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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother no need to be irrational or angry I just ask you a question in reference to the hadith I found If you wanna follow blindly anyone go ahead Only rasool Allah and imams are free from mistakes Marjay can make mistake cos they are humans just like us They are not masoom And I never accused anyone of anything Just wanted to discuss So either give me a logical answer with reference or stay out of it It's not a comparasion of what shiya or Sunnis do I don't care if Sunnis do million sins My thing is to look for the t
  2. Salaam Here you go brother Book of Tahdeeb: vol. 7, pg. 251, rewaya 10 Book of Istebsar: vol. 3, pg. 142, rewaya 05
  3. Thanks for the link. Kindly give me the reference of hadith where it is and in which book that says that Umar ((رضي الله عنه)) banned it While I found hadith in usool books where mola Ali ((عليه السلام)) is saying that muttah was banned by Rasool Allah ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).w) on the day Khyber was conquered and the hadith is authentic becos the chain of narrators are all ahle-bayt ((عليه السلام)) So how can we defy something authentic against something which is weak Or if you have authentic reference about Umar ((رضي الله عنه)) banning it then please provide it
  4. Salaam to all I am a doctor by profession and all of you who are trying to justify that sex change will change them to the sex they acquired are totally wrong A person's sex is defined genetically and no matter how big surgeries you undergo, your basic genetic makeup will be the original Meaning if you were born male and you underwent surgery to become female You won't be able to bear child This actually means a transgender female is literally and actually a male And if a male married that female that means he is now having intercourse with a man and thus doing s
  5. I have read hadith in Al-istabrar and man la yadur Hu Al fiqh The two authentic books of usool Hadith is from mola Ali ((عليه السلام)) with golden chain or narrators of ahle-bayt ((عليه السلام)) Where mola Ali ((عليه السلام)) says On the day of conquering the Khyber Rasool Allah((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).w) ordained for meat of domestic donkeys and mutta to be haraam Now I found this and I am shocked why our people don't know this
  6. brother Salaam i will advise you to follow the sunnah of rasool allah((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).w) mola Ali, hasan and hussayn((عليه السلام)) rasool allah(s,a.wW) never cursed or abused any one even he faced worst situations like being boycotted for 3 years with nothing to eat being stoned by taif people but he always use to give dua in case of mola ali ((عليه السلام)) no matter how how big the differences were between mola ali and these caliphs but mola ali ((عليه السلام)) never defied them, never cursed them, never abuised them infact mola ali((عليه السلام))was seen as one
  7. Salaam ev 1 I can't understand one thing??? How will we follow religion??? Please help me out anyone... Allama jawwad naqvi, Syed Muhammad Haider naqvi, Syed shahenshah naqvi Are these not the authentic scholars of shiya community??? Is there any doubt about their degree and knowledge Then why I see whenever anyone of these try to guide ummah and tell the correct rulings about any question May it be regarding Ami Ayesha, Omar or Abu bakr((رضي الله عنه)) I see people from the zaakireen opposing these scholars and people instead of standing by the scholars st
  8. Wa alaikum as Salaam brother thank you for the answer One more thing How to get selected in the hawza If I wanna study I mean I am a married man So I can take my family with me and study in hawza or I have to leave my family in my home country and then Alone I have to go to hawza Also to peruse for becoming an ayatullah Hawza is necessary or if I get apprenticeship under an ayatullah directly that will be better
  9. I need to know how can I become an ayatullah/ aalim/ marjay/ mufti Please guide me
  10. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah sister, there are masses of illiterates among whom a few are learned and on ummah.com you will find mostly those who are illiterate Labeling some group wahabi/salafi etc to a mind set is not right approach, remember a learned wahabi/salafi/Sunni will not use terms of kafir for Shia examples are Yasir qadhi, nauman Ali khan, dr zakir naik, Tariq Jamel, dr bilal Philip, yousef Estes, etc cos they know that any one who believes in oneness of Allah and believes that prophet MUHAMMAD (s a w) is the final messenger can not be a kafir Fo
  11. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah dirty thoughts are from whispers of satan try to keep yourself busy with what ever thing you like for example playing physical sports, family, friends etc dont stay alone in your home or room and even if you are alone put recitation of Quran on your laptop with loud volume and finally in every salah(namaz) ask Allah to help you against this satan and InshaALLAH you will be better soon may Allah guide us all amen p.s. this thought is also from satan that "it's sort of my age stuff" cos this is the tool Satan uses ag
  12. This is rage my brother and it's coming because of "satan" cos "satan" is the total enemy of mankind he doesn't care about you or the other guy he is just whispering in your ear again and again so seek help from Allah by reciting Quran and when ever that thought comes into your mind recite this verse of Quran" رب أعوذ بك من همزات الشياطين وأعوذ بك رب ان يحضرون سورة المؤمنون
  13. One more thing brother you don't need to prove wrong or right to anyone, you just need to tell what's the truth and the way it is simple.
  14. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah brother 1st of all don't jump into arguments when you don't have knowledge now for you to get the answer go and open book of hadith "usul kafi" and other authentic books in our literature (either online or from liberary) and search for the answer by your ownself, cos if I answered you now then you won't get the urge to seek knowledge which is right now ignited inside you because of that argument so go and search and Allah will help you InshaALLAH may Allah guide us all amen
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