I'm not jealous over this but, the fact they travel a lot. Something I've never done. I wish to go to hajj and I wish to go to Iraq especially, so I can meet my grandfather. My grandmother passed away, so I never had a chance to meet her. I had a chance to go to Iraq this year, excited to meet my grandfather. I was meant to go with my relatives, but they had secretly planned everything, excluding me out. Which made me sad, as I know they are not fans of Iraq, where as I love the beauty and the history of Iraq. Even though I've never been, I know in my heart that its a unique place. My one chance is gone, I'm afraid I've lost my chance to meet my grandfather as I heard he is sick. I can't go unless for another five years. Which breaks my heart, and now I have tried to push away these negative feelings I've had for them. But now its just, worse. I can't help but think bad thoughts. I just don't want my heart to turn dark, as I've retreated myself from communication towards others and stopped caring for everyone as I'm continuously being betrayed occasionally. I don't really have anyone a around me to teach me or help me Islamically. I'm trying hard to be patient and humble and forgiving and kind. I'm losing that side of me. But I'm so alone. I'm reading the Quran and hadith's, but I'm not sure as to what I should be reading. There are other things before that triggered all of this, but I'll end up writing a book on here. I would appreciate anything. Please and thank you.
  3. Hi everyone. I hope you guys are safe and well. I would love for an Shias to help me with the salah. I also want to learn the Shia wudu as well. I am a female, so I would like to learn the ghusl i need to perform in the shower after my period is finished. I have been trying to look online, but i have found resources made by Muslims that are making false versions of Shia salah. I used to know how to pray the Shia way. But I went to a Sunni school where I was forced and abused to learn there style. Now I have forgotten, and at the time i was to terrified to talk to my parents about this. I still am... No matter what, i will never have the courage to tell my parents. They are not the forgiving type or the understanding type either. Please.... I just want to know everyone right away again. I cannot stand this wait any longer. If it helps, I am Southern Iraqi.
  4. Yes, I thought long and hard since April about this. This is how hard it was for me to decide but as of today we will not be speaking to each other.
  5. It is both, but I think he loves me more. I just told him today it is best that this doesn't go further. Now we will not speak to each other. But thank you for going in and wanting to help.
  6. Thank you for the link. I've read through it and understand how a woman can be easily influenced by her husband. Although I made it clear to my friend that I am gonna make no effort in changing whatsoever. He also is aware that if the marriage happens, then I'll continue on taking shi'ism further study amongst shia scholars. Plus he is willing to live in Basra Iraq with me in order for me to continue to learn about Shiism from shias only, because he knows how serious i am trying to grow as a shia. I also told him I don't want him to influence me into his direction as I've already studied about Sunnis and have been to a sunni school, that I tried to understand there side but it really is not for me.
  7. I have watched this already. But thank you for the recommendation!
  8. السلام عليكم brothers and sisters I am a shia girl. But there is a man who is a sunni and wants to marry me. We love each other and he wants to marry me out of love. Although I would love to Massey someone for love, my priority is to marry someone with the same strong beliefs that I have. As this part is important on which it can keep the family strong. Faith is not truly everything but I believe it is #1 priority in the list. To marry someone with the same strong faith as you. I have told him, I would love to marry him but we need to focus on the results of our future together, if we are too have one. I talked to him about what if we had kids? What faith should they follow? I believe our children have the right to learn everything, but it isn't fair to throw to sides and say, "his side is wrong," but the other says, "no, her side is wrong." I do not want to have kids that will fall in confusion and lose there faith in Islam. No. Never. I also ask of him on ahlul bayt. That they are much of importance to us shias then it is with Sunnis. And I don't speak of them all, but of every sunni I've meant, and the sunni school I studied at as a child up to my last high school years, that not one has mentioned the name of ahlul bayt. Not even imam Ali or imam Husain. I want kids who will cry tears on muharram. I have told him, we can marry for love but that can be crushed quickly with the differences in our beliefs. If we cannot agree in the same side, then how will we not fail? I ask him, "please, do not become blinded like those who have dealt with this before. I need you to understand where I'm coming from. I don't want to marry just for love, but also the love for ahlul bayt and no love for Omar or yazeed etc." How can I marry a man who loves my enemies? I haven't spoken to my parents about him, because I need him to be aware.I have told him, if my parents say no, then that is that. Alhamdulillah, he is a good Muslim with a strong faith in Islam, but not the same faith as I. I am not strong enough to leave him broken, and I don't want him to hate on shias.I thought, I can simply wait till he meets my parents, and then he finally will come to an understanding. But he is determined to marry me, make this work and shower me with love but I need to be at the same level as him islamically. If I crush him, then I'll affect his studies. He doesn't finish for another four years. He might go as far as leaving this country to go home. If I marry him, I know I will have great kids but there faith in Islam might lack and I honestly prefer my kids to be shia as I have experienced both sides. Can I have advice on how to make it work or be explained anything at this point. I'm so lost, I don't even know what to ask. I would like opinions, thoughts, anything. Of course everything between us is halal and I only speak to him to get to know him and see what type of man he is. Let me tell you now, my parents do not like Sunnis all to much and would never let me marry one. I've explained this to him but he said his while family would fly here just to convince my parents. He'd sleep on my doorsteps of my home to convince them. This is how much determined he is to marry me and only have me as I've tried my best to care for him his health, his food and his studies. He saw how kind and shy I was. Alhamdulillah his family is well off, his father is a sheik, his parents know about me and his mother is eager to meet me. But sometimes I feel like I can sense that our faith can crumble everything. How can I strengthen this? How can I raise kids with a sunni father? He said he would not force them to be Sunnis, but how can we teach them? Please, if I could get feedback and no negative comments on my own self, my actions or on him. Please and thank you.
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