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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam alikum I have had marriage problems since got married now 12 years later 3 children things has worsen. to cut the story short me and him are completely different people , I didn't make the choice in marrying his, he's a saiyid but doesn't practice , doesn't even blv in many essentials of the religion. The final 4 years had been hell, last year went to solicitor and applied for divorce he pushed me as he didn't want it to work out. Once papers came through he went mental. tries to work it out and give another chance at it but it's been months he's refusing to speak we are sleeping at separate rooms. i am really unhappy don't know what to do. main problems he gambles addicted to chest hates me doesn't practice doesnt spend time with kids not willinh to work on this marriage I want to know should I keep patient and continue for the sake of kids even though I am broken or divorce and which means he won't want to see the kids ever as he made it clear. when Allah says he makes mercy and love between couples why isn't mine like that is it coz I am a bad person and I am being punished?
  2. Well I was born a Shia and raised a Sunni , when I was 27 I was Lucky to go to Hajj in 2011 and then I started ed reading up. I actually felt fooled being brought up a Sunni with all my respect to the Sunni community. Learning about what the sahaaba have called our beloved prophet on his death bed, and what Aisha has done to imam ali, then hassan pbuh made me furious. also when I learned about imam hussain and what he stood for I made an easy decision of becoming a Shia
  3. over 1400 years ago female specially in the Middle East mature faster than now, so if presumed fatima pbuh did get married at the age of 9 at that stage on that time should have been fully physically developed due to the heat and different time any way. a now nine years old girl isn't either physically nor mentally developed how can that's not been taking in consideration now I don't know why. Isn't common sense to use now is essential
  4. Would you marry a 9 year old, or younger if her family concented
  5. Article 16 sets the legal age of marriage for females as nine and males as 15, although it could be even lower with the consent of a guardian, father or a grandfather. Please help, is this a real ja'fari law and can you please provide evidence supporting or opposing it
  6. Salam , I don't know how to help as unfortunately I never had the interaction with my cousins as they live in a different country and have never seen them, my only confusion is why would you want to interact with your cousin when he's not a muhram for you, ie relationship with him would be islamically not permitted.
  7. No she's certainly not Najis ,her ideology is so as she refuses to do what she should be practicing and that's exactly what ayatollah sistani means Najis means she's spiritually unclean by wish she should practise what she believes In Islamic law, najis (Arabic: نجس‎‎) are things or persons regarded as ritually unclean. According to Islam, there are two kinds of najis: the essential najis which cannot be cleaned and the unessential najis which become najis while in contact with another najis.
  8. Salam all, i have been searching the net about the meaning of قرين but unfortunately not much info is giving Examples of the word mentioned in the Quran قَالَ يَا لَيْتَ بَيْنِي وَبَيْنَكَ بُعْدَ الْمَشْرِقَيْنِ فَبِئْسَ الْقَرِينُ ﴿٣٨ الزخرف﴾ وَمَنْ يَكُنِ الشَّيْطَانُ لَهُ قَرِينًا ﴿٣٨ النساء﴾ فَسَاءَ قَرِينًا ﴿٣٨ النساء﴾
  9. I have been in open discussions with Iraqis I am not saying all of them but most oppose marriages outside their culture.to an extend they would dishonour their children if they do so. btw I am also an Iraqi I have come across people from Iraq whom won't even allow marriages outside their city and even family. I am not saying this is in every Iraqi house hold but sadly in most cases
  10. In that case why Allah has permitted men to have up to four wives!! I understand men have more re sexual urges and can't comtorl their d sites, but I highly doubt any woman would accept her husband to have a mutts marriage over her. also can't these sexual desires be a test from Allah and men should control their urges. why when it comes to men there are always exaptionals . any man would question if a woman did a mutta labelling her all sort of things but men can have this as they don't have urges to control their desires. yea I am still anti mutta, it makes men believe this world is about their sexual desires, and women pure existence is to fulfill them. if a man can't find a marriage part near it could be a test from Allah. i hear men here in the west opt for English woman temporary as they feel like they are still young to get married. i just think that's not fair that they fulfil them selves sexually and when they are ready they search for a pure virgin good manners religious wife in pr dear to raise their kids correctly well if you couldn't keep your self virgin I think it's only fair you marry someone like you
  11. Salam Mohammed i see no harm in you opening up to your mother, being a mother my self I think it's only fair she knows how you feel, if you tell her your reasoning I am sure she will understand , assure her you will find somewhere close by to live. And be honest with her
  12. It's all about their back ward culture teaching. in Iraqie cultures if a woman decides to marry an outsider she would be considered as a reject. People will not respect her making her feel like a sinner. Not sure if it's the same when it comes to Lebanese . Mind you the men get to choose to marry whatever , the discrimination is just against the woman
  13. Salaam i am a proud shiaa, I believe everything in the faith except for one thing and is the mutta marriage. When you hear things like I am in Europe too young to get a wife so I opt for mutta marriage it just turns my stomach I mean would they allow it if their sisters thought the same and did it. the whole concept of mutta marriage is about sexual desires, isn't that what we are not suppose to do chase our desires. marriage should be for life unless otherwise things don't work out of course there is divorce. with all my respect nothing in this marriage makes any scence to me.
  14. Yes he wants divorce been separated for a year now, but he won't leave the house, and will not agree to divorce as its not the best of his interest
  15. Salam all i was once told that if anyone has a Hajja they can write a letter to imam Mahdi and throw it in the river and he would ask Allah for you to give you your hajjah, apparently this lady swears by it, and she her self had tired it in several events. just enquiry if anyone has heard of such a thing and if so can you please provide evidence thanks
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