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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know what you meant, i'm not offended We are all patient, she will Insha'Allah surprise us one day. We have no complaints, she is healthy and that's all that matters. They stopped therapy a long time ago when they saw she didn't make any progress. Only once in 2/3 years they moniter her because they've found new technology. When they're finished we dont hear anything from them....
  2. Salam fellow Afghan sister, Chetori I haven't taken caomile tea before, so it won't hurt to try it once. My mother usually makes tea for me mixed with honey, this helps sometimes so I think this will help ease the pain.
  3. As I mentioned,to brother Gaius, there are different types of autism. I'm glad to hear that your son is able to pursue a career, my sister isn't that lucky. She tries very hard to understand certain things, but she can't. Now she is 16 and she just learned the number from 1 till 10, when she sees them she knows what it is,
  4. There are many forms of autism, my sister has trouble with speaking, communicating and understanding. When she talks, not many understand what she says except us. When we found out that my sister had autism, I was about 10 years old. This was in the year 2002, you should understand that no one of us were old enough to understand about the matters of the world. As for my parents, they grew up in a Middle Eastern country and never heard of autism before.
  5. Thanks, but my question is about the holy quran regarding autism.
  6. Salam Alaikum, Since the birth of my youngest sister, we noticed that she is very special. When she was about 3 years old, we knew that she was different from other childeren because she was slow with lots of things (for example speaking). After a year or so we became very worried and brought her to a doctor, that's when we found out that she has Autism. At that moment we were all dumbfounded, we didn't even know what to say. We didn't even know that autism existed until that moment. She was registered at a school where all her 4 sisters went, but we had to transfer her to a special school for childeren with autism because at that school she gets special attention. No doubt, it broke all our hearts. You should understand that the life you think your younger sister would have, completely changes. She wouldn't graduate from university like other childeren and lead a normal life like others.... Over the years we all saw her as a blessing from Allah SWT, because she is truly such a beautiful child. Allah (SWT) has bestowed upon us such a beautiful sinless child who has no bad feelings towards anyone. She has so much love towards the whole world....she smiles and says hi to everyone who looks at her. The people whom she likes the most, she gives a hug even though we don't allow her. Alhamdulillah she understands now that she has to take permission first before she can hugs a random person. It can be dangerous for her if she hugs every other person on the street. The people who also have a special child, know that life is hard but we forget everything when we look at her. No one in this world is kinder, sweeter and selfless like her. My question is only, what does the Holy Quran say about Autism? I can't seem to find anything regarding autism in Islam or maybe I haven't been looking correctly. Like to hear from you!
  7. There is no dua to get someone to love you, either they love you or they don't. It sounds like she doesn't have any interest in you anymore and she doesn't want to talk. The best thing is to forget her and move on, you'll forget about her too. The only thing you can learn from this is that relationships like these never last, best is not to spend your time on love issues. Just marry a good muslim girl and should you have problems with her, we are glad to help.
  8. Done 2,460 people have already signed, mashallah! We need only 40 more people
  9. You know what I have been thinking about lately...about people cutting themselves and their babies. It doesn't make any sense. When someone in your family dies, you don't mourn them by cutting yourself with blood or do any other crazy thing like cutting your child. You mourn them by crying and I have seen people hitting themselves when they are very sad about their losses. When prophet Mohammed (SAWW) heard from Jibrael that Imam Hussain (as) was going to be martyred, he had tears in his eyes. This is the reason why we also cry, as this is exactly what our prophet did when he got that news. Imam Hussain (as) was at that time still a child, playing at the lap of our prophet. When our Imam was martyred, Bibi Zainab (as) hit herself a few times when she cried aloud. Even when Imam Hussain (as) was leaving he said to Bibi Zainab; O’ Sister! By the right that I have on you. Be patient on my separation, and when I get killed do not beat yourself and do not gripe your hair, you are the daughter of Fatima e Zahra (sa), show patience the way she showed on the death of Holy Prophet (s). We do matam because this is the traditional form of mourning people during the time of the Ahlulbayt. But then I think about the whole cutting part, no one of the Ahlulbayt has done this. This comes from the people and is just so wrong on so many levels, we have to stop this. But the question now lays; how do we stop it? I mean, I think that the people who cut themselves haven't had proper education to know what is right and what is wrong. Also, you can't just walk on the street and tell the people that do zanjeer zani to stop. What do you guys think?
  10. Om de hoek? Dat is helemaal niet bij mij om de hoek! Alkmaar en Amstelveen ed dat is bij om de hoek, niet Den Haag . Het is wel ongeveer 1,5 rijden van deur tot deur. Bovendien beginnen de bijeenkomsten te vroeg, tegen de tijd dat ik klaar ben met werken zullen we nooit op tijd arriveren. Tegenwoordig kijken we altijd via Hidayat of Ahlalbayt tv.
  11. Never heard we should take cinnamon when we have period pains, surely I'm going to try this one out! I stay away from certain foods also like you said, for example orange juice. If I drank orange juice the day before I'm going to have my period I get some serious pains....Have you experienced the same period pains like I have? Thanks for the article
  12. "How to get away with murder" "dexter" LOL
  13. That he reminds of THE Darth Vader, what can I say more
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