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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah sister, there are masses of illiterates among whom a few are learned and on ummah.com you will find mostly those who are illiterate Labeling some group wahabi/salafi etc to a mind set is not right approach, remember a learned wahabi/salafi/Sunni will not use terms of kafir for Shia examples are Yasir qadhi, nauman Ali khan, dr zakir naik, Tariq Jamel, dr bilal Philip, yousef Estes, etc cos they know that any one who believes in oneness of Allah and believes that prophet MUHAMMAD (s a w) is the final messenger can not be a kafir For the people who are accusing shia of kufr the best thing is silence but at that website ummah.com where mostly illiterate people(from Sunni sect) come, who are arguing, raging and yelling these things just ask them one simple question: "if according to you shia are kafir, then how come shia are allowed into masjid haram cos it's obligatory from Quran that no non muslim(kafir) is allowed in masjid haram" Surat tauba(9) verse number 28 and all of their mouths will be shut InshaALLAH. may Allah guide us all amen
  2. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah dirty thoughts are from whispers of satan try to keep yourself busy with what ever thing you like for example playing physical sports, family, friends etc dont stay alone in your home or room and even if you are alone put recitation of Quran on your laptop with loud volume and finally in every salah(namaz) ask Allah to help you against this satan and InshaALLAH you will be better soon may Allah guide us all amen p.s. this thought is also from satan that "it's sort of my age stuff" cos this is the tool Satan uses against you to make you feel comfortable and less resistant against these thoughts
  3. This is rage my brother and it's coming because of "satan" cos "satan" is the total enemy of mankind he doesn't care about you or the other guy he is just whispering in your ear again and again so seek help from Allah by reciting Quran and when ever that thought comes into your mind recite this verse of Quran" رب أعوذ بك من همزات الشياطين وأعوذ بك رب ان يحضرون سورة المؤمنون
  4. One more thing brother you don't need to prove wrong or right to anyone, you just need to tell what's the truth and the way it is simple.
  5. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah brother 1st of all don't jump into arguments when you don't have knowledge now for you to get the answer go and open book of hadith "usul kafi" and other authentic books in our literature (either online or from liberary) and search for the answer by your ownself, cos if I answered you now then you won't get the urge to seek knowledge which is right now ignited inside you because of that argument so go and search and Allah will help you InshaALLAH may Allah guide us all amen
  6. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah mashaALLAH very well said brother may Allah guide us all amen
  7. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah brother it's not good to say Wht you are saying about sahaba (r a) i am a Shia and I have done my research that not only those that you mentioned were ashaab rasool (s a w) but the rest were also on whome you gave that commotion beware my friend anything you say or do without proof is harmful for your ownself to give you the proof I have a simple answer kindly go and find out the names of sons of imam Ali IBn abi Talib (r a) Imam hasan IBn Ali (r a) and imam hussain IBn Ali (r a) you will find out what I am asking and pointing out may Allah guide us all amen as Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah
  8. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah every 1 Can any one of you please give me the complete list of martyrs of the battle of Karbala? Actually what we hear in the gatherings the speakers are only focusing on those martyrs which are well known to all of us but as I am researching this topic, I found that the actual number of people in the caravan with hussain (r a) and martyrs is totally different from what we hear in our religious gatherings. so please gimme the name list of the martyrs of battle of karbala jazakALLAH As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatohu
  9. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatohu as the member LASTHOPE And NOTME already said that if you are a Muslim then no need of conversion just practice the sect which you like and before even doing that kindly do a thorough research before deciding to follow cos LEARNED FOLLOWING is better then NOT FOLLOWING and NOT FOLLOWING is better then BLIND FOLLOWING Do research and then take your final decision may Allah guide us all ameen
  10. Actually this is happening in Afghanistan and we can't say and make it a sectarian issue cos this is all happening because of illiteracy that means the leaders of the area have no knowledge of Islam and yet they are implementing orders according to their own wish and these leaders are being blindly followed by illiterate mobs so it's a viscous circle May Allah give them and us hidayah and increase our hearts and minds with Islamic knowledge and wisdom and help the people of Afghanistan and from any place where the similar practice is being practiced to recognize the truth from false and good from bad finally may Allah guide them and us all ameen
  11. If this happened for real (because always there is a story and there is the real truth) then may Allah give them hidayah and may Allah guide them and us all ameen as Salam alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatohu
  12. Thanks for the reply another question regarding this cos I also researched and found qom as a rich source of knowledge and scholar influence but my mother-tongue is Urdu and main international language is English and we all know in Iran the official and public language is Persian, so should I learn Persian 1st before going to qom or are there scholars available in qom who can teach in English language???
  13. As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullah ev 1 i want to ask how to become a scholar of fiqah jaferiya as because I am learning and reading too much these days and still in process of learning but all I am doing iS without supervision, through the authentic books, so just want to know the correct pathway to become a scholar of fiqah jaferiya JazakALLAH As Salam alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatohu
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